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This week our lovely guest blogger Shiona shares her bridesmaid adventures with us. She’s talking dress and how to select the perfect style and colour for her urban wedding and her best girls. So far she’s half way there…

Pastel bridesmaids dresses

“Okay so every girl loves to talk dresses, but before I blog about my own indulgence I’ve been busy sorting out my bridesmaids! I was by the side of one of my best friend’s Alyson a couple of months ago and everyone at the wedding commented about how amazing our dresses were and how our colours really tied in the decor, so I’ve taken inspiration!
For Alyson’s wedding we originally looked on the high street and wound up at Sarah Louise Bridal in Glasgow where they had a myriad of dresses from short to long, traditional to modern, strapless to three quarter sleeves and satin to lace. We tried various ones on and fell in love with the “Jolie” by Ebony Rose. A floor length floaty skirt that met a lace top with a key-hole back which complimented the wedding dress but was also comfortable and flexible for wearing all day. They are made in the USA and take around 5 months to be delivered so that’s why I realised I wanted to get my girls sorted soon!
I was one of three bridesmaids, and there was only two of us shopping and we are both brunette and loved the pale green called Jade. Alyson was so relaxed about it, the only prerequisite was pastel shades to match the flowers she’d chosen; sweet peas and dusky roses. When we went back to our third musketeer who is blonde she wasn’t overly enthusiastic about the mint colour so chose lilac instead. She didn’t want to be on her own in a different colour so after looking at blues and greys, I decided to switch to pink, so we were all in the same dress but different colours. With the walled garden at Loch Ness Country House Hotel near Inverness, the dresses were perfect for the woodland vibes and photos amongst the lavender. Doesn’t it look pretty?

Pastel Bridesmaids dresses

With our wedding, we will have a leafy backdrop at Glasgow University but a more urban feel at St Andrews in the Square so I am hoping the oranges and yellows stand out against the concrete and the (fingers crossed) blue skies.

So after such a wonderful reception being a bridesmaid, I wanted to create something similar for my own four. Alyson is of course one of those and I also have Annabelle, Fiona and Cazz.

We had an afternoon of discussions about what everyone liked within the citrus theme and luckily for me, they’re all willing to try their hands at an array of colours! As I’ve mentioned before, my oranges and lemons wedding theme is all centred round my beautiful yellow engagement ring (swoon!).

The only problem is my four fabulous friends live in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling respectively we decided it would be too difficult to get shopping trips arranged so we took to the World Wide Web!

Yellows and brights as wedding colours

We found dresses by ASOS own brand, Chi Chi London, Maya Vintage, Coast, Little Mistress and Ashley Roberts for Key Collections. All of them within the palette of colours I’m going for, but with different styles and fits. So we bought them all! Bridesmaid dress roulette began.
The dresses arrived the next day and I duly sent them round the houses to the girls. Annabelle and Fiona were sold which is brilliant. Their dresses have some synergy; one is a yellow halter neck with a lace top and the other is a tangerine with cape style sleeves. Alyson and Cazz weren’t in love; one of the dresses was too much of a coral shade and the other a bit insipid and one had embellishments which we decided didn’t really fit in with the relaxed look. I didn’t want them to wear something they didn’t feel had the ‘wow’ factor.
I want them to feel as amazing as I did on Alyson’s big day and if their style reflects their personality and keeps within the yellows and oranges then I’m one happy bride! So we sent the three deemed not quite right back. Two out of four ain’t bad! I’m planning to have a look at David’s bridal at Braehead as I’ve heard they had a large selection, and I’m still looking on other websites to see what is on offer. With Autumn setting in there seems to be more mustard and golds, along with terracottas in the shops so those could also be contender colours. The hunt continues….
We always love to talk dress. Anyone else feeling inspired to go for a mix and match approach for their best girls? Alie x
Shiona & Michael are getting married at Glasgow University Chapel, followed by St Andrews in The Square, Glasgow. Think Oranges and Lemons and a whole lot of city chic…

Advice from the experts

Top 5 tips for

rocking your frock

When it comes to helping brides perfect their wedding look, Edinburgh-based bridal designer Mette Baillie of Freja Designer Dressmaking is more than a little experienced. We ask her for some first-class advice on how to shop for the dress, put it on like an expert and nail those all-important toilet trips.


1. Plan the Shop
“When going shopping for your wedding dress, here is some advice that will make it less stressful and easier. Wear your hair up as it will get it out of the way to gain a clearer image of the dress without having it hanging down or looking flat. As with the hair, have your make-up simple. By doing this, it will not over power the dress, giving you a base.
“Wear flesh/skin coloured underwear making it easier to see the dress without any block colour showing through, like black (this can show through and make the dress look off).
“Take along a pair of shoes with you that will be the height that you are planning to wear to plan the length of dress you will need. It will also prevent a panic if when trying on; the dress is either shorter or longer than desired.


2. Be Yourself
“The most important thing it to be yourself! I hate when people say ahh you are getting married, are you growing your hair? buying contact lenses?, slimming down? Nothing wrong with that either. But be yourself…don’t get pressured into anything which is not who you are…
You don’t need to become a “wedding – clone” Be the best version of yourself, but be you! You don’t want to look back and think why did that sales assistant or makeup artist or hairdresser ever talk me into that… Be brave to challenge yourself, but be happy with whom you are and the choices you make for your big day.


3. Prepare the Dress
“Before your wedding day remove all the labels and hang out your dress to let the creases drop out. Iron or stream clean it if needed, or get it professionally done,” advises Mette. A quick poll at We Fell In Love HQ shows that we would be opting for the latter – we are so not brave enough to go near a white dress with a hot iron!
“Also, make sure your underwear, stockings, tights, garter, etc. all go with your dress and make sure that nothing leaves you with lines.” You definitely want to be more VIP than VPL as you make your way up the aisle!
“Make sure that your shoes are broken in (wear an old sock on top of them while you glamorously do the housework in them, so they are kept pristine).”


4. Have a dresser on hand to help
Chances are you were up at stupid o’clock to start the beautification process. And after a morning of relaxed preps with the girls, it’s amazing how time suddenly seems to fast forward in the final hour before leaving for the ceremony. We’ve seen brides barely have a chance to look at themselves in the mirror before having to dash out the door! To avoid a last minute rush and the ensuing stress, nominate someone in advance to help you get dressed and make sure they know exactly how your dress should be tied/buttoned/fastened up, and also how any accessories (including your veil/belt/coat/kitten ears – delete as appropriate), go on too.
“Make sure your bridesmaids or mum (or makeup artist and hairdresser), know how to get you into your dress,” says Mette. “Make sure they have clean, dry hands, and no lipstick on as they help you into your shoes… it’s so easy to plant their lips on the front on your skirt!”
Also, have at least one person on standby to help do up the train of your dress, or bustle it, later in the day. We suggest choosing somebody who will be at least reasonably sober. And if all else fails, there’s always YouTube.


5. Think about how you will go to the loo
“It sounds silly, I know, but make a plan for how to go to the toilet,” says Mette. “If you have a big skirt, you may want to go “Cowgirl-style” – facing the wall, lift your skirt at the front and let the train hang back…you get the idea…”
And one final piece of advice from Mette: “Have a long lie the day before… and relax!”

Gleneagles wedding by Blue Sky Photography0020

“Be the best version of yourself, but be you!” Sound advice from Mette we say. Alie x