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For those of you who have been avid readers of our lovely guest blogger posts, you’ll have spotted that two of our flock have tied the knot. So we’ve sought out some absolute gems of new bloggers and today we’d love to introduce you to three who you’ll get to know well over the coming months – Shiona, Jillian and Steph..
1. Shiona

Shine - Guest Blogger

This is Shiona. She’s marrying Michael (wait until you hear of the engagement ring he picked). We are already more than a little giddy at the sound of her oranges and lemons theme. We’re thinking colour, fun and an altogether holiday-feel.
Spill the beans – where and when are you tying the knot?
Our big day is Friday the 2nd of June 2017. The humanist ceremony will be at Glasgow University memorial chapel (we are both graduates and we live in the west end so it’s perfect) and then onto St Andrews in the Square for the meal and ceilidh dancing. We decided on the venue for the reception because of the wow factor! It’s stunning and so flexible with what you can do in terms of decor.
We are both “city” people so being in the centre of town really reflects us as a couple and we are hopeful to get some “golden hour” photos in the evening outside, our photographers are amazing and that is one of the most important elements for us (our flat is covered in pictures of places we’ve traveled to!) We also have guests coming from across the country and beyond so they have the choice of accommodation in Glasgow itself. We felt a Friday was good too, so we can continue seeing friends and celebrating across the weekend before honeymoon..
Tell us a bit about the style of your Scottish wedding…
Well the theme is oranges and lemons so it’s going to be traditional and Scottish but with a bright and happy twist. Michael picked (all by himself) a beautiful yellow and diamond engagement ring on a yellow gold band. If you’re trying to visualise, it’s been described as a quirky Kate Middleton/Princess Diana style.
We are going to have watercolours of oranges and lemons with brush font for all our stationery, which is being designed just now. We’ve thought of citrus centrepieces with bowls of fruit and bright matching flowers. I’ll have some flowers in my hair too and the bridesmaids (four of them) will be in two orange and two marigold. I don’t know what designs yet but that’s the next challenge! I have already found my dress from Bridal Garden on Great Western Road but I don’t want to say too much about it other than there’s a surprise element which I’m obsessed with!
What do you think will grab our readers’ attention about you and your wedding?
Definitely my engagement ring and the colours, the surprise element of the wedding dress, the partnership and strong bond that Mikey and I have and how that’s growing as we plan the wedding, the “staying local” in terms of everything being supplied from businesses in and around Glasgow, the genuine fun we are having! I haven’t started to think about the ceremony itself but it will definitely be creative with a combination of friends and family doing readings and songs.
2. Jillian

Jillian - Guest Blogger We Fell In Love

Meet Jillian. She is planning a destination wedding with her fiancé Matthew and is super excited to be sharing her journey with us. We cannot wait to hear about her plans from the other side of the world and above all we love that she picked Scotland as it’s a little ‘badass’…
Tell us a bit about your Scottish wedding – how much have you planned already?
We haven’t finalized the details yet – that’s still an exciting part of planning! We’ve narrowed it down to September of 2017, likely the 13th or 14th. We’re also deciding between two venues right now – Borthwick Castle and Carberry Tower. The ceremony and reception would both be held at the venue.
Describe the style of your perfect Scottish wedding…
I would definitely love to have a fairy tale wedding, but I’ve never been a particularly girly type. That’s why Scotland really appeals to me – I think you can have a beautiful, romantic wedding, but it’s also a little badass! I think Merida is a good example of that. She may be a princess, but she shoots a bow and arrow! I want flowers and castles and beautiful flowing dresses, but I also want to drink a little whiskey and explore a dungeon somewhere.
What are our readers going to love most about your wedding updates?
The fact that it’s a destination wedding will definitely be interesting. Planning from afar is quite an experience, and I think that other We Fell in Love readers from outside of the United Kingdom will be particularly drawn to that. I’m also a pretty goofy person, and so I would aim to make the blog fun and entertaining, while still being informative and full of pretty pictures.
3. Steph

Steph - guest blogger

Say hello to Steph. She and hubby to be Rob are planning a spring wedding with tones of ivory, blush and soft greys (yup we’re swooning already). She is a romantic at heart and for these two it’s all about the details…
Tell us about your wedding location – where and when is it all happening?
Our wedding is the Easter weekend next year (we sent out the save the dates very early so our family and friends have no excuses), Saturday April 15th 2017 at Raemoir House Hotel in Banchory – not too far from where we live. We weren’t that picky on the date or month but I am glad we have gone with Spring. I may be the only Scottish person to ever say this but I don’t want a scorching summer’s day, I have to wear a big wedding dress and don’t want to look like I’ve spent the morning at the gym! Spring however could mean any of the four seasons – on the 15th of April this year it snowed!
We are having a humanist ceremony which takes place in the marquee at Raemoir. Neither of us are particularly religious and the personal touches of a humanist wedding really appealed to us, we want the ceremony to be all about us and our relationship. My sister got married a couple of years ago and we have managed to book the same celebrant – there is something quite special about us both being married by the same person. We are designing the ceremony like a story, how two people come together as one and are creating a life based on the same values and in our case, compromise! We want to share stories with our guests about the good times we have spent together and the journey we have been on to get to our special day. I have a passion for creativity and managed to convince Robs that we should write our own vows and I can’t wait to get started.
Describe the style of your Scottish wedding
I would describe the style of our wedding as romantic (lots of ivory, blush and light greys) and elegant with a touch of ‘us’ sprinkled in for good measure. We both want the day to reflect our personalities and that means thinking about every little detail and how we could but our own personal touch on it. I am a tad obsessed with ‘signage’ – our home is filled with little details and I wanted that to feature in the wedding.
Our vision for the day is to enjoy it and put on a great day for our nearest and dearest – we want them to share in the experience too and remember the day for as long as we do. I did try to involve Robs in the décor but after the first visit to the florist, I realised this was a job for me and my girls. We have a bit of a London theme running through the day as I used to live there so we spent the start of our relationship commuting between Aberdeen and London, it was also the setting of our engagement.For us, it’s all about the detail
We are so delighted to be part of three new wedding journeys. We know you’re going to make these ladies feel right at home on the blog. Alie x