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Melodie + Chris

Last Friday saw the amazing (and much-loved) Mel and Chris tie the knot at Hopetoun House in the most magical of magical winter #WFILweddings. Mel shares her day in her own words (with photographs by her friends and family). But first, we have an extra special treat for you, we start by sharing the beautiful teaser from Cherry Tree Films

Thursday we all managed to get a good nights’ sleep and when we awoke on Thursday we were feeling pretty fresh! My older sister Jen had driven through earlier and did a few shuttle runs to take people from the station to Dakota while myself Megs and Jenny were headed for Rachel Scott to collect my beautiful wedding dress…
It’s hard to tell what the Dakota is like from first appearances because its pretty much just a giant dark cube! As we entered through the doors and lush curtains that covered its entrance it was clear it was a level above! As the girl who was checking me in passed over my room key she told me my mini bar was complimentary to which my Mum piped up and asked if that meant the mother of the bride could have it…yes Mum, calm down! I knew the room was the executive level but they weren’t kidding. I literally walked in and said ‘ holy crap’ I’ve definitely never stayed in a room like it! So after hanging up my dress the first thing I did was take a panoramic shot of my room and share it on facebook – obviously!
I had a few amazing cocktails at the bar – just to calm the nerves I swear! Later In the evening I announced I was off to get some beauty sleep and as I walked into my room I noticed the window was shut and I didn’t remember leaving the telly on either. Then I sat on the bed and something fell off the pillow – chocolates!! Wait a second….someone had come up to my room , put chocolates on my pillows, lit candles, dimmed the lights and left the telly on smooth radio – haha how amazing are the guys at the Dakota! I pottered about, took a wee sleeping tablet then starfished in the big massive bed and waited and waited. I think I maybe fell asleep between 1-6am?! I just couldn’t switch off!

WFILwedding 2015-12-01_0014

Chris had left me a card to open on the morning of the wedding and a little gift. He gave me a stunning gold ring with Australian opal in it. I went down for breakfast still feeling pretty calm then Mum and I headed back upstairs and waited for the hairdresser and make -up artist to arrive. My hairdresser Gwen had let me know she was stuck in traffic but not to worry. I didn’t. Then my lovely make-up artist called in sick. She felt terrible and it was her first time unable to perform in a decade of wedding make-up, but she had a contingency plan in place and sent another member of her team along.
By the time they arrived we were almost an hour behind, but I was still calm. There was nothing I could do! People were coming and going in the room all morning and we managed to skype my Dad, my younger sister and my niece who were all getting ready to watch the ceremony live online.
Planet Flowers delivered three stunning bouquets, the button holes for the gents and three lovely floral and eucalyptus circlets for the flower girls, along with their little baskets full of petals and eucalyptus leaves to scatter up the aisles.
Both the hair dresser and make-up artist did such a fantastic job, everyone looked gorgeous and even with the time constraints they weren’t flapping but by the time I was getting into my frock I was meant to be going up the aisle! Final touches applied and not a moment to soon, it was all go! I felt so bad for everyone who was waiting for all that time at Hopetoun House but I hear everyone came well supplied with hip flasks in hand! (not naming anyone in particular…..you know who you are!)
We all piled into our designated vehicles and began the journey. I barely managed to keep it together but luckily my bridesmaids kept me distracted by waving out the window to people and telling me to practise my Queenie wave!

