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Spotlight on Christine McNally Photography

Our spotlight is shining on mega talented WFILfam member, Christine McNally today. Wedding photography is Christine’s first love and she still gets giddy when someone chooses her, over all the other wedding photographers in the country, to be with them on their day.

She understands that this is about the pair of you, about that first moment you met, the life you’ve cobbled together, and the future you’re eagerly scanning the horizon for.

Tell us more about you. How did you get into wedding photography?

I’m Christine, hi there. I’m a wife, mum and dog lover. I was born and raised in South Africa and moved to Scotland on a bit of a whim when I was 17. The typical “I always had a camera in my hand” story is very true for me, and super boring – so we’ll skip that part. My hobby turned into my career quite quickly, and I had enrolled for a photography qualification instead of business and law, quit my job and as they say – the rest is history.

There isn’t one day that I look back and regret the journey I’ve been on and I am so utterly grateful to my first clients in 2012 who gave me a chance, with no experience and minimal kit. I remember them still, 10 years later.

What do you love most about your work?

Meeting new people with similar values and outlooks and taking amazing photos of them, in hopefully gorgeous light. Listening to their stories, meeting their families and friends, and documenting the bits and pieces of the day, the moments that make their day unique to them.

I love that when the day’s all been and gone, they’ll still have those reminders of what the day felt and looked like. I absolutely love it when couples reply with “Oh my gosh, who knew we could look so good?” and that makes me giddy!

I love that not only is it a memorable experience with something that lasts forever at the end of it – but an added bonus of a confidence boost, because the world could do with more of that!

Wedding Photographer Scotland Christine McNally Wedding Photographer Scotland Christine McNally Wedding Photographer Scotland Christine McNally

Who, or what inspires you?

I don’t have parents remaining sadly, only photos of them. The rest of my family are all over the world, and again, photos are such a vital part of how we stay connected and how we remember.

Don’t get me wrong, there are photographers and artists I absolutely adore, and I love films and TV and big, gorgeous photographic coffee table books – but it’s probably the WHY that inspires me as opposed to the who or the what. Does that sound cringe? Probably, but it’s true. As the saying goes, if there are no photos, it didn’t happen!

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Oh wow, suddenly that feels like a lifetime away. Definitely in Scotland, a slightly larger house that allows my own office space as opposed to the living room – thanks to working-from-home-forever, my husband has hijacked my office space for good. I don’t mind as the living room is closer to the kettle anyway!

Definitely still photographing weddings and people! I can’t see myself ever doing anything else.

Owning a camper van would be lovely as we love adventures. I’d love to shoot more proposals, engagements and chilled lifestyle family stuff in the quieter months. Otherwise I’m very happy with life and content with things as they are. No more dogs, apparently.

Tell us a secret…

Oh, tricky. Not really a secret but my husband and I met online, 11 years ago. I can’t stand coffee and if I have two alcoholic drinks a year, that’s a lot for me. I’m a total chocolate and tea addict though!

Growing up in South Africa, my mother and I used to rescue kittens found in the wild nearby, bottle feed and raise them and then find them new, forever homes.

On a day off, we’ll find you where?

You’ll find me exploring somewhere with my husband and toddler, walking the dogs somewhere new and always in search of a good hot chocolate and a view. Alternative to this would be at home drinking tea, building puzzles and binge watching Netflix.

Wedding Photographer Scotland Christine McNally Wedding Photographer Scotland Christine McNally Wedding Photographer Scotland Christine McNally

What Christine’s couples say:

“From start to finish, she made everything so simple. Her relaxed, laid back attitude just put us both at ease and helped us to enjoy the day even more. The photos far exceeded our expectations, and we knew they would be good. We wouldn’t hesitate recommending Christine and her helpful, approachable nature!

“Having our photos taken by Christine was so much fun! We booked her well ahead of our wedding because we loved her photography style and the relaxed feel of her pics. Even though the weather was absolutely dire, Christine managed to get some great shots, and all without us feeling nervous or awkward. She’s pretty relaxed, like chatting with a friend who happens to click a camera every now and then! Christine also had some great advice about the wedding in terms of timings and what to expect. She clearly has loads of experience and passion which shines through in her images. We felt totally relaxed, so much so that our usually crazy springer spaniel was completely calm throughout some photos too! So thankful for all the magical moments she captured. She is well worth the money and will totally put you at ease.

“I don’t even know what to say as I am absolutely speechless after receiving all of our wedding photos this morning! I haven’t stopped looking at them all day, they are the most incredible photos I could have wished for and we can’t thank Christine enough for capturing our day so beautifully. From the first time I spoke to Christine (for over an hour about every detail of our weddings!) to the morning preparations, she felt as much like an added friend for the wedding as a photographer… she was lovely, friendly and professional and made us all feel so comfortable on the day. I hate having my photos taken so was nervous to both be photographed and to see the results but Christine made it so easy… she gave us enough direction that I didn’t feel awkward but was discreet so it was quick to forget the lens was on you! And the photos…I still don’t even know what to say other than they are simply stunning – anyone that knows me knows that getting a photo I like is a challenge at best but I can’t even start to pick ones I like as there are SO many, how to decide on the photos for an album is the next challenge! Anyone looking for a wedding photographer should absolutely look no further and book, you will NOT be disappointed. Thank you so much again Christine, in love with your photos of our day.


Obsessed with Christine’s wildly authentic wedding photography? Us tooooo! To see more of her joyful images  head on over to Christine’s website.

This is a sponsored post written by We Fell In Love. And it was very easy to create, because we LOVE having Christine in our handpicked wedding collection

Photos by Christine McNally Photography