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Photographed by Carley Buick

at St Andrews in the Square


Classical and elegant, Christina and Paul’s city chic wedding was packed with pretty. We love everything from the lace and soft pink florals through to the travel themed table names. Most of all we love that these two wanted to share their wedding  with you as they’d be inspired by others…

Carley-Buick-Photography-001 Carley-Buick-Photography-002 Carley-Buick-Photography-003 Carley-Buick-Photography-004 Carley-Buick-Photography-005 Carley-Buick-Photography-006 Carley-Buick-Photography-007 Carley-Buick-Photography-008 Carley-Buick-Photography-009 Carley-Buick-Photography-010 Carley-Buick-Photography-011 Carley-Buick-Photography-012 Carley-Buick-Photography-013 Carley-Buick-Photography-014 Carley-Buick-Photography-015

How did you two meet and become engaged?
We met in November 2010 at the birthday party of two mutual friends. We got engaged in Barcelona in July 2015 in front of the Fountains of Montjuic. Paul got down on one knee with my Great Granny’s engagement ring which I had always loved. It was very romantic and a very special, but surreal moment which we’ll never forget.
Our wedding day was inspired by…
We never started out with a particular theme in mind. We thought the interior of our venue was so beautiful that it wasn’t so necessary to have a bold theme. We took inspiration from various things we’d seen at other weddings, blogs, Pinterest and Instagram. We love to go on holiday so decided our table names would be countries where we had both travelled to together. We bought travel postcards online and used these for the table names along with a photo of us in that country.
How did you choose your wedding venue?
We wanted a venue that had character and charm but with the potential for us to add our own personal touches. We also wanted somewhere that was in the city centre to make it easier for our guests to get to. St Andrews in the Square provided that wonderfully. It was beautiful.
Anything surprising about your day?
Contrary to most weather forecasts we had a lovely sunny wedding day!
We love your dress. How did you select it?
I found it relatively easy to choose my dream dress as I knew I wanted a fitted dress with lace. I wanted a dress which was modern but elegant. Anne Priscilla Bridal had the most amazing selection of dresses and the staff there completely understood what style of dress I was looking for. I felt the Pronovias dress which I chose was elegant and suited to the classic venue. The fabric was amazing quality and it was such an easy dress to wear all day.

Carley-Buick-Photography-016 Carley-Buick-Photography-017 Carley-Buick-Photography-018 Carley-Buick-Photography-019 Carley-Buick-Photography-020 Carley-Buick-Photography-021 Carley-Buick-Photography-022 Carley-Buick-Photography-023 Carley-Buick-Photography-024 Carley-Buick-Photography-025 Carley-Buick-Photography-026 Carley-Buick-Photography-027 Carley-Buick-Photography-028

Any advice?
Don’t get too stressed over the minor details. Nobody really cares! I threw a bridezilla fit the day before the wedding when we were setting up the venue as I thought the speakers looked huge. In hindsight…it really didn’t matter! The whole venue looked great even with the speakers. Remind yourself that your wedding guests aren’t going to notice the tiny details which haven’t gone to plan. All that really matters is that everyone is having a good time!
How was your photography experience?
On the day Carley was very relaxed, not intrusive but very organised when we needed her to be. She made us both feel at ease and at some points I even felt as if she was another bridesmaid as she was fixing my dress when it got twisted!
Why Scotland?
We love Scotland – we were both born and raised in Glasgow. Most of our family and friends live here so it was the obvious choice. There’s no place like home!
What’s the one truly unforgettable thing about your wedding day?
Dancing with our nearest and dearest to Loch Lomond at the end of the night!

Carley-Buick-Photography-029 Carley-Buick-Photography-030 Carley-Buick-Photography-031 Carley-Buick-Photography-032 Carley-Buick-Photography-033 Carley-Buick-Photography-034 Carley-Buick-Photography-035 Carley-Buick-Photography-036 Carley-Buick-Photography-037 Carley-Buick-Photography-038 Carley-Buick-Photography-039 Carley-Buick-Photography-040

“Don’t get too stressed over the minor details. Nobody really cares!” Anyone else? Alie x
VenueSt Andrews in The Square, Glasgow
PhotographerCarley Buick
FloristFlowers 4 Hours
Hair stylistThe Hair Boutique Renfrew
Make-up artistLouise Ballantine
Wedding dressPronovias from Anne Priscilla Bridal
ShoesBadgley Mischka
Groom’s outfitGeoffrey Kiltmakers
Bridesmaids’ dressesAnne Priscilla Bridal
StationeryAdorn Invitations
BandLittle Red Wedding Band
MusiciansCapella String Quartet Glasgow

OK so we’ve passed Blue Monday and now 2017 is only going to grow from strength to strength – yes? This week we’re sharing competitions we’ve spotted; guest blogger excitement, wedding news and even some earlybird Valentine’s pressies. You’re welcome.

