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Rhys + Kaylie

Proposal Shoot


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We completely and utterly fell in love with Rhys and Kaylie’s proposal shoot, so what better day to share it with you than 14th February. We love everything about it, from the surprise element to the fact that these two know a thing or two about weddings and for them it definitely starts with flowers…

Love at first sight or gradual attraction?
We went to high school together and probably managed to go through the whole process without ever talking to each other once as we were in different circles of friends. After high school, Kaylie moved to the village where I lived and it just kind of happened.
What gave you the idea to propose in Paris?
I always liked the idea of doing something big, after all I only plan on asking once in my life. I had pondered on doing it in Holland in a field full of bright flowers, then thought about doing it down south at David Austin Rose Gardens. And then I saw a picture of a couple standing on a staircase in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the far distance on a really nice day and started to think of how I could find a similar place.
I know that proposing in Paris is really cliche, but truthfully I cannot remember the last time I heard of anyone I knew doing it, so I thought I would try and start the trend again! To this day I still don’t have a clue where the staircase I saw in the picture actually is, but I think I found a good spot anyway.

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How did Kaylie react?
It was easy to hide the plan as I am really into photography, so when I said I wanted to go to Paris for a little city break to take lots of photos and see the city, she never even imagined what else might happen. Even when I dragged her to the Place Du Trocadero for sunrise at 7am, for a picture of us with the Eiffel Tower and the beautiful sunrise in the background, she still would never have thought that as we were standing there, my camera set up on a tripod, constantly taking pictures, that I’d get down on one knee!
Although a lot of people back home sort of guessed what I was going to do in Paris, Kaylie knows me better than any and after 9 years together had probably given up on the idea of it ever happening, so she was quite shocked. There were no tears, but I don’t think anything could have wiped the smile on her face off that day!
Tell us more about your wedding plans…
We are lucky enough to know the industry very well as we run a very busy wedding and event floristry business (Oor Fleurs) and have a lot of friends in the industry, but truthfully we are struggling to find an available date to squeeze ourselves in at the moment.
I’m sure we will hopefully reserve a weekend next summer. We are thinking of either having a marquee wedding at one of the family farms or possibly one of the very popular rustic conversion venues that are nearby. Whichever we choose, we will be going overboard on the flowers!
In three words, your wedding will be…

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Loving your style Rhys – Paris is always a good idea. We’d love to hear your proposal story! Comment below or head over to Facebook to share the love. Alie x