WFILwedding 2015-12-01_0002 2015-12-01_0003

We made it, I could see the house and I was still ok, just. We got out the car and I just wanted to get the job done. I had to blow my nose, but I accidentally wiped my lippy off in the process. Lara and Kirsten were on hand though and quickly ran over with everything that I needed! OK, I took a large exhale and re-composed but…it finally hit me.
The nerves came flooding in and I felt like I was losing it! As Mum and I walked around the corner before heading up the aisle I spoke to myself and said just be calm, just go slow you’re fine…I thought if I looked at everyone else instead of Chris I wouldn’t get too emosh – wrong! It was the other way around!
I just focussed on him and made it to the end. Chris greeted me with his warm smile and told me I looked beautiful. Chris had said if he’d seen me crying he would have lost it too. I think the only way I managed to keep it together was because of how fast it all went, I never had a moment to reflect, it was all go!
So, we signed the paperwork and the registrar announced Mr and Mrs Dickinson and everyone cheered and I lent to one side and said, umm Mrs Pearson-Dennett! As we walked back up the aisle together I had a thought in my head and that was yay – party!! Roddy the Piper led us out to the bottom of the steps where we got a few fabulous group photos. All the guests were then invited into the house while Chris and I headed off with the guys from Elemental Weddings and Cherry Tree Films.
First we had a couple more shots on the steps of Hopetoun House. The guys told us to stand on the bottom step but of course Chris stood one step up, thinking no one had noticed. I just looked at him and said – nice try, get down! They took us around the grounds to a few perfect locations for photos and film. I must say they are all so fun and had such good banter – we had a great time frolicking around the grounds with them!

WFILwedding 2015-12-01_0005

We were heading back when I managed to trip in a massive puddle of mud! Kirsten from Heritage Portfolio managed to find a baby wipe for me which removed the worst of it. Christina from Elemental quickly spoke to Kirsten who said she’d get us a glass of bubbles and some canapés. Kirsten radioed Lara at the house and they were en route to our location moments later. I LOVE that the Hopetoun House and Heritage Portfolio team have ear pieces and walkie talkies – I wonder if they have code names too…I bet they do!
Next up were some family shots in front of the fire place and my niece Tammie and nephew Matt were alternating between Chris and I to pass us our bubbles. I don’t usually drink too much fizz and when it was time for our romantic couple shot I showed everyone why! I could feel something rumbling in my belly and thought it was going to be a wee burp so I released it but what came out was more like a Barney from the Simpsons massive belch….I just stood there and slowly raised my bouquet up in front of my face. Whoops – awkward!!! Meanwhile my Mum just looked at me and shouted my Sunday name while some of my other mates just laughed and gave me the thumbs up.
Now onto the first toilet experience….Megs and YT took me into the disabled toilet and while we thought about how we are going to do this we all just burst out laughing! They hitched up my frock on either side and I slowly lowered myself down shouting am I close am I close- we were all in fits of laughter and everyone else in the toilets must of been wondering what was gong on!! Success and time to powder the nose before heading for dinner. YT asked if I wanted her to tie my dress up? After being adamant that I was leaving my amazing train down all night I was pretty quickly swayed after a near mud face plant and the hysterical toilet experience!!
As Chris and I walked over to the ballroom for dinner I said I don’t feel nervous anymore actually I feel great! Chris looked at me and said that’s because you don’t have to do a speech. Oh yes I quietly replied 😉 Once we sat down for the meal I quickly realised I wasn’t nervous anymore because I was drunk!! Yes, I consumed too many fizzy things far too fast!
The speeches began with my Dad followed by Chris and his best man Nicol. My brother-in-law Pete was our toast master and he did an outstanding job getting the guests involved! It was hard to watch my dad’s speech knowing how much he would have loved to be there with us and I could see a few teary eyes around the room.
Evening guests arrived, the photo booth was in action and the bar well and truly opened. I was still feeling a little tense because I knew the first dance was looming!! We cut the cake first and it must have been the longest cake cutting in history! Literally at least 5- 10 minutes. At one point I turned to Chris and was like why is everyone still looking at us – are we meant to be doing something else! Eventually I just put the knife down and we edged away from our amazing world cake which Heather created.
We were announced onto the dance floor and Chris was super excited while I actually said ‘oh no’, when I heard it over the speaker!! Chris (who was quite merry by this point!) kept reassuring me and telling me just to enjoy myself – easy for you to say! First dance complete and no major injuries, yes! Straight into the ceilidh and strip the willow. Off we went and geez it was exhausting but great for all the Aussies to get involved too. My Mum planned on not doing it because she has a bad knee but after a few whiskies and a tiny bit of encouragement off she went!
The final surprise of the night was the fireworks by 21CC Fireworks – they did such a fantastic job! We all piled outside, covered in lovely warm Hopetoun shawls and off they went! What an absolute treat…