January Competitions Scotland

Competition Wins
Anyone else still feeling in need for a bit of a January pick-up? We have spotted a few competitions this week that we reckon might be worth a wee entry (but shh don’t tell everyone or they’ll all enter).
To celebrate the 10th anniversary (how is that possible?) of JK Rowling completing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in room 552, the Balmoral Hotel are offering one lucky winner the most amazing 2 night stay including breakfast, Afternoon Tea at Palm Court, dinner at Hadrian’s Brasserie, a spa treatment, an owl (mascot not real!) and tickets for the Edinburgh Potter trail tour. This is quite literally a magical prize. Pop on over to their Facebook page to enter and if you win, remember you need to take a friend…
Or how about some gin? (always a good idea). Edinburgh Gin are offering you the chance to win a bottle. It’s easy you just have to get your entries in by the end of the month. And if you win share it with your favourites…
And for film buffs what could be better than winning tickets to the the opening Gala of the Glasgow Film Festival? We have already clocked the David Tennant film which sounds superb…

Guest Bloggers

Bring on the Bloggers
Did you spot our new ace expert Blogger Team? We have been overwhelmed by the excitement level as these gals take to our humble little blogging stage. Seriously their stories, ideas and sheer talent are going to rock your worlds. First up, this week is the uber-creative Gemma from Planet Flowers. Trust us, you are not going to want to miss this…

mansfield-traquair signetlibrary

Venue Hunting
Newly engaged, or newly energised to progress your wedding plans? If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect space to hold your wedding then why not pop along to two of Edinburgh’s most special and unique wedding venues?
Both Mansfield Traquair and The Signet Library are throwing their doors open this Sunday, 22nd January to brides and grooms who are after their perfect wedding venue. Spots to visit for sure.

Valentines Gift Ideas

Lastly we have already spied some top-notch Valentines’ Gifts (check us!). L-R we are swooning over these Klippan Yllefabrik throws, available from one of our favourite Scandi shops Spektakulär (remember winter is all about snuggles).
And how cute are these snack pots from Paperchase (perfect for maximising yummy snacks)?
Or you could book in for a Drive Through Movie through Itison (it’s the stuff top dates are made of!)
Let the weekend begin… Alie x
Got something you’d love to share with us? Email features@wefellinlove.co.uk to tell us all about it.

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DIY Decor


This month Shiona is sharing her ideas on DIY decor. We are already loving her bright lemons and oranges, tying in with her mediterranean theme, so we are eager to follow her into her wedding styling world. The question is to be truly DIY, or to enlist help…

lemon as wedding colour

“It wasn’t a top priority when I began the wedding planning journey, but now we are counting down the months my mind has turned to decorations and making our wedding pop and zing.
As you know the theme is a Mediterranean mix of oranges and lemons, and so those will be heavily featured in the room. My question initially was fake or real fruit and how to display them? Would fruit alone look a bit odd without flowers?
I’ve looked at glass bowls, large vases and plinths. I’ve cut fruits up so you see the flesh, and kept them whole. I’ve mixed the colours and kept them separate. There are so many options, which ultimately makes it more difficult to decide on what to do!
My reception venue St Andrews in the Square has lofty ceilings and my reservation with fish bowls filled with fruit is that they might not be tall enough…

DIY wedding decor 2017-01-18_0001 DIY wedding flowers

We want our wedding reception to show off our personal style and make a statement and I guess the one way to do that is have amazing centerpieces. After all, they’re one of the first things guests will notice when they walk into the room! I think I’ve decided that I’ll have to take a bowl of fruit to the venue and see if it works.
I then decided to take a trip to Country Baskets in Roystonhill (off the M8) and see what they have to offer and this is where my mind was totally changed! Girls, if you are in Glasgow and you need wedding décor inspo, look no further! They have everything from jewels and scatter petals, fake bouquets to floral canapes, candelabras to electric flickering flames and a full aisle set up so you can see how your sashes and colour themes work together. I loved it!
When I was there I saw some artificial ranunculus spray flowers in a bold orange – I thought maybe bunches of those could look great next to the fruit or in the same vase. If they are fake then I don’t need to worry about water, which is a big advantage when you want things to last and not to wilt.
I also saw some beautiful bouquets. Now I’m not sure whether or not to stick to fresh ones for myself and the bridesmaids. Real flowers are obviously lovely, but I’m not sure if you’d really know the difference? These fakes are definitely contenders and they are so cheap in comparison! I will need to go back and really look at them with the girls and see what they think but I am sold. As you can see in the pictures, you can literally choose any flowers you want and make your own bouquets and centerpieces the way you want. Some of the rose bundles are gorgeous, and look super authentic. They also do lots of foliage, which made me think I’d like to get some trailing ivy for the aisle at the chapel and also for round the base of the fruit bowls.
So although I haven’t decided whether or not to go for DIY décor, it’s a real consideration. My mind now turns to time and stress factors. I don’t want to have lots to do on the run-up to the wedding, and I’ll need to ask the venue how much they will help in terms of set up. Let me know what you think, I could really use a hand!”
Loving these ideas. Anyone got any advice for Shiona on DIY tactics and how much to embrace, or delegate? Alie x
Shiona & Michael are getting married at Glasgow University Chapel, followed by St Andrews in The Square, Glasgow. Think Oranges and Lemons and a whole lot of city chic…

by Ryan White Photography

Mar Hall


With family and friends travelling from all over the world, Olivia and Kenneth set out to make their wedding day unforgettable. Inspired by the colours of the tartan, and personal touches they created a day brimming with all the best bits of Scottish culture. No wonder everyone had a ball…

blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0001 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0002 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0003 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0004 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0005 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0006 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0007 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0008 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0009 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0010 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0011 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0012 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0013 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0014 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0015

