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Spotlight on The Gibsons

Wedding Photographer Scotland The Gibsons Scott Photography

Today we’re introducing you to two wonderful souls, Chantal and Scott aka Scottish wedding photography duo The Gibsons. These two have supported us since the very beginnings of WFIL, and we couldn’t be prouder to have them in the WFILfam.

Not only do they always manage to find the good light, but they are amazing when it comes to spotting and capturing those moments that will only happen once.

Today we’re catching up with Chantal to find out more about how their business began, and to get the inside scoop on their very own (incredible, Outlander inspired!) love story. And we’ll also be chatting about dinosaurs, as you do. So excited to share their world with you!

Tell us more about you. How did you get into wedding photography?

We are a husband and wife team… Married for going on 17 years now! We are parents to a creative, talkative, and kind soul of a 6-year-old boy called Louie. I also have a 21-year-old! Crazy!

When we aren’t being parents and creating memories as a family, we love nothing more than to create memories for our clients. We are laidback folk so we always want our work to emote that ease and authenticity as opposed to stiff and staged photos.

I did film photography in high school since it was always a passion of mine but left that behind after graduating to go with the flow of life ( but never left the camera behind of course…). The business started when I was made redundant from a job I loved. I knew I needed to do something I loved just as much, so decided to finally do what I had always wanted to do full time and that was to be a photographer. I assisted friends back home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada at a wedding and realised this was it. I was absolutely taken by the emotions, love, and moments of the day. Those fleeting moments I had the chance to capture made my heart so happy.

When I got back to Glasgow from that trip, I got right into building our business from scratch, even working for wedding planners in Italy where I learned even more about reading light and fell in love with it all over again. Scott, my husband and other half of the business, was my assistant and second shooter at weddings and we soon realised (luckily) that he had an eye for photography as well. In year two of the business, we got so busy he had to leave his job and there you have it!

Eleven years down the line, I am pretty proud of what we have achieved and photographed for so many lovely humans.

And where did your love story begin?

Haha! Well, back in MSN profile days… pre-online dating websites and apps… I was in Canada and he was here in Glasgow. My friends and I were curious and started looking through profiles of guys in Scotland (I always had a passion for Scottish history and especially in 2002 when I was all about Jamie & Claire in Diana Gabaldon’s books), when I came across Scott’s. He had the most amazing genuine smile so I sent him an email.

We emailed back and forth… he called me by surprise once which took me so off guard I fell off the couch! True story, haha! Anyway, three months later I was in Scotland for Hogmanay and on a work visa… fast forward 8 months and we were engaged and got married in February of 2004 at Pollok House.

Alastair Burn-Murdoch (and his lovely wife Rose) shot our wedding with amazingly creative photos and I adore that we have since photographed many weddings where we got married.

Wedding Photographer Scotland The Gibsons Scott Photography two brides walking down woodland path Wedding Photographer Scotland The Gibsons

What do you love most about your work?

Getting to know couples (a lot have become close friends… in fact, one of our past couples are like family to us and uncle and aunty to Louie), capturing moments between two people in love and capturing the love for family and friends. Those moments which only happen once are an honour to spot and capture.

Who, or what inspires you?

Beautiful light and the setting inspires us always. Light is ever-changing. A venue we have shot at many times can look so different in a different light or we can even find spots we haven’t used before due to light.

bride in flower crown looks to camera Wedding Photographer Scotland The Gibsons Photography Wedding Photographer Scotland The Gibsons Scott Photography

On a day off, where will we find you?

Crafting or painting / drawing with Louie or going for long walks together (or by myself with a good podcast to listen to). In the summertime, when Louie is at school and if it’s a nice day you will find me in my hammock with a book.

Got any stories to share?

A random bit of knowledge about us… in 2008, one year after moving back to Scotland, we went back to Canada for a summer holiday to visit. My mom had found out that a dinosaur museum two hours away from our farm offered dig excursions so the whole family went for a day out.

My brother and I were beside ourselves with excitement (both in our mid-twenties at this point, haha). We were dinosaur obsessed as children. I can still remember exactly where we were as a family when I saw the first Jurassic Park and there were many summer trips to Drumheller in Alberta.

Anyway, we got to assist on a dig in a new area, 10 minutes in I found a massive tooth. One hour later we had uncovered much more. It was a huge find as it turned out to be the second largest mosasaur found in the area. I got to name it (I called him Angus) and our find ended up in the front page newspapers in Manitoba. It was wild! Our photo was in the museum along with the tooth and other bits we found for years. I also wrote a piece about it for Travel Manitoba. Now that they have uncovered him the pieces have been rejoined with the rest but it was good fun! So there you have it, haha!

Wedding Photographer Scotland The Gibsons Scott Photography bride and groom pose in front of a loch with hills in the background Wedding Photographer Scotland The Gibsons

What The Gibsons couples say:

“I honestly can’t begin to tell you how amazing The Gibsons are! I found their website online and instantly fell in love with their photography! Their style was exactly what I was looking for! Chantal and Scott are so warm and welcoming, they make you feel at complete ease and this comes across in the photographs! Our engagement and wedding photographs are more than we could have wished for. They are beautiful memories that we will have forever and I am so, so pleased that Chantal and Scott were able to be our photographers! They are an extremely talented pair!”

“I searched all over Scotland for a specific style of contemporary, stylish and light wedding fine art photographers which I couldn’t find in Aberdeenshire. I came across The Gibsons work on various wedding blogs and I was delighted I found them! The Gibson’s delivered incredibly dreamy, soft light and classically stylish images for our autumn opulence wedding at Drumtochty Castle. We fell in love with both our beach engagement shoot images at St Cyrus Beach and wedding photographs at Drumtochty Castle, which we will treasure forever! They managed to capture images that are full of emotion, intimacy and fun, and captured the moments as they happened. We have loved showing our family and friends our wedding story.”

“The Gibsons photographed our wedding at Eden Leisure Village. Chantal and Scott were fabulous. I’m not the most comfortable in front of cameras usually but they just have this way about them where they completely put you at ease and make you feel relaxed. They truly are lovely people, we felt as if we were getting photographed by friends! The photos themselves are of such high quality. They are all the kind of relaxed shots we wanted, at times it was like The Gibsons were invisible – I’ve been to weddings before where the photographers are very in your face and noticeable during the ceremony etc but it wasn’t like this. So the result is amazing natural photographs, and folk didn’t realise they were getting their picture taken! If you’re considering booking The Gibsons, do it! You won’t regret it.”


Obsessed with The Gibsons dreamy wedding images? Yep, us too! To see more more of Scott & Chantal’s stunning work head on over to their website.

This is a sponsored post written by We Fell In Love. And it was very easy to create because we LOVE having The Gibsons in our handpicked wedding collection