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A surpise proposal shoot at Pollok House

Close up photo of Vicente kissing Patricia after he has proposed

The sweeping gardens of an elegant stately home in Glasgow were the perfect setting for Vicente’s proposal to Patricia. And the snow that began to fall afterwards just made it all the more magical.

We’d love to hear the story behind your proposal!

Patricia: Vicente and I had been dating for six years, living in our hometown of Miami, Florida. We knew we wanted to take the next step in our relationship, but one thing that sped up the process was that I was offered a three year assignment with my company, based out of Glasgow. Not only was this a great professional opportunity, but we knew this would be an amazing personal experience for Vicente and I since we had never moved out of South Florida (or lived outside of the US!). We knew we would miss our friends and families back home, but this was also a perfect start to our new life together as a married couple.

Although I had the job offer, the company allowed us to take a week-long visit to Glasgow to make sure we saw ourselves living there before I officially accepted. Behind the scenes, Vicente was planning his proposal. He picked out a ring, consulted my parents and best friend, and picked out a location in Glasgow. My parents were delighted – but their one request was to have a photographer capture the moment so they could witness it from afar.

What inspired you to choose Pollok Park?

Vicente: I knew Patricia would love an outdoor and natural setting for a proposal. Although we were planning on moving to Glasgow, the engagement visit was our first time in Scotland, so I started researching online. I originally had the Glasgow Botanic Gardens in mind, but Chantal and Scott (our photographers) recommended Pollok Country Park because it would be more private. I googled some photos and decided it was perfect!

Because we were visiting from the US, we didn’t have cellphone service. Before leaving the hotel, Chantal, Scott and I had agreed to meet on the staircase behind the Pollok Country Park at 4 PM. I sent them a photo of us that morning so they would be able to recognize our outfits. Chantal and Scott were going to be hidden in the distance to capture the moment, then we were going to start our photoshoot.

When we arrive at Pollok Country Park (15 minutes late – because Patricia insisted on having some English tea!), I was very nervous and started panicking even more when I saw that the staircase where I planned on proposing was under construction, covered in yellow caution tape. Luckily, Chantal and Scott were waiting for us a few feet away with an alternative plan. They approached us with an opening line regarding our accents and asked us where we were from. When ‘realising’ how far we had travelled, they offered to take our photo in front of Pollok Country House with their professional cameras. Patricia had no idea what was going on, she said “Wow, Scottish people are so nice!” and offered to return the favour for the couple. At that moment, I bent down on one knee and proposed. I don’t even remember what I said!

Patricia: The proposal was perfect! The gardens and bridge near Pollok Country House were a beautiful setting. It was also a perfect example of Scottish weather – the sky went from a white sheet of overcast clouds, to moody dark clouds, to slight rain and then snow! As Floridians, we rarely see snow, so it was magical.

Vicente and I had never been photographed before, but Chantal and Scott made us feel very comfortable and guided us along the way. The photos came out very natural and organic, which I loved. Our friends and family were so happy to receive the photos and feel as if they were a part of the experience.

How did your families react when you told them the good news?

Patricia: After the proposal, we took a taxi to Ashton Lane in the West End, where we had dinner reservations at the Ubiquitous Chip for our first Scottish meal. We wanted to soak in the moment just the two of us before sharing our news, so we ducked into the Wee Pub adjacent to the restaurant to order a beer and relax.

After a few minutes, we started FaceTiming our parents, siblings, and friends. Word spreads fast – although Vicente had only shared the news with a handful of people, everyone found out and was expecting our call! Luckily, no one ruined the surprise.

What do you love most about Scotland?

The people are amazing. The food is unique, diverse and wonderful. The architecture is also beautiful and so different from back home. We love the trains, the ability to easily travel, the landscape, and mostly we love how dog-friendly it is! Our pup, Meeko, gets approached by loving strangers every time we leave our flat.

Patricia and Vicente were due to get married this summer but have had to postpone their wedding plans due to the current restrictions in relation to Covid-19. We’re sure you will join us in wishing them all the very best when the big day comes! x

Photos by The Gibsons