How did you two meet?
Kenneth and I met in his hometown Nairn in the Scottish Highlands. My grandmother lives there and I was over staying with her for the summer from Uni in Glasgow. I am originally from California but moved to Scotland in 2003 and always love spending time up north. We were both out with mutual friends at a Shinty match in Inverness 2005 and then went out to the local pub that night and I suppose the rest is history!
And tell us about the engagement…
Kenneth proposed in 2014 when we were on holiday with his family in Mauritius – on the balcony of our stunning hotel room looking over the sea. We were married two years later and now live in Edinburgh with our two cats who rule the flat.
Our wedding day was inspired by…
I am a Scottish highland dancer and my family has always been in tune with our Scottish heritage. I had always pictured a Scottish wedding and wanted the colours to blend with Kenneth’s kilt tartan. My mother found some copper keys which were also bottle openers and we used these as a theme throughout the day and favours.
As a last minute project I decided to make a wedding sign from a mirror I bought in a store near work. I bought some hydrangea and thistle stencils online which worked really well to continue the floral theme. Instead of napkin holders we had a small thistle placed in the napkins instead as a different touch.
Did you enjoy your photography experience?
Ryan and Herculine White were the most excellent photographers. We clicked right away when we met them in a bar in Edinburgh. I felt it was meant to be as they are South African and my parents are from there and I grew up in California where they also spent time.
We arranged an engagement shoot which was really helpful to become more comfortable in front of the camera and they are provided stunning pictures for our ‘save the date’ cards. We could not have asked for more supportive, organised and professional photographers on the day of the wedding. We felt at ease and the photos are just stunning.

blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0016 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0017 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0018 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0019 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0020 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0021 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0022 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0023 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0024 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0025 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0026 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0027 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0028

Any surprises?
I incidentally dance for one of the local pipe bands The Royal Burgh of Renfrew Pipe Band. I wanted to surprise my guests with a mini show just before the first dance. My wedding would not have been complete without them performing and my friend Laura dancing. We have a lot of friends and family from abroad therefore I was really excited for them to see some Scottish culture.
We love your dress – tell us more!
I had a specific dress and style in mind and It took me a long time to find my dress. My travels even took me to Kleinfeld’s in New York but I found my dream dress right where I live in Edinburgh. The staff at La Novia were amazing and so helpful adapting the dress with exactly what I wished for. I wanted a ball gown style dress that was manageable and a bolero to wear for the ceremony and be able to take it off for the reception and replace with a sparkly belt.
I had an idea of an off the shoulder with a V shape at the back and Liliana and I worked together to make this come to life. I really loved having my own unique design on my wedding day. The silk fabric felt lightweight and rich on my wedding day and I had never felt more beautiful.
How did you accessorize?
My veil was originally my grandmothers who handed it down to my mum, who handed it to my cousin who also wore it on her wedding day. It was a little worse for wear but my mother brought it back to life and restored it beautifully.
Of course I had always dreamed of looking like a princess on my wedding day therefore I had a tiara style hairpiece which I bought from America where I grew up in California. I found the style I was looking for from USA Bridal. I found my ‘something blue’ bracelet and veil comb from Rachel Scott accessories.
My uncle owns his own diamond business in New York and his daughter and my cousin now own her own bespoke diamond business, therefore I was extremely lucky to have borrowed my aunt’s stunning necklace and earrings. My cousin’s bespoke made both my engagement ring and wedding band (H. Fletcher LLC). My engagement ring is made even more special by the fact two of the diamonds came from my mother’s engagement ring.
I bought my bridesmaids a little Derby purse from Vivien Westwood as I loved how the tartan blended with the theme.
We’d love to hear about the dancing…
Kenneth was in touch with the band leading up to the wedding and they helped us chose our first dance ; Oasis “Slide Away’. We were allowed to keep the venue til 1am and we paid to have the sound system until then which was really handy. Our guests loved the music and the international guests loved the mini-ceilidh in between.
Any advice?
From the Bride: Try and have everything possible prepared before the morning of the wedding. I did not want to think about anything but getting ready and drinking some champagne the morning of and this made all the difference. I was also on time and early for the first time in my life! In the weeks leading up the small things tend to stress you out and not let them! It really doesn’t matter on the day.
From the groom: Try and relax and take time to enjoy the day.

blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0029 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0030 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0031 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0032 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0033 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0034 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0035 blues-and-thistles-for-a-traditional-scottish-wedding-at-mar-hall-glasgow-ryan-white-photography-0036

Anyone else loving the sound of Highland dancers as wedding entertainment? Inspired. Alie x
VenueMar Hall Golf Resort and Spa
PhotographerRyan White Photography
FilmmakerCreative Wedding Film
FloristCherry Blossom
Hair stylistPamela Docherty
Make-up artistJennifer Peffer
Wedding dressLa Novia
ShoesJimmy Choo
Bridesmaids’ Dresses – Jasmine Bridal – purchased from Simply Bridesmaids
Groom’s outfitMcCall’s Highlandwear
StationeryPiccolo Press
CakeAshers Bakery
BandLittle Symphonies
Additional musiciansKorda String Quartet and Royal Burgh of Renfrew Pipe Band

by Lifetime Photography

at Balbirnie House Hotel


Inspired to showcase three different styles of wedding look within the one venue, this creative team balanced inside and outside locations perfectly. We love the light and the energy of this shoot. Pretty a-plenty…

Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-001 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-002 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-003 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-004 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-005 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-006 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-007 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-008 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-009 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-010 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-011 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-012 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-013 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-014

Tell us about the inspiration behind the shoot?
Using both interior and exterior locations, the shoot was designed to capture three main styles: vintage, classic and bohemian, showcasing the unique style each supplier had to offer.
Keeping these three styles in mind, we had to consider how to use the venue effectively to convey these clearly.
And how did you go about styling it?
For the classic bridal look we decided that the best locations for these photographs was using the newly furnished interior spaces in the hotel. The vintage and bohemian styles, we felt, were better suited to the beautiful grounds using spots previously unvisited.
It was with the intention that the images from the shoot would be used to capture the imagination of prospective couple’s looking for their perfect wedding venue and seeing Balbirnie in a way that they had possibly not previously seen it.
Although all suppliers had worked at Balbirnie before, we were encouraged to try something a little different to capture photographs that broke the normal stereotypical ‘Country House Wedding Venue’.
From location to choice of outfit, floral arrangements to make up and hair – all of this was considered when trying to achieve beautiful images for the three different styles.

Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-015 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-016 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-017 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-018 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-019 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-020 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-021 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-022 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-023 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-024 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-025 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-026 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-027 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-028 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-029 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-030 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-031

Lots to love in this shoot. What’s your favourite style – vintage, classic or bohemian? Alie x
Location – Balbirnie House Hotel
Photographer – Rachel from Lifetime Photography
Shoot Co-ordination – Angela from Balbirnie House Hotel
Dresses – Kudos Bridal
Flowers – Loulou Flowers
Hair – Laura Anderson Bridal Hair Specialist
Make-up – Karen Bowen
Stationery – Emilie Rose
Cake – A Bonnie Wee Cake
Event Styler – Style A Chair
Models – Beth Gorrie, Hazel Barlow, Jo Heinemeier and David Murray.



We’re kicking off the week with the first in a new series of posts from our 2017 guest blogging team. Joining us today is Mette – our queen of all things sartorial (and Scandi), who is going to teach us how to make papercut art, Danish-style. Spring is just around the corner and it’s a time for lovers. And there’s just enough time to perfect ‘the art of drawing with scissors’ for Valentine’s Day! Over to Mette…

Papercut valentines via scherenschnitte

Images via Scherenschnitte. While scissors is the more traditional way, some artists use knives to cut intricate designs.
“Almost all European cultures celebrate spring as a time for lovers and most countries have symbols of love, fertility and fresh beginnings in many different ways. The old tradition of celebrating Valentine’s was celebrated by the Romans and Shakespeare gives it a mention in Hamlet, but the way we know it now, really took off in Victorian times. No cards could be bought, so they were all handmade.
“The Germans and then the Danes have, since the 17th century, sent a kind of “Teaser-letter” – a “Gækkebrev” it’s called in Danish; Gække is old Danish for guessing and brev is letter. The tradition came with the more Southern European tradition of writing a poem to your loved one as a declaration of your love or as an actual proposal. Only, many Danes at this time were illiterate and had no way of declaring their love in writing. So they took help in the proud Danish tradition of using paper craft – also called Psaligraphy (the art of drawing with scissors). Many would declare their love in a papercut letter like this.

Danish papercuts

Papercut art by Lene Nikolajsen
“Today in Denmark, the tradition is as big as ever – it has inspired so many children and adults to send one of these letters to a dear friend or indeed a husband or wife-to-be. You write a poem and you put as many dots – “Gæks” – as you have letters in your name and you weave a snowdrop into the letter. You post it off and sit back and wait… should the person not have guessed the letter came from you by Easter, then you can ask them for an Easter egg, and if they guess, they are due one.
“Many Danish artists have worked with paper, it’s almost a compulsory media. Hans Christian Andersen used paper a lot and many of his characters are shown in his paper cuttings.
“Paper cuttings are available everywhere in Scandinavia, all children learn to make things in paper, especially for Easter and Christmas, along with some “Gækkebreve”. If you go to to Denmark, you will find paper art available in most art galleries and even in Copenhagen airport.

2 Danish papercut art by Karen Bit Vejle

Main photo: Helle S. Andersen; Psaligraphy: Karen Bit Vejle; Danish/Norwegian artist Karen Bit Vejle at work with her psaligraphy; the art of making pictures of paper and air, using only a pair of scissors
“One of the leading Danish-Norwegian paper artist is Karen Bit Vejle, I am more than a little in love with her work, she makes long big paper cuttings almost like a paper lace wall.
“Many other artists around the world use this cheap and available media to express their art.
“Why don’t you give it a shot? Here is a very basic video on how you can get started on writing a “gækkebrev” to your loved ones, you can add your own designs of snowdrops, daffodils and all symbols of spring and fertility.”

Danish Paper Cut Tutorial.

