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Micro outdoor weddings allowed soon

Good news for anyone hoping to have a (very) intimate outdoor wedding… The Scottish Government announced today these will be allowed from 29th June.

Of course, the question that we all wanted answered was how many guests does the “with minimal attendees” restriction allow. And are celebrants/officiants and other suppliers, such as a photographer or filmmaker, included in the count?

We asked the Scottish Government for clarification and received this response:

“From 29 June, marriage ceremonies and civil partnership registrations which consist of an outdoor public gathering where all the participants, including the couple and the witnesses, come from no more than three households will be possible up to a maximum of eight.”

Crucially, the celebrant or registrar will not count as one of the households. And, if necessary, the services of an interpreter can also be used.

Our hope (and we’re keeping everything crossed!) is that if the officiant is not counted as one of the households here, then a photographer or filmmaker wouldn’t be either. A brass band is probably pushing it though… Will report back on this when we find out more!

Photo by Roma Elizabeth Photography, dress by Flossy And Dossy

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Post published on June 18th, 2020. Edinburgh elopement image (top of post) by Elemental