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How to have glowing skin in winter

Now that the frosty mornings are here, it’s a good time to start thinking about giving your skincare routine a boost. Whether you’re planning a winter wedding or just want to feel your best over the festive season, our beauty expert, Lynne has some great advice to share today. So pour yourself a glass of water (it’s not often we say that!) and read on…

“Those winter months are well and truly upon us now, with those cold icy elements closing in! So with that in mind, I thought I’d focus this post on how to keep our skin in tip top condition through the frosty season! This is actually one of the top questions I’m asked by winter brides, how to keep their skin from being dry/chapped over winter, so I’ve put together some of my top pieces of advice here for winter skin care.


“Firstly hydration and drinking lots of water (a minimum of two litres a day), so boring I know, but it is essential seeing as your skin is made up of 64% water! Water not only hydrates, but it encourages collagen production and supports the regeneration of skin cells too, it also flushes away toxins, reducing break outs. Without a good level of hydration your skin will appear dull, with lines and wrinkles as well as the more prominent appearance of pores.


“Second most important, is protection, it is not just in the summer we need SPF, it is all year round and a good SPF will really help protect the skin against all the elements. UV light is always there basically, regardless of the temperature and SPF should always be part of your skincare routine. Many moisturisers do have SPF in them but it is good to ensure it is at least SPF30 or, better still, just use your sun cream all year round and apply a little every morning. This will prevent irreversible damage, as well as protection against burning to pigmentation and dark spots that cause premature ageing.


“Next up is Cleansing & Exfoliating, dry and chapped skin causes a build up of dead skin cells, so it’s worth investing in a good exfoliator to keep your skin in good condition during the winter. The best time to exfoliate is in the evening before bed, along with your night time routine, as skin isn’t going to be exposed to UV rays and the outdoor elements afterwards. Follow with a good layer or your moisturiser afterwards. A fantastic exfoliater I would recommend is Bobbi Brown’s ‘Buffing Grains For Face’ (£32), it’s gentle but will brighten any dull complexion!

“Foaming to lighter, more astringent, cleansers are great for summer, obviously when sweat and excess oil can be an issue, but in winter when the skin is drier, it really is worth considering a cream cleanser which won’t strip the skin’s protective barrier. Probably one of the best cream cleansers on the market, which is great for all skin types, is Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish (£9.75).


“Moisturising, of course without saying, is absolutely crucial at any time of year but in winter you’re obviously looking for more protection as well (we already covered the important of SPF). So you want to lock in the moisture and keep those harsh elements from causing too much damage.

“I cannot recommend enough using a good quality Facial Oil in Winter, simply place a couple of drops in to your day and night cream (or just on freshly cleansed skin), it really helps lock in moisture and keep skin soft & supple. Try Super Facialist Rose Hydrate Oil (£14.99)

“For a day cream that will keep the skin hydrated in all the right places go for something like Clinique’s iconic Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+ (£17.50-£30). It is rich enough to really hydrate but light enough to use all over without it being too heavy for oily skins.

“For night time, a good rich moisturiser to repair the skin as you sleep is key, the one I use and cannot recommend enough (and is an absolute steal!) is Aldi’s ‘Lacura’ range and their ‘ Caviar Illumination’ Anti Age Night Cream (£6.99).

“Don’t forget that it’s not just your face that needs a little extra help in winter, a good Body Cream & hand cream too are essential in the skincare routine, I swear by Aesop Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm (£25) and layer it on morning and night (with a good layer over my hands), it smells divine as well!

“Another iconic product to look out for is Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (£28) – whether it’s chapped lips, a sore nose or general dry skin, this can resolve any issue in literally minutes, making make-up application much easier too!

“One last piece of advice that comes highly recommended is making your own hydrating face mask that can provide some much needed moisture in the winter months. Use natural moisturising ingredients like honey, avocado, yogurt, almond oil and bananas, Mix any of these together (or all of them) together to create a cream/paste, apply and leave on skin for 10-30 minutes then wash off for organic and natural hydration!”

“So there we have it, the perfect solution to baby soft skin all through winter, also some good ideas to get on that Santa list too!”

Given that my skin starts to crack the minute December arrives, I need to get on this fast. Anyone else with me?! Christina x

Makeup artist and entrepreneur, Lynne Mills runs Scottish makeup team EyeCandy. As well as making brides look incredible, she is no stranger to the fashion scene, having worked backstage with the likes of Vivienne Westwood. And she is kept extra busy developing her own range of beauty products too.