I can’t wait to give this a go! I suspect my first few attempts may have to be shredded, but I will report back. Who else is excited to try? Christina x
Originally hailing from Denmark but having now made Edinburgh her home (it was love at first sight!), multi award-winning designer dressmaker Mette Baillie is the incredible talent behind Freja Designer Dressmaking.

blogging team

We are beyond excited today to introduce you to our four – ever so slightly fabulous – new contributors. We’ve cherry-picked from our favourite creatives working in the Scottish wedding industry, to assemble this top team who will inspire you with their ideas and thoughts each month. So let’s meet our 2017 bloggers, who will be bringing their expertise on all things sartorial, floral, beauty and styling to WFIL this year…

Blue Sky Photography - Waterfront at Archerfield Links wedding-0018

Before we begin our new series, we thought you might like to get to know our new bloggers a little better, so we put a few questions to them to find out how they got into the world of weddings and what inspires their work. First up, we’ve got our queen of all things sartorial, multi award winning designer dressmaker Mette Baillie of Freja Designer Dressmaking.

Mette of Freja Designer Dressmaking

If you’ve been reading WFIL for a wee while now, then Mette will no doubt already be a familiar face. Not only do her uber stylish brides regularly feature on the blog, but she recently shared her incredible personal story to raise awareness of breast cancer.
Originally hailing from Denmark but having now made Edinburgh her home (it was love at first sight!), she is our expert on all things Scandi, wedding dress and motorbike (totally true!) related. She’s been a huge supporter of the blog ever since day one, and we’re so happy to have her write for us in 2017.

Bridal by Freja wedding dress collection -0009 Bridal by Freja wedding dress collection -0006

I can’t remember when I started designing clothes. My mum tells me I never played with my dolls as a child. I just made them clothes. I drew clothes and made clothes from anything to hand. I knitted my doll a football kit when I was five or six. My mum said it was too hard to knit stripes as my first project, so I hid it from her! I think I made my first real clothes for myself at the age of seven. Some of my earliest memories are linked to fabrics, colours, textures, and the inevitable language clothes communicate. This has fascinated me for as long as I can remember and it still does.
I love how good clothes make you feel. I love to see that in people’s faces – that is why I make clothes. It’s the way that swishy skirts make your twirl and straight skirts make you walk elegantly. Bodices and tops which fit you perfectly, make you hold your head up high and relax your shoulders, and make the very most of your figure and posture, and that way make you beautiful. Good clothes can boost your confidence and seriously change how people perceive you and how they interact with you.
It is really hard to say, I have highlights everyday! But I think working with my amazing team and how we together develop new techniques, and discuss problem solving and celebrate the success together. My staff are so dedicated, and wonderful to work with. I have constant highlights of lovely, beautiful and famous people wearing our designs.
I can’t imagine myself not creating dresses! But I do love sport, and I do love clothes, and I very nearly went into the world of making performance clothing for sports people. I love watching how people move in clothes, and how clothes can make them move differently. In performance clothing, you try to make clothes to follow or even enhance the movements of the wearer. That I would find hugely interesting. I have to analyse people’s bodies when I make them clothes; often I discover a client has had a frozen shoulder, or that they play tennis or something that has altered their bodies, and I then have to cater for this in the clothes they have made.
I don’t have many days off, but when I do, I am usually pretty active. You will see me running around Edinburgh often – Holyrood Park is my clear favourite, Gypsy Brae a close second. You may see me riding my Ducati 600 Monster on bendy sunny roads, or simply enjoying the company of my lovely friends. For my holidays, I love to escape to the tropics for scuba diving.
Something tells us Mette’s posts are going to be more than a little amazing. And the good news is that you won’t have long to wait for the first one, she’s putting together something very special for us at this very moment.


Next up, we have our botanical expert, the wonderful Gemma Bain of Planet Flowers. Not only is Gemma insanely talented when it comes to floral design, she also has crazy skills on the craft front too.
Based in Edinburgh, she has been surrounded by flowers since a very young age, and likes nothing better than dragging her lovely hubby around flower shops when they are on their travels.
From topiary Disney characters to orchids strung from the ceiling, the installations she and her team create never fail to take our breath away. It’s little wonder that if there’s a celebrity wedding or major event happening in the area, chances are the Planet Bees are there. Remember when Chanel’s prestigious Metiers d’Art show was held in Scotland? Shh, we didn’t let you in on that secret…

WFILwedding-Elemental-Weddings-043 Planet Flowers

How did you become a florist?
Throughout my childhood I was always surrounded by flowers. My parents owned several flower shops and then went on to run a a large flower wholesaler. When I reminisce back to growing up, most memories are being in the cold at busy times, playing in massive boxes that became my den for the weekend or making oasis and leaf soup in big tanks of water! A child’s heaven, I now realise. Clear as a bell I can remember being sat up on a work bench, being taught how to make bows for Valentine’s bouquets. Even our holidays would more often than not involve a visit to the local flower market and the best flower shops there (a habit that I have not been able to shake, to the disappointment of my husband!).
When I was eleven, I started working at the weekends, helping out in one of the larger shops. First as just a Saturday girl but then as a trainee florist. When I decided to leave school it was the natural progression to start working in the family business. I started working full time which led on to me completing a Dutch masters in floral art in Aalsmeer.
What do you love most about your work?
When I first started, my most favourite thing was shop display. Getting a massive delivery of fresh flowers, conditioning the flowers and filling the shop as full as I could with my favourite things – so much so, customers would sometimes trip over things on the way to the counter! Now things have changed and we concentrate on weddings and events, I have different favourite parts of the job. We are part of a day someone will never forget, we get to meet them at the very start of their planning, get to know them (and sometimes their families) and help bring their wedding dreams alive. I am lucky enough that some clients let me envisage new designs that I have never created before. Seeing these come to life, quite often being the focal point of the room is always a good day! Flowers bring so many things to a room and, in my mind, play a major part to the look of a wedding or event.
And what’s been your career highlight so far?
There have been so many exciting things I have been a part of, yet the most meaningful parts are the amazing places I have worked in and the incredible people I have had the opportunity to work for.
If you weren’t creating incredible floral art you’d be…?
Movie set and stage design, without a doubt..
On a rare day off, we’ll find you where…?
Spending time with my husband Chris and our best buddy Mac (our black Labrador). We love the movies and taking long walks with Mac.
We are so excited to see what Gemma will be bringing to her guest column. Prepare for a whole lot of pretty and be sure to let us know if you have any flower related questions we can put to her.

