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Wedding Cake Vs Wedding Pie

Gordon and Euan’s thoughts are turning to sweet treats for their big day. But there’s just one problem, neither of them are a fan of wedding cake. Luckily, Gordon has come up with a genius plan…

So, I believe I promised you cake, entertainment and ‘other surprises’…

Cake. Well, both Euan and I have a serious dislike for wedding cake or Christmas cake or anything of that ilk. In fact, not only do I dislike raisins in cake, I actually think they shouldn’t exist. Every raisin created is one less drop of wine in the world. At first, we straight up weren’t going to bother as I’m sure there’ll be plenty of food on the day and of course weddings do get a little expensive, so why not save a little money and skip the cake? Then we spoke about making our own cake. Well, we liked this idea but Euan’s much more the baker than I am, neither of us could pull off the decorating, and we won’t be together in the week running up to the wedding so weren’t sure logistically how to work that. Then it came to me – Beth, my maid of honour!

Actually, I’ll take a little time here to tell you about my Canadian friend, Beth. Beth and I used to work for the same company in different but very close pubs in Edinburgh and we formed a fast friendship during this time based on our mutual love of travel, experiences and the fact that we both straight talk and brook no fools. Furthermore, when I was looking for a new flatmate for my lovely flat that had a balcony overlooking Arthur’s Seat (too expensive a flat to run on my own and too good to give up!), Euan and I weren’t at that stage yet and Beth needed somewhere for her last few months in the UK. So, she really played a key role in filling some time while Euan and I got to the stage where we could live together, and I can never thank her enough for that.

First Fur Baby 

Beth also came home one day with a story of one of her colleagues that had a four month old cat that had lived in four homes and he needed somewhere stable to live. Well, I’ll tell you now, I’m a dog person and Beth knew this so I looked her in the eye and said, ‘Does this cat have anywhere else to go?’. Well, needless to say that’s Ruben, our first “child”, and cat or not he’s a massive part of our family. He’ll follow us around town when we’re out with the dog, he even knows to cross the road with the lollypop lady when we’re not around, he’s the most dog-like cat I’ve ever met.

And finally, Beth is one of the few people I know that is equipped to put me in my place. So to sum up, she played a key role in us living together, brought us our first child and can deal with me if I ever go ‘Bridezilla’, which is a possibility. So, I asked Beth to be my maid of honour to which, thankfully, she said yes.

Wedding pie

Well, to the point of this tangent – Beth makes the best pies I have every tasted, proper North American fruit pies. Honestly, they are stunning AND she’s over with me the week leading up to the wedding. Quick message to the venue and they say fine by them, quick chat to greengrocer “Yup, no problem just let us know what fruit a couple of days before” and, finally, quick video call with Beth and yes it’s agreed – me and my girls are having a full pie-making day on wedding week to make a ‘wedding pie tower’.

Honestly, I’m so excited to have wedding pie; apple and cinnamon pie, strawberry and blueberry pie, flat peach and raspberry pie, blackberry pie and rhubarb pie, to name but a few. Just need to remember and ask The Hub if they can provide some ice-cream and custard – can’t have pie without ice-cream and custard!

Looks like I’ll have to break my word as my maid of honour tangent took up a bit of space, but look for us next time for the entertainment and other surprises. And remember, don’t tell anyone as it’s all a secret!

After meeting at CC Blooms in Edinburgh, Gordon and Euan now run a B&B in Angus together and are preparing to tie the knot in Edinburgh this summer. With drag queens, their beloved American bulldog and a glitter bar for starters, something tells us it’s going to be a very fun celebration!

Photos via Unsplash