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Colour inspiration for your wedding

We always get a little excited here at WFIL when Pantone releases its colour trend report for the season ahead. Here to share her thoughts on the colours we will soon see filtering through into fashion, interiors and weddings, is our resident wedding stylist, Toria.

Image via Pantone.

Creating a Palette

“Choosing colours for your wedding can be difficult. Even when you are drawn to one colour, it only takes a flurry of Pins before you are attracted to another; one which is neither suitable for your venue nor indeed matches the original one you had started with. And even when you nail down one colour, it can take a little practice to find complementing tones, shades, and textures, to create an overall colour palette.

“The common reaction to this challenge, is to opt for only one or two colours. However, whilst this solution seems simple and initially creates a feeling of ease when designing your day, it can quickly become restrictive, and it can be difficult to add depth in certain areas of your styling. Enter Pantone’s seasonal colour trend report.

“To the uninitiated, Pantone’s reports, released twice-yearly, might seem superfluous to their wedding planning requirements. Indeed, you may not have even heard of it. Yaou might, however, have noticed when all the shops suddenly start selling similar colours of jumpers, or that the same colour palette keeps appearing in your Pinterest feed as you browse home interiors. Before long, some of these colours and trends begin making their way into the wedding world. And it is around this time that Pantone’s colour report has the potential to become such a useful resource to couples planning their nuptials.

Image via Pantone, you can see the full Spring 2018 Colour Palette here.

Bring on the Bold

“In a word, the report is full of inspiration. The coming season’s top colours are listed, with descriptions of each that will help couples think about the atmosphere of their weddings as much as the aesthetic. It is not just a hub of colours; the blurbs for each of the colours listed are a great starting place for understanding how these colours will make you and your guests feel on the day.

“Last month, Pantone released its colour forecast for Spring 2018 and there is only one word to describe the collective palette: freedom. Not only were the usual 10 spots filled, but Pantone added an extra two colours this time, with a bonus of four additional colours that are considered ‘colour basics’. These are neutral in tone and act as great foundations for the remaining 12 in the spring palette.

“The most striking feature of the chosen colours is their boldness: Cherry Tomato, Ultra Violet, Lime Punch, Little Boy Blue. This is, according to the press, a reaction to consumers’ desires to mix their colours up, and to adhere less to certain colour palettes simply because of the season. This is a game changer for couples who are having their wedding in one season, but are drawn to the colours of another.

“There is also a movement away from pastels, which is interesting when these are traditionally the hallmark of wedding palettes. The balance to this is that there is still floral inspiration in the form of Blooming Dahlia, Pink Lavender, and Spring Crocus.

Image via Pantone.

Classic Neutrals

“For brides and grooms who find the list of 12 a little overwhelming, the four classic neutrals are a fantastic place to start. For Spring 2018, these are: Sailor Blue, Harbor Mist, Warm Sand, and Coconut Milk. One or two of these, combined with some of the more playful colours will certainly offer a good foundation on which to build your own wedding’s colour palette. Even finding one colour in the total list of 16 might be enough to start the process, particularly as couples will be able to eliminate certain colours straight away if they are not drawn to them, or they do not suit other elements of their day – such as the venue décor, or the vibe and atmosphere they are looking to create.

“If nothing else, the report is a great starting point for couples who need a little support with their colour choices; even if this is to say that they do not like any of the colours and they want to go an entirely different route. The best feature of the palette is that it means colour is at least considered as a contributing element to the feeling of the day, and not just as a secondary thought after all the big decisions have been made. Played right, the colours chosen at the start can help define – and make easier – the decisions that have to be made later in your planning.

“And the great thing about the variety and number of this season’s colours, is that it should allow for some interesting combinations, without every wedding looking the same. In a word: freedom.”

I love that there’s been a move towards bold colour! Will you be drawing on the Pantone palettes for your wedding? Christina x

Wedding stylist Toria Clarke-Adair runs Arrow and Twine from her home in Aberdeenshire, and loves nothing more than helping couples create an individual, personal style for their day. From sourcing off-beat props from salvage yards to helping brides who have reached peak wedmin burnout, she loves everything about planning a wedding.