Lynne Mills, Eyecandy

Our beauty blogger for 2017 is makeup artist and entrepreneur Lynne Mills, who runs Scottish makeup team EyeCandy. When she’s not making brides look incredible, Lynne is busy developing her own range of beauty products – her innovative false eyelash design was stocked by Harvey Nichols and went on to be snapped up by a major brand.
She’s also no stranger to the fashion scene, having worked backstage with the likes of Vivienne Westwood. One of our favourite stories is the time Lynne was a little surprised to arrive at a wedding venue and find a slightly unusual vibe to the day’s preparations. It wasn’t until she set to work that she discovered who had really hired her. We’ll let her fill you in on the rest…

Eyecandy Makeup, Craig & Eva Sanders Craig & Eva Sanders

How did you become a makeup artist?
Make-up has always been a big part of my life, which may sound a bit silly! But ever since I was 8 years old and playing with my Tinkerbell lipsticks, as well as playing ‘Make-Up Counters’ with my Mum’s empty Clinique boxes, the obsession has never faded…!!
Strangely enough it was never something I had considered as a career – firstly studying drama where I ended up putting more work into my make-up backstage than learning my lines (signs were already there!!). But it was while working in IT and planning my own wedding, back in 2003, that the light bulb finally went on – that this is something I should actually do as a career! So the next year, in 2004 I signed up for a course at The School Of Make-Up in Manchester. I set up my business in 2005 and have never looked back since!
I originally thought of it as a part time business and was considering trying to work for Mac or a similar company too, but the business took off so quickly, I was rushed off my feet andfull time before I knew it! I then began to build up a team of MUAs to cope with the demand and EyeCandy was born!
What do you love most about your work?
Definitely that moment of transformation and giving people that extra bit of confidence, I just love it when a client has the look of surprise and delight in the mirror! That wonderful feeling never fades! With weddings, it’s a real honour to be part of such a special moment for the bride and her family/friends, such a fun happy job over all really!!!
I love photo shoots as well though and creating something that is a bit more outside the box, pushing myself a bit more and trying new things that I’m not necessarily that confident in! Then seeing it come together so amazingly in the final shots! It’s such a great feeling to sit back and look at them!
And what’s been your career highlight so far?
There’s been a few but I think launching my own Eyelash Range back in 2012 ‘Miss Flicklash’ would be one. Then when it was launched in Harvey Nichols a few months later, then finally when we handed it over to Eylure at the end on 2012. But also launching my Make-Up Brush Range ‘Girl Meets Brush‘ as well, which has just celebrated it’s first birthday!
I’ve had the pleasure to work with a few celebrities over the last few years too and working with the Great British Bake Off Team as well as other backstage work and meeting Vivienne Westwood, to recently working on Lip Sync Battle have been just a few! Oh and not to forget Ronan Keating’s wedding last year at Archerfield!! I had been booked via a coordinator and had no idea until I arrived there that morning!
If you weren’t making people look fabulous you’d be…?
I actually don’t know what else I’d do! Maybe an actress that actually learned her lines…!!?? Haha!
On a rare day off, we’ll find you where…?
Spending time with my two little ones Evie and Mollie, singing along at Monkey Music or Song Circle in Edinburgh and then heading off to the Botanic Gardens! Also drinking as much caffeine as possible – changed days from sampling the many bars Edinburgh has to offer – now it’s all about the coffee shops!
From the latest makeup trends to how to get your skin in top condition for your big day, if you’ve got a question on anything beauty related, then Lynne will be very happy to help.

Toria, Arrow & Twine

The final member of our new guest blogging team is wedding stylist Toria Clarke-Adair, whose beautifully curated Instagram account constantly has us crushing on contemporary table plans and Scandi-influenced design.
Toria runs Arrow and Twine from her home in Aberdeenshire, and loves nothing more than helping couples create an individual, personal style for their day. From sourcing off-beat props from salvage yards to helping brides who have reached peak wedmin burnout, she loves everything about planning a wedding…

