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Couple goals: Two sweethearts on their 70th wedding anniversary

We’ve been so excited to share this wonderful platinum anniversary shoot with you since we first set eyes on the photos, but due to Tommy and Madeleine’s hectic social life (we feel tired just thinking about their fitness regime!), we’ve been kept in suspense until now. With their 71st wedding anniversary just around the corner, we managed to catch up with them to find out their secret for a happy marriage. Talk about couple goals!

When their grandson, Sean Bell (who also happens to be one of our favourite wedding photographers) suggested a photoshoot for their wedding anniversary, Madeleine and Tommy jumped at the chance.

Married when they were in their early twenties, Tommy is now 95 and still swims 3 times a week, while 93 year-old Madeleine does keep fit once a week. They have some words of wisdom to share with us all today…

How did you meet and was it love at first sight or gradual attraction?

Tommy: For me it was love at first sight. For Madeleine it was a gradual thing.

Where and when did you get married? We’d love to hear more about the day (and your beautiful dress Madeleine!)…

Madeleine: We got married on 31 October 1947 at St Matthew’s church in Rosewell, Midlothian. I borrowed the dress from my sister-in-law who had got married the previous year.

I worked for Lady Elphistone, who was patron of the Red Cross. She ran a home for the wives and children of soldiers who were away fighting in the war. I borrowed a veil from one of the wives. The first veil I was offered disintegrated when I washed it!

Did it all go to plan on the day?

Tommy: Madeleine’s mum bought a brandy for us both to calm our nerves, and Madeleine drank the two of them! En route to the reception, our taxi had to stop and pick up Madeleine’s wee sister and her wee pal!

Any advice?

Tommy: Love is varied, for me it was cloud 9 at first then it calmed down after the children were born. What makes it last is trust, respect and consideration for each other. Happy wife, happy life!

Madeleine: We laugh a lot, it’s good medicine.

All the feels for this shoot! And what a glamorous couple they are too. Have a fantastic 71st anniversary Tommy & Madeleine! x


VenueCarberry Tower
PhotographerSean Bell Photography