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Sustainable Staycation Style – Packing For A Minimoon In Scotland

Couple elope to the Scottish Highlands in a vintage red MG

Published April 1st, 2021 – We’re guessing we’re not the only ones with cabin fever following the last few months of winter lockdown. With many lovingly planned weddings downsized to beautiful, intimate micro events over the past year, and travel plans being put on hold, our thoughts have been turning to honeymoons. Or, perhaps more likely for the time being, minimoons and staycations here in Scotland.

Today, fashion management student Raina Owens is taking a look at how to pack for the Scottish weather, while supporting indie designers with an emphasis on sustainable style. Over to Raina…

botann wellies welly boots vegan handmade uk designer sustainable wedding minimoon eco friendly fashion

With an end in sight for the Covid 19 pandemic, more and more people – like myself – are thinking about the array of holiday destinations we’d like to visit. But perhaps we have to consider the likelihood of international travel no longer being as effortless as it once was.

With a 10 day mandatory isolation on return to the UK and rumours of a negative covid test being required before even boarding a plane, is it really worth it? This doesn’t mean you can’t plan to celebrate at a later date, or even better, plan a minimoon!

Although we may not have quite as warm summers as Mallorca or Ibiza, Scotland can still expect some nice summer weather (hopefully!). In recent years it has been common for the temperature to enter the early to mid 20s at least.

So, what do you pack for a summer in Scotland? Is it possible to stay fashionable and sustainable in doing so? Read on to see what we deem as the necessities and some of our favourite sustainable Scottish brands to look into.


Everyone has a preference for how to pack away their belongings for a holiday or staycation. Will you pack your clothes into a bag or case? Will you have more than one bag? Will you roll or fold your clothing?

I feel the first thing you have to consider when deciding how to transport your belongings is how long you are going to be away. Most staycations typically span over a weekend or a few days off from work. Similarly, a minimoon normally lasts for the same duration, providing you the bonding and relaxation time you need with your partner. So, realistically you may wish to take a weekend bag or even a smaller bag you will be able to use during the day as well.

Trakke is a Scottish bag company that craft their products with exposure to the Scottish elements in mind. Trakke create waxed canvas bags combining utility and style. Each item is created using high quality British materials, handcrafted to last a lifetime.

trakke scotland handmade bags eco friendly sustainable honeymoon packing


Although an end is in sight for the Covid 19 pandemic, facemasks will still be a big part of our daily life for quite some time. With many new and upcoming small businesses producing reusable facemasks during the months stuck inside, I’m sure we have all discovered our favourite small businesses to support.

Brora is a well loved Scottish brand, specialising in ethically sourced cashmere. Rather than mass producing garments, Brora chooses to produce a smaller amount of timeless, high-quality garments that will last for years to come.

Like many others, Brora turned to producing reusable facemasks in 2020, raising £250,000 for NHS charities, food banks, mental health charities, and many more, focusing their efforts on helping those affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. For each purchase of a £19 facemask, Brora donates £10 to one of their chosen charities.

Similarly, Edinburgh-based Freja Designer Dressmaking began producing facemasks during the first lockdown, and have supported charities including MacMillan Cancer.

brora cashmere brand facemasks sustainable handmade uk cotton facemasks


Hayley Scanlan is a Dundee based designer who handmakes ethical garments using quality materials and biodegradable packaging. Being awarded ‘Scottish Young Designer of the year’ twice, Hayley Scanlan has launched lines in collaboration with the Dundee V&A and has been commended by popstars such as Jessie J and Little Mix.

Scanlan’s aim is to provide ethical clothing that can be worn by strong women to showcase their unique styles. She has released many lines for different occasions, including a swimwear line.

hayley scanlan handmade uk designer sustainable wedding minimoon fashion

A trusty denim jacket is something I will never be without in my wardrobe. It’s an all-round versatile and timeless item that can be styled in many different ways. Perfect to give you a little warmth in the summer months.

