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Five Tips For Wedding Planning During Covid-19

Whether you’re on version A, B, C or even D, chances are wedding planning may not be sparking joy for you right now.

Trying to make plans and decisions when the goalposts keep changing is really, really hard. As is working up the enthusiasm and energy to pause and regroup, time and time again.

It’s no wonder you’re feeling frustrated / fed up / exhausted / sad / guilty / (or a combination of all of these). It’s A LOT.

Our advice:


A micro wedding may not be what you’d originally envisaged but it could also be every bit as beautiful and meaningful, if not more. We’ve been sharing some incredible stories of small celebrations both here on the blog and in our indie Scottish wedding magazine. All covid safe and full of ideas to inspire you.

⚡️ 2. DON’T PANIC 

It can be tempting to swing into action and make immediate changes when there’s a new government announcement. If you can, take a little time to sit with and process your feelings, and weigh up the options before making a decision.


Talking to someone who truly gets it makes such a difference. Head over to the WFILcircle FB group if you’d like to connect with folks in the same position in an intimate, supportive setting.


Remember – same storm, different boats. Most folks are trying to do the right thing and be safe through this. That may mean something different to a family member than it does to you.

And if over communication from well meaning folks is adding to your stress, take some time out before replying. Embrace boundaries and let your friends and family know you will be in touch when you have any wedding news to share.

⚡️ 5. HAVE A TEAM OF SUPPLIERS YOU TRUST (check out our handpicked wedding community aka the WFILfam for inspiration).

And keep communicating with them throughout any changes you may be considering. They’re now almost a year in to these conversations and may be able to help in ways you hadn’t thought of. If you’d like extra support, hiring a wedding planner to help you navigate these times could be a good move too!

Waiting is hard. As is having to pause plans that have been months, or even years, in the making. And the pause is going on for longer than any of us ever expected.

Whatever you decide to do, know that the love you have for each deserves to be celebrated  – whether that’s with a wee wedding or elopement now, the big party to end all parties later, or maybe even both.

And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to find micro wedding inspiration and keep up to date on all the latest wedding guidance for Scotland – our DMs are always open for you. x

Photos by The Gibsons, flowers by Flowermug, styling by Gloam, stationery by Origami Fox, paper decorations by Paper Street Dolls, shot at The Engine Works