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Pinterest Advice with Wedding Styling Gurus Gloam

pinterest worth wedding setup outdoors at drumtochty castle with lush florals by gloam photographed by Emma Lawson

Lauren, Gloam Stylist, and Pinterest Guru, has given us her top tips for sorting out your ‘hot mess’ of a Pinterest board. So get ready to drool over these images and get pinning!

stunning bridal bouquet of reds greens yellows and oranges on an orange high back velvet chair Lianne Mackay PhotographyHelp! My Pinterest board looks like a hot mess of mismatched styles! How can I fix this?

Lauren, Gloam Stylist and Pinterest Guru, has given us her top tips for sorting out your ‘hot mess’ of a Pinterest board:

It is really easy for a Pinterest Board to start looking a bit wild very quickly and that’s almost a process you have to go through. Embrace the excitement and joy of a pinning frenzy when you are starting your wedding planning. But, when it’s time to really start focusing your ideas so that you can easily explain to supplier what you are looking, here are some easy ways to quickly make this much more cohesive…

When I am working on plans for a styling clients I make sure to split their master planning board into section – so it’s one main wedding board (and if you’re planning on sharing this with any of your wedding suppliers, give it a unique name so that your board is easy to find). It has to work for you but I use sub headings such as ceremony decor, stationery and signage, drinks reception seating, table details etc… you get the idea. It needs to be structured in a way that works for you, but this helps you see everything as an overview and allows you to focus on particular sections when you need to.

close up of floral buttonholes on a palm leaf tray which is on a white leather seat lena sabala photography lena sabala photography

When you’re trying to be really focused you will want to limit the number of pins in each section – it’s time to be a bit ruthless -1 to 20 pins max. The less you have and the tougher you are the more clear your overall vision will be. Delete delete delete!

I love writing notes on pins – I use it to remind me where I think something will work and or why I liked it in the first place. And remember if you don’t want to ruin the surprise for anyone make sure your board is set to private, no-one else will be able to see any of your planning pins. Don’t worry, if you need to share with supplier at a later date you just need to invite the person as a collaborator, and then they can see all the exciting things you’ve got on there.

One of the biggest headaches with Pinterest comes down to budget and what you can realistically achieve with your budget. Keep an eye out for photographs from styled shoots, these are an amazing way for suppliers to showcase what they can do, and show something extravagant, but are usually showing a table set for 6 rather than 100+. Don’t be disheartened use these as stepping stones to help you find a version that will work for your budget.

Claire Fleck Photography Caro Weiss Photography view of ceremony set up without guests looking down the aisle with wooden chairs either side and rustic stone wall at the end with big floral feature The Curries Photography
I love the Southern California look but am worried about the Scottish weather. Any tips?

Who doesn’t love the Southern California look! Firstly try and work out what it is you love – is it the colour palette, the textures or the relaxed feel of it all? Once you’ve put your finger on why you love it so it will be easier to take that element and work it into a fitting version that won’t look out of place in Scotland. It could be that you include hints of terracotta throughout your design, or add lots of plants to your venue space or combine dried elements with a rich warm floral colour palette.

Is there a shortcut to find inspo without falling down rabbit holes?

Pinterest can feel like a bit of a rabbit hole. It’s easy to lose a few hours when you just went on to look for a few cake ideas. One of my top tips would be to think of the key words associated with your style/vibe that you’re working to for your wedding. So rather than just searching wedding cake… try and be a bit more specific – think about using terms like modern, monochrome, boho, playful, embellished, minimalist – words that reflect how you want your wedding to feel. That can help narrow things down.

More and more of our clients are using Instagram to find and save the things they love. By searching relevant hashtags they are narrowing down what they see and making it more relevant to them.

Emma Lawson Photography bride in white dress and bridesmaids in orange dresses standing in front of dark sage coloured wooden doorway with stone arch all holding floral bouquets Emma Lawson Photography The Curries Photography

Images by Emma Lawson Photography (Main,7,8), The Curries (6,9), Lena Sabala Photography (1,2), Lianne Mackay Photography (3), Claire Fleck Photography (4), Caro Weiss Photography (5)