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5 Tips for buying

an engagement ring

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From solitaires to stunning blues, all natural diamonds are unique but you can only really see the difference at close range. When it comes to shopping for an engagement ring, there are a few things to look for that will have her falling in love all over again. Here are a few tips to choosing the right diamonds for your future spouse.

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1. Choosing that Special Diamond
If you want a really unique ring, choose a diamond solitaire in a simple setting. Look out for the 4 Cs: Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat weight to help you decipher the diamond’s quality. The carat weight is the actual size of the diamond, and a multi-carat diamond will make a dramatic impact in the chosen setting. What’s more, a well-cut white diamond with good clarity is said to have an “intense fire,” which means it is simply amazing. It’s the clarity that has the greatest impact, though, on the stone’s appearance. A cloudy diamond isn’t as impressive, no matter how big it is!
2. Diamond Shapes
The most popular choice is the round cut diamond. But they’re by no means the only option. To really make an impression, why not choose a less common shape.
• Asscher cut diamonds – this is a square shaped stone with blunt corners and 72 facets.
• Cushion cut diamonds – generally rectangular or square with sides that bow outwards. This is an antique design.
• Heart-shaped diamonds – besides the romantic significance of this cut, these stones are fiery brilliance.
• Trillion cut diamonds – these triangular stones are typically used as accent stones on a ring with three stones but they can make gorgeous solitaires.

buying a diamond engagement ring

3. The Setting
The classic four- or six-prong Tiffany mount is an elegant setting that flatters pretty much any diamond shape. But it’s also the norm. Why not choose a more unusual setting that is equally elegant?
• Bezel settings – this is a metal ring that surrounds a gem. Bezel set diamonds are sleek and contemporary and great for active wearers who prefer a piece of jewellery with a slim profile.
• Tension settings – a tension mount uses the entire ring as a support system so there’s no need for bezels. These settings look very open but do securely support the stones.
• Invisible settings – invisible mounts also have an airy appearance like the tension setting but they work a little differently. Typically square cut princess diamonds are cut with a notch along the edges and slotted into the mount, creating an elegant, seamless look.
4. Buying a Coloured Diamond
Diamonds do come in colours other than white. During formation, the crystals will sometimes incorporate elements other than carbon and this creates a blend of different shades. In fact, diamonds can come in just about any other colour, but there are those that are more common than others. The most common shades are browns, tans and yellows – all of which are sometimes referred to as champagne or chocolate diamonds. Bright yellow stones are sometimes referred to as canary diamonds and they tend to be pricier than the lighter hues. Natural blue and pink diamonds are rare and will be a lot more expensive that a high-quality white diamond but they’re certainly unique and stunning.

different types of diamond engagement ring

5. Modifying the Band
Traditionally, fabulous diamond engagement rings have slim white gold, yellow gold or platinum bands that are polished to a mirror-like finish. But changing any aspect of the traditional look can make the diamond ring look a lot more personalised. Consider an engraved design or even filigree on the band to take a design from the simple to ornate. If you decide on a larger diamond, a wider band will create a more proportional look. But smaller diamonds will look overwhelmed in a wide band.
A diamond solitaire engagement ring is always going to be special to its wearer. But choosing a ring with a unique element will make it even more precious.

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We Fell In Love

City Chic Wedding

39 days to go

We’re now counting down the days (literally) to Susan & Al’s wedding celebrations. By my reckoning, we’re having a wedding in 39 days time. So, are you ready for this week’s instalment of WFILwedding chat? Read on and discover this week’s news…

engagement shoot mugdock park 2-5

Wow, what a week! We went to Mugdock Country Park with Chantal and Scott for the pre-wedding photoshoot and we are really pleased with the results! We went in the evening, just as the sun was going down and Chantal was very excited about the light! Al and I regularly walk round Mugdock so it was nice to go to a place that means something to us both. We didn’t realise the time and our cars got locked in the car park!!! So in the end we had to get a taxi home and then go back the next day to collect them!
This weekend we have finalised our vows, decided which ceilidh songs we will play for the mini ceilidh at the wedding and have been working on our DIY favours and decorations! Al has been busy making a flag for his nephew to carry up the aisle, it’s not finished yet but I think it looks great! Can’t believe that its 39 days to go until we get married, it’s been a complete dream! It feels great that all our the plans are coming together – one of the best things about it is how excited everyone is for the big day!
“Now most of the big decisions have been made and we’re both sorted out with dresses, we’ve been able to focus on some of the other tasks that require more thought, such as, our vows!


Al has recruited FIVE hairy bridesmaids for his big charity run on the 3rd August at Aberdour Festival! He’s raised half of his target so far and is hoping to raise £500 for Mary’s Meals. He’s ordered them five matching dresses to wear, it’s going to be hilarious!
Here are a few words from Ryan (my bridesman): “Susan and I have known one another for most of our lives. We grew up two streets apart, went to high school together, University in Glasgow and even taught English in Thailand together.
“We no longer live in the same city and have, at times lived on opposite sides of the world from one another, however, the beauty of our friendship is that despite not seeing each other regularly, when we meet it’s like we had seen one another the day before. We’ve shared many memorably moments and life changing events in our lives, so when Susan asked me to be her bridesman I was thrilled to be part of her big day.
“It was great to catch up with her and Al in London last weekend and I am looking forward to their wedding on 31st August!”
Is anyone else getting married on Sunday 31st August 2014 in Scotland? Let us know what you’ve been up to! Niels x
The We Fell In Love City Chic Wedding Team Are:

Venue – Arta Glasgow
Stationery – Je T’adore Bespoke Wedding Stationery
Wedding dress – Anais Bridal Couture
Photography – Chantal Lachance-Gibson Photography
Cinematography – Gryffe Wedding Films
Flowers – Mood Flowers
Bridal Accessories – Corrine Smith Design
Cake – Liggy’s Cakes
Styling – Make Believe Events
Day time music – Capella
Entertainment – 21cc Fireworks

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