WFILwedding 2015-12-01_0007

Chariots began to arrive around midnight and Chris and I farewelled all our guests. Our driver eventually arrived and said I’m hear for the bride and groom and I exclaimed ‘Oh that’s us’! Chris, Lara and Kirsten all started laughing at me. Chris and I arrived at The Balmoral and checked into our beautiful room! We had been left a lovely wedding card and a bottle of bubbles!
Chris made a B-line for the bubbles while I was demanding to be let out of my dress!! I think I pulled about 100 pins from my hair before getting into a lovely fluffy Balmoral bath robe!  We had actual petals on our bed – just like in the movies!!!
By the time we made it to the bed I noticed another card – it said please tick with our compliments and hang on your door handle before 3am.  Omg!!! It was a gigantic brekkie list with everything you could imagine! We made our selections and chose our delivery time and left in hanging safely on our door. How exciting!!!
In the morning when the knock on the door went I leaped out of bed like it was Christmas. At The Balmoral they bring the actual breakfast table to you….like the whole table!!! It had a wee heated box underneath it so our hot items would remain warm. How awesome was this?! I had to get my selfie stick out for that one!

WFILwedding 2015-12-01_0010 2015-12-01_0011

We eventually made our way back to Glasgow and all of our Aussie visitors slowly began to depart. I have spent the days after the wedding literally eating everything!!! I must have eaten wedding cake almost every day, before breakfast too. We have booked our honeymoon and we’re headed back to Australia and then to Malaysia in February. I can’t wait to head home to have a wee Aussie reception with all our family and friends who weren’t able to make it to Hopetoun House.
I have a bit of the wedding blues I’m not going to lie. I don’t have any lists or any emails to respond to…someone give me something to plan….please!
We would like to say thank you to all of our friends and family for all their support along the way and finally a HUMUNGOUS thank you to all of the suppliers and everyone at the WFIL team for helping us to create one of the best experiences of our life!
We’ve heard back from lots of our guests and they’ve all said that it was such a fun filled day with memories to last a life time – exactly what we wanted. We both had such an awesome experience from start to end. It was a massive whirlwind of fun, excitement and anticipation! We’ve had the best time sharing this journey with all the people close to us along with all of you who have been keeping up with our blogs!!
So its back to reality…we won’t have to spam anyone for votes, I can cool it with the lists and life documentation and I guess I don’t need to keep my selfie stick permanently strapped to my body – although I have become quite attached to it! Bye for now….Mr & Mrs #WFILwedding 2015.
How much do we love Mel and Chris? Fear not, although it’s the end of our weekly updates, it’s not the last we’ll hear from these two…promise! Alie x
The 2015 magical winter #WFILwedding team are:

Venue – Hopetoun House
Caterer and event design – Heritage Portfolio
Stationery – Twenty-Seven.Co.uk The Online Wedding Stationery Company
Wedding dress boutique – Rachel Scott Bridal Couture
Wedding shoes and accessories –  Rachel Scott Accessories
Wedding photography – Elemental Photography
Wedding film – Cherry Tree Films
Florist – Planet Flowers
Bridal accessories and sparkle – Rene Walrus
Wedding cake – Heather’s Cakes
Scottish bagpiper and string quartet – Reel Time Events
Wedding band – Reel Time Ceilidh Band
Fireworks display – 21CC Fireworks
Grooms hotel – G&V Edinburgh
Brides’ hotel – Dakota Edinburgh
First wedding night hotel – The Balmoral Hotel