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A magical and intimate Cairngorms wedding

Today we’re travelling to the Cairngorms National Park and a wedding that was planned in just 45 days. High school sweethearts Juan and Victoria were married on their 10 year anniversary on the shore of An Lochan Uaine. With a backdrop of autumn leaves, golden hour light, delicious local produce and a bonfire to cosy up by, it was a beautiful, intimate celebration.

What inspired your wedding plans?

We got married in a intimate fall ceremony at golden hour on our 10 year anniversary on the shore of An Lochan Uaine (The Green Loch) at Aviemore.

We wanted a small and peaceful place to say our vows, to feel truly present and connected with ourselves and the surroundings, like the whole world had gone silent for a couple of minutes just for us.

Celebrating it in the fall season was quite the adventure, it allowed us to have the most epic backdrop for our day and add personal touches like handpicked tartan blankets for the family, and building a bonfire.

I wanted the ceremony to be as personal as possible so the day before my parents and I took a stroll around the woods behind our cottage, and handpicked the flowers for the bouquet.

Were there any challenges along the way?

The biggest challenge was making the decision to do a small intimate ceremony 14,000 km away from our family. We put it together in 45 days and I was away for most of it but once we figured out what was important for us, everything clicked.

We love your outfits! Tell us more…

I got my dress tailor made in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I wanted a dress that would give me the freedom to venture through the woods, light a bonfire and dance the night away. I wanted it to be epic and above all comfortable!

I chose a simple design and a very light fabric to accomplish this and decided on a colour that suited my personality. It was quite the adventure to watch it come alive and even more so to wear it at an outdoors autumn ceremony!

Juan wore a three piece blue suit from Original Penguin with matching brown belt and shoes, and a maroon tie.

Since we are both originally from Argentina and we were doing a little ceremony abroad, it was really important for us to have thoughtful touches that reminded us of our family, so all of our accessories were family heirlooms. We made it our something borrowed!

Your photos are beautiful!

We literally chose our photographer five days before the ceremony and I’m certain it was meant to be that way. We bonded over coffee, he listened and fully grasped our vision for the day. We wanted raw, real, intimate wedding photos and Chris just really captured the moment for us.

We were also blown away with his kindness, he went above and beyond to make it the most beautiful experience for everyone and ultimately felt like one of us. He even gave me a ride to the loch on the spot and wrapped me in a blanket so the groom wouldn’t see me. Swoon!

Any advice?

Don’t think, feel. Once you allow yourselves to feel what is genuinely important to you, everything comes together more easily.

What’s the one moment you’ll always remember?

The whole family wrapped in tartan blankets cozying up by the fire and the drizzle coming down. We felt loved.

You can’t beat cosy blankets and a bonfire – so much to love! Thank you for sharing your wedding story with us Juan and Victoria. x


Location – An Lochan Uaine, near Aviemore
PhotographerChris Henderson
Make up – Sally Ann, Aviemore Beauty
Victoria’s outfit – Bespoke dress made in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Juan’s outfitOriginal Penguin
Caterer – The Lunchbox Boys