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Seònaid + Adam

Photographed by Bill Baillie Photography

at Crear


From a proposal on the very beach where they film Home and Away (anyone else grow up on Aussie soaps?), to a trip across the world to the west coast of Scotland, this seascape wedding is dream material for anyone planning a DIY wedding. You will be inspired by the home grown succulents, bunting and cake-making. Read on people…

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Who saw who first?
Adam saw Seònaid first. The rest is top secret!
We were inspired by…
Since Adam proposed at Palm Beach, Sydney, where they film ‘Home & Away’ (how many Scottish girls grew up watching ‘Home & Away’ and dreaming of moving to Australia?!), we were inspired by our own love of all things Scottish and the idea of journey-ing the distance from Australia to get married there. ‘Home & Away’ indeed!
We were also inspired by the radiant colours and shapes from the landscape of the west coast of Scotland, where our destination wedding was to be held! My pinterest board included lots of highland rainbows, scottish sunsets and colourful seashells!
How did you personalise your wedding day?
We were lucky enough to have various friends and family contribute their skills with some wonderfully personalised DIY details which helped make it ‘uniquely’ our wedding day. From sewing bridesmaid dresses, designing stationery, growing succulents, to making chutney and baking cakes, each skill offered, became a sentimental gift in itself!
My engagement ring was designed by Adam with a daisy cluster and celtic knot detailing. The best man, who is himself a jeweller, then had it made especially for us! So Adam chose a matching celtic knot wedding ring for himself and had my wedding ring engraved in Gaelic with the words “Gaol sìorraidh- leatsa gu sìorraidh” literally meaning “Love eternal- with you forever.”
There were old photos of family from each side, through the generations, on display at the wedding. We also included lots of our favourite Scottish things including the Innis & Gunn beers served from the wheelbarrow and the retro sweets bar full of sweeties I loved growing up. And the airmail / map / compass designs sort of became running motifs symbolising the journey to Crear we’d made with our closest friends and family, as we incorporated them into the favours, the table settings, and the props etc.

Crear-Wedding-015 Crear-Wedding-016 Crear-Wedding-017 Crear-Wedding-018 Crear-Wedding-019 Crear-Wedding-020 Crear-Wedding-021 Crear-Wedding-022 Crear-Wedding-023 Crear-Wedding-024

First dance – choreographed routine or sedate shuffle?
We danced to Jon Crosby’s Travellin’ Man. We deliberately didn’t practice… the end result being a suitably awkward shuffle! Too funny!
What is your advice for future brides??
Nevermind ‘bridezilla’, they should coin the term ‘guestzilla’! Stick to your guns with the decisions you make together with your groom and don’t fret if your guests wanted something different. They will all come around in the end. Be sure to appreciate each other throughout all of the planning stages, stick together and present a united front. Say “yes” to everyone and everything suggested by well-intentioned guests with a view towards sifting through it all and only executing the bits you and your groom actually want for your wedding!
And remember, no matter how much ‘inspiration’ you’ve looked at, your wedding will become a beautiful, wonderful ‘thing in its own’ whatever way it goes down on the actual day. It will all be totally worth it!.
Why Scotland?
It’s just so bonnie!
Dodging highland sheep poo on my walk up the makeshift ‘aisle’ (a field!) with the bridesmaids – hilarious!

Crear-Wedding-025 Crear-Wedding-026 Crear-Wedding-027 Crear-Wedding-028 Crear-Wedding-029 Crear-Wedding-030 Crear-Wedding-031 Crear-Wedding-032 Crear-Wedding-033 Crear-Wedding-034 Crear-Wedding-035 Crear-Wedding-036 Crear-Wedding-037 Crear-Wedding-038

I love Seònaid’s new term ‘guestzilla’. Anyone else feeling like their guests have all gone a little crazy with their wedding demands? And if you’ve any tips for sorting them out, then let us know… Alie x
Ceremony setting – Crear Beach, Argyll
Reception VenueCrear, Argyll
PhotographerBill Baillie Photography
Filmmaker – DIY (footage taken by Jen Mitchell, our sound and lighting friend! / film put together by the bride)
Florist – Mel at Crear
Hair Stylist – Catherine at Style Argyll
Make-up Artist – DIY (Bride and Bridesmaid)
Wedding dressEssence of Australia
ShoesRachel Simpson
Accessories – Cuff from Anna Campbell; Sash was a mocha coloured silk dupion fabric bought from Anna Campbell made into a sash by Regent’s Tailors (Brisbane) pinned with Mother of the Groom’s vintage brooch and beach sandals from Accessorize
Groom’s outfitMyer & ASOS
Bridesmaids’ dresses – DIY (Anna Laval, our sewing friend!)
Stationery – DIY (Lauren [bridesmaid] & Chris [her husband], our dear designer friends, created our very own personalised stationary suite!)
Cake – Cheese Tower from Marks & Spencers
Lemon Cake with cream cheese frosting & sprinkles – DIY (the bride & groom practiced lots leading up to the wedding but in the end it was made by the boys: Groom, Best Man & Garry Kerr, our baker friend!)
BandJim Jam Ceilidh Band
Transport – Julie at Crear used her own 4 wheel drive cart us across the field!