Photographed by Claremont Photography

Farm Street Church

And Syon Park Brentford


With the unmistakable essence of Scotland running through this wedding, you could easily be forgiven for thinking this celebration happened on home turf, not in central London… we love!


Who saw who first?
The groom spotted the bride first for sure – as the bride gracefully battled against the wind and rain getting into the church!
We were inspired by…
Scottish scenery and heritage. We tried to bring Scotland to London but kept everything as natural as possible, with the earthy neutral tones, Ferns, Thistles, Heather, Moss, Tartan, Bagpipes, Haggis, Robbie Burns, Scotch Whisky and all!
How did you personalise your wedding day?
The family Mackenzie tartan, Selkirk Grace and Ode to Haggis for the Scottish heritage. Our favourite Welsh cakes for wedding favours and ample of flowers, ferns and trees for the green fingered bride.


What was on your wedding menu?
Butter Poached Crayfish Ravioli, Haggis, Neeps and Tatties, Pink Roasted Rump of Lamb and dessert of wedding cake.
First dance – choreographed routine or sedate shuffle?
Choreographed routine to ‘once upon a dream’ from Sleeping Beauty.
What is your advice for future brides and grooms?
Check traffic and road works well in advance to make the church on time!
Where did you spend your wedding night?
Syon Park Hilton Hotel, conveniently located next to our wedding reception venue.
What is the one thing you’ll never forget about your wedding?
How relaxed everyone was, despite the very confusing weather! And how everyone danced to “Happy”



<class=”answer”>Isn’t it cool how many Scottish elements Joanna + Phil brought into their wedding day? Are you ditching or embracing your inner Scot on your wedding day? Niels x

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Five Reasons

To Marry

In Scotland

If you’ve had Scotland on your mind this week (it seems a large part of the world has) then we thought what better time to mention five top reasons to get married in this bonnie land. We know you’ll have others to add in to the mix…

2014-04-23_0013EmmaLawsonPhotography-028Susan Renee Photography

1. The Dress Code. There’s one thing the Scots are great at when it comes to weddings and that’s dressing up. From full highland wear, to more relaxed formalwear, we think you’ll find some of the most stylish grooms in Scotland.
And when it comes to the girls we know how to wow. We are loving some of the latest trends we’ve seen coming through the blog. Girls that not only know how to dress well, but also show off their personalities.

RyanWhite-BoturichCastle-022Jo-Ann and James-025

2. Hospitality. When it comes to parties, you can’t really beat a Scottish party. With food and drink flowing the parties are notorious for fun atmosphere and cracking banter.
We’ve seen some great ideas at weddings recently, from the full works of canapés through to sit-down dinners, to relaxed dining in the great outdoors with more food than the guests can handle. And whether your tipple’s champagne or whisky you’ll find both in abundance at a Scottish wedding.


3. The Spaces. Pardon us for boasting, but we think Scotland offers something for all. From breathtaking beaches, to houses draped in history, right down to open spots perfect for a tipi or two. And don’t even get us started on the castles…

Hopetoun Housesam_matt_023

4. The Climate. From well-and-truly wet, to scorching sunny days, Scotland does four seasons in one day better than most. There is a saying “If you don’t like the weather in Scotland, wait ten minutes and it will change”.
The changeable weather makes it all the more exciting for capturing different photographs, and treating your guests to a little bit of inside and outside at your chosen venue.


5. The Dancing. What better way to get all your guests involved in your wedding party than by hosting a ceilidh?
Some of the best ceilidhs I’ve seen are those where the guests don’t know the dance, but get stuck in regardless. Hilarious and so much fun to be a part of. And of course there’s the added bonus of burning off some of those calories you stack away during dinner.
In what has been a hugely important week in Scottish history, we are proud to be part of a country that has so much to give. If you’re not already planning your Scottish wedding, why not? Alie x

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