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Two grooms and a dancing dog

Last time we shared Gordon’s wedding planning diary, he and Euan were waiting to hear if their beloved fur baby, Bear would be welcome at the venue they had fallen for. Well, we have some very good news on that front! There are, however, a few caveats. Over to Gordon…

“We finally hear back from Hannah and though it was less than a week, it definitely felt longer as Euan really had his heart set on the Hub. Hannah tells us its possible but with some caveats, so smiles and nerves at the same time as I start to read through the four stipulations.

“Firstly, Bear’s to have two named chaperones throughout the day. My response was, absolutely! Because not to be funny, but we really don’t want to be concerned for our seven stone baby’s welfare on our wedding day, I mean what else is family for? I’ve already got my mother-in-law in mind for this one. Don’t get me wrong, I love her, but she cannot help but interfere so whilst she’s thinking she’s looking after Bear in fact it’s Bear looking after her, and the boy does love his granny.

“Number two – Bear is to have his cage and bedding along for the day to give him a safe space. Honestly, this was going to be one of our caveats for having him along. I started to relax at this point.

“Three, all his things are to arrive the day before. As if I want to be running around with an overly large dog cage and bedding on the morning of my wedding wearing a kilt – three for three!

“Next one, Bear is allowed out of his cage during the ceremony, drinks reception and wedding breakfast with his chaperones only but needs to be inside when the evening’s entertainment is on. Absolutely! Who wants a four-legged beast underfoot when you’re trying to dance the Orcadian Strip The Willow? Although, when I ran a cocktail bar and we lived upstairs, Bear was known to escape the locked flat and avail himself of the dancefloor of an occasional Saturday evening.

“I think you’ll all have realised it but, yes this was all more than agreeable to us. We finally have our venue – The Hub, home of the Edinburgh International Festival. We had no idea that such a seemingly simple decision would not only prove so difficult but also emotive! It’s worth it though to see the look on Euan’s face and here’s hoping the rest rolls along nicely.

“Next up, now that we know where, is the when. Well, another meeting with Hannah it is and we talk about when we see the day – it has to be when Euan’s not studying so that leaves summer or January. There’s no way we’re walking up the cobbled streets of Edinburgh in the sleet and snow so a summer wedding it is. June, July or August? Edinburgh in August, that’s an outright no from both of us – we don’t want to be competing with The Fringe (I’d love to see the wedding that could!) so we go for July to give us that little bit of extra time and hope for the better weather.

“So, which date? Well for me personally, it must not be a Friday or Saturday as almost everyone I know is hospitality based and for Euan it has to be the weekend and almost everyone he knows is a nine to fiver. OK, decision made – a Sunday. This is where I find out that there are discounts offered for booking on a Sunday. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m smiling ear to ear on this one. Don’t get me wrong, it’s our special day and it costs what it costs but who can say no to a little saving? At this point Hannah goes through the available dates in July and we just pick one at almost random.

“Date and place down, here’s hoping we can organise everything else with a little more speed, otherwise I’ll be booking bands and whatnot after the day itself! Join me next time to hear all about the sparkles and entertainment. As it was laughter that brought us together and our combined childlike joy in life that kept us there, we’re determined that these will be the prevailing themes throughout the most fabulous day of our lives!”

After meeting at CC Blooms in Edinburgh, Gordon and Euan now run a B&B in Angus together and are preparing to tie the knot in Edinburgh this summer. With drag queens, their beloved American bulldog and a glitter bar for starters, something tells us it’s going to be a very fun celebration!

Photo of Bear by Gordon, other photos via Unsplash