ReJean is a sustainable fashion brand based in Glasgow. They focus their attention on reclaiming, repurposing and repairing denim for the conscious consumer. Their gender-neutral garments are one of a kind and made to order. A ReJean denim jacket would definitely be a yearlong statement piece that could last a lifetime.

rejean denim handmade uk designer sustainable wedding minimoon fashion


Scotland is a beautiful country with many sights to see. If for your minimoon you choose to explore the country we call home and venture to unknown terrain, you may wish to invest in some suitable outdoor clothing.

Findra is a Scottish outdoor clothing company that pride themselves on their vow to the sustainable fashion movement. They design and create a ‘core’ range of outdoor products ranging from hats and scarves to base layers and outdoor jackets. They aim to make garments suitable for all seasons, straying away from fast fashion by using natural or recycled raw materials.

findra handmade uk designer sustainable wedding minimoon fashion

When venturing outdoors, the perfect pair of wellies should do the trick! Bòtann is an ethical and vegan friendly rubber footwear brand based in Dumfries, Scotland.

Bòtann are committed to ethical and responsible practices. Although a somewhat limited selection is available at the moment, this is expected to grow.

botann wellies welly boots vegan handmade uk designer sustainable wedding minimoon eco friendly fashion


Whether you’re hitting a holiday park with a pool, venturing to the beach, or booking a minimoon cabin with a private hot tub, swimwear is a necessity.

Mittsu is an independent luxury swimming and clothing label based in Glasgow, with production in London. The garments are designed with the ethically conscious explorer in mind, and are based on the travels of the two friends who founded the company in 2019.

The versatile ‘mix and match’ swimwear line is produced using low impact materials and processes, then packaged into 100% plastic-free reusable or recyclable packaging.

Mittsu uk swimwear handmade uk designer sustainable wedding minimoon eco friendly fashion


Hilary Grant is a textile design studio based in Orkney. They manufacture their products in luxury-grade, cruelty-free, 100% lambswool. Production is based across a collection of small specialist luxury knitwear mills.

Hilary Grant creates a variety of hand-knitted and finished blankets, hats, scarves, gloves and home furnishings. Nothing will make you feel cosier on your staycation that a beautifully crafted, cruelty-free scarf or blanket.

Hilary Grant wool hats scarves uk handmade uk designer sustainable wedding minimoon eco friendly fashion


Most staycations in Scotland begin with a car journey of sorts, meaning you’ll probably be enjoying a nice hot coffee at some point.

We’ve all heard of the impact plastic straws and single-use paper coffee cups have on the environment, so why not limit your waste on your trip by purchasing reusable bamboo or metal straws and cups for your journey.

The Green Turtle is a Glasgow based one-stop-shop for eco-friendly products for the environmentally-friendly consumer. The goal of the business is to take a stand against the volume of plastic and chemicals present in our everyday lives. They aim to make eco-friendly decisions easier by partnering with other eco-friendly brands to offer a selection of alternatives to the harmful products we use every day.

This one-stop-shop sells everything you could need from vegan-friendly makeup and beauty products to kitchen utensils and cleaning products. I wonder what substitutes you could make in your everyday life?

The green turtle uk designer sustainable wedding minimoon eco friendly fashion

These are only a few examples of Scottish brands making sustainability a priority. If you share some values, why not get involved in the movement by becoming a loyal customer?

I hope this list has helped you along on your packing endeavour or perhaps has motivated you to make a few more changes in your daily lives. The fight starts with us!

Bonus tip – Don’t forget to pack midge repellent (Smidge is our go to here at WFIL). 

Raina Owens is a third year fashion management student at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, with a background in photography. She has a real fondness for fashion and travelling, and is currently on an internship at Freja Designer Dressmaking (Part of the WFILFam) in Edinburgh.

Main photo by We Are Elopers (see more from Pearl and Seth’s Scottish adventure elopement here).  Other photos via the featured designers and brands.