Arrow & Twine wedding stylists

How did you become a venue stylist?
When my friends began to get married, it became clear that unless they wanted pink glittery decor, there was very little that matched their personal styles. As a frequenter of auction houses and salvage yards, I was happy to help them find unique props that would allow them to put their stamp on whatever venue they had chosen. And because of my work with interiors, I was able help with styling too.
I loved all elements of the lead-up: sourcing, creating, styling, and taking the stress out of designing a cohesive look for their day. I didn’t want it to end there, so I established Arrow and Twine in order to continue helping other creative, modern-thinking couples.
What do you love most about your work?
The endless creativity! It really is like making Instagram come to life. And because I am on the OCD spectrum in terms of organisation (read: I am probably unbearable at times), I love being able to say, ‘Don’t worry, we’ve got this. We will get your styling sorted and I will be there to ensure it is all done in time for you to float down the aisle in beautiful surroundings.’ That’s a great feeling.
And what’s been your career highlight so far?
Helping a bride who had reached peak wedmin burnout and who felt she had left too much to do herself. We started the phonecall with her nearly in tears, and by the end, we had agreed that I would source and coordinate the suppliers she still needed to secure, along with providing on the day assistance. I could hear the relief from all the way down in London, where she was calling from, and that made me super happy to be doing what I am doing. It sounds like a small moment, but it’s a big part of why I enjoy what I do.
If you weren’t making places look amazing you’d be…?
The owner of a shop that sells one-off chairs, preferably based in Helsinki or somewhere else in Scandinavia. I was born in Norway and love Scandi interiors and product design. Either that or trying to land a role in ‘Vikings’ – MAJOR fan.
On a rare day off, we’ll find you where…?
In a cafe with a good book, probably drinking more coffee than is good for my A-type personality, or watching rugby at Murrayfield. I can’t wait for the six nations to start again!
Struggling to pick a look for your wedding day or worried that a particular trend may seem dated later? Toria will be our go-to girl for all your styling questions.


So there we have it, our top blogging team for 2017! We are constantly inspired by these four and cannot wait to see what they bring to the blog this year. Christina x

Photographed by The Gibsons

at The Principal


We’re kicking off the weekend with an absolute treat – the glamorous winter wonderland of Mr & Mrs Love (how amazing is that?!). Inspired by candlelight and rose gold sparkle, Amanda and Stuart were married in a Humanist ceremony that they helped write themselves. We are more than a little in love with their wedding style…

Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0001 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0002 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0003 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0004 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0005 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0006 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0007 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0008 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0009 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0010 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0011 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0012 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0013 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0014 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0015 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0016

How was the big question popped?
Stuart took me to Duck Bay Marina at Loch Lomond for what I thought was our four year anniversary meal. He then disappeared to the loo when the manager of the hotel came to greet me at the table and asked me to join him out on the pier. There was a girl in having an 18th birthday dinner, so I assumed it was something to do with this. He walked me right down to the end of the harbour, it was beautiful. He then took out a bit of paper from his jacket and started reading, a letter, from your Stuart….at that point I had an idea what was happening but was so in shock. The letter was so heartfelt and emotional. He asked me to turn around and there was Stuart on one knee on the pier with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen, asking me to marry him. He timed it all perfectly, he even checked when the sun would set. The number four is special to us, so he waited until 4th May 2014 to propose. We then headed back to the restaurant where they had glasses of Champers waiting for us while everyone sang congratulations. It was perfect.
We were inspired by…

Winter! We wanted it to feel wintery but also warm and classy. I love candles so it was basically based on candlelight, fairy lights and rose gold sparkle.

This venue has the ultimate wow factor. An old traditional Scottish hotel with beautiful modern features. It has undergone a makeover and rebrand and looks amazing! The Kings Hall is just stunning for a wedding. It has the most beautiful feathered chandelier, only two of them in the world. It is perfect. It feels so classy and elegant and we were able to put our own touch to is as the room was so neutral. The staff were just fantastic. Oskar has just won the wedding coordinator of the year award and he deserved to. They could not have done enough for us.
Our florist, Lianne was a dream. As soon as I met with her she knew exactly what kind of bride I was and loved my ideas. I trusted her with my whole wedding. The flowers were absolutely incredible. Exactly what I was looking for and so many people commented of them all day. She has such a lovely team behind her.
Tell us about the photography…

I found our photographers, The Gibsons, through We Fell In Love. What can I say about them, they are a dream to work with. We had a ball with them. They made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera aud it was nice to work with another couple. It felt natural. We loved how excited Chantal got when she saw a cool photo opp. They both have such a talent and we are very happy that we chose them.
And what a talent our filmmakers, Stewart and Alina have. They are super cool people, much like Chantal and Ccott. They have worked with them a lot so on the day it was so much fun all being together, it flew in with them and we hardly noticed they were there. What a highlight video we got; They made it like a Hollywood movie trailer and we could not be more happy with it. We can’t wait to see the whole video now. They are just awesome!
We love your dress – tell us more!
I am totally in love with my dress. It’s completely different to what I thought I wanted. I felt so clean and fresh and like I was going to a Hollywood award ceremony when I tried it on. The gown is simply stunning on its own but we decided to bride it up a bit and Jill from Eleganza spent hours with me going over ideas to make it more bridey. We added a beautiful custom detachable train for my ceremony and I was able to remove it for my evening reception and add a beautiful belt to glam it up a bit. It was perfect.
Stuart bought a beautiful tuxedo from Moss Brothers and had it tailored to fit him. He looked amazing, my own James Bond.

Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0017 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0018 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0019 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0020 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0021 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0022 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0023 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0024 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0025 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0026 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0027 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0028 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0029

We’d love to hear about the dancing…

Our first dance was a song from the movie Serendipity. We watch it every year together to get us in the festive spirt. The song is called ‘When You Know’ by Shawn Colvin. Its beautiful and Selina did it justice. The band were amazing, the party was jumping all night.
Any advice?
Don’t stress about the little things because your day will be perfect regardless. You are sharing it together with your nearest and dearest, so it already is. One thing we both did was go to the rooftop balcony on our own, we sat for 20 mins or so with a glass of Champers and just took it all in. Its overwhelming so try and just take some time.
Why Scotland?

We live in Scotland and love our country. Edinburgh is our favourite city in the world.
What’s the one truly unforgettable thing about your wedding day?

The ceremony. Our Humanist celebrant, Tim Maguire was great. He asked us both to sit separately and write ‘our story’. We then basically turned these stories into our wedding ceremony, so it very personal. It meant a lot to us and our guests loved it.

Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0030 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0031 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0032 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0033 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0034 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0035 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0036 Winter wonderland wedding at Principal Hotel Edinburgh - Photographed by The Gibsons -0037

Ah, the sparkle! And the dresses. And those flowers! So much to love. Christina x
VenueThe Principal Edinburgh Hotel
PhotographerThe Gibsons
FilmmakerWhite Balloon Films

Hair stylistCity Brides

Make-up artist – 
Noor Hussain

Wedding dress – Aria gown by Suzanne Neville
 from Eleganza Sposa
ShoesShoe Box (i added a pearl shoe broach to glam them up)
AccessoriesJohn Lewis pearl necklace and earrings
Bridesmaids’ dresses
Virgos Lounge

Groom’s outfitMoss Brothers
Humanist CelebrantTim Maguire
Cake – 
Special Days

BandThe Brightside

Additional suppliersHarpist
, Elliot Henderson Magician

It’s a cold and frosty morning as I write this from the North-East branch of WFIL. And something tells me that Alie’s all wrapped up down in our Edinburgh HQ too. But before we shout ‘Snow Day!’ and head outside to catch some flakes (followed swiftly by a dash back inside for emergency hot chocolate, I suspect!), here’s what we’re loving this week.

Snow Day for WFIL

It’s Fri-Yay!
First up, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who voted for us in the UK Blog Awards. This is our first time being shortlisted and we are so excited to announce that we are through to the final stage!
The awards will be celebrated at the prestigious Westminster Park Plaza Hotel in London on April 21st, and we’re up against some incredible bloggers in the Events and Wedding category. Wish us luck! Now, just the small matter of what to wear…

Hudsons Catering - Glen Lyon - Blue Sky Photography

Wedding planning pros
If you’re looking for a fantastic caterer, help with finding a venue or styling ideas for your big day, then here’s a date for your diary.
The Hudsons team will be exhibiting at the Your Wedding Exhibition at Aberdeen’s Exhibition Centre next weekend (January 21st and 22nd).
Their team of wedding experts will be on hand to talk catering, décor, lighting and for those still to find their perfect venue they’ll talk you through that too! Visit them on stand N11. (Photos by Blue Sky Photography)


Beauty love
Did you spot our review of Bobbi Brown’s (free) makeup lessons this week? If you enjoyed it then we think you are going to love the new monthly column that will be launching on the blog very soon. Watch this space…
Anyone else hoping for some fun in the snow this weekend? Christina x
Got something you’d love to share with us? Email features@wefellinlove.co.uk to tell us all about it.

gift ideas

It seems like just a short while ago you were deliberating over place names, and suddenly your first anniversary is looming. How exactly did that happen?! To help, we’ve put together a few anniversary gift ideas for the first five – very happy! – years.

First wedding anniversary gifts - paper

The first wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated with a paper gift. And while it may be hard to find something in Tiffany’s to fit the bill, how about tickets to see a favourite band, a magazine subscription, a first edition of a favourite book, or perhaps a plane ticket for a second honeymoon, if you’re feeling a little bit flush.
We also love the idea of having a bespoke piece of art made. We’re big fans of the personalised papercuts Edinburgh artist, Emily Hogarth creates (main image). We also love Megan Alexander’s bridal illustrations (which would make a perfect wedding present too – something for bridesmaids to chip in together on for their best girl perhaps?). And have we mentioned lately that we’re seriously coveting a portrait by the uber talented Blanka Biernat? No?! Well now you know.

48 hours in Copenhagen - We Fell In Love 0022

It gets a little tricksy in year two, with cotton the gift of choice. You could recreate the luxury hotel experience at home with monogrammed organic cotton bath robes from The Fine Cotton Company.
Or maybe book a room instead and squeeze in a cheeky city break while you’re at it. Hotels that we’d love to spend a night not getting much sleep in include Miss Clara in Stockholm, Hotel SP34 in Copenhagen, La Belle Juliette in Paris and, closer to home, The Balmoral in Edinburgh.

Leather - Third wedding anniversary gift ideas

Year three and things get spiced up as leather enters the mix. Unless you fancy going the full Fifty, then focus your (filthy!) mind – how about that leather biker jacket you’ve been lusting after? A gorgeous watch? Or a highly covetable bag for work? The time to drop some not so subtle hints is now.
Other ideas include a leather bound travel journal, a luxury suitcase and a designer chair for your loved one’s desk.


Four years in and we in the UK celebrate with fruit and flowers, while our friends in North America hit up the linen and silk. We’re thinking grapes are a fruit, so personalised Prosecco totally counts – right? Or maybe an edible flower growing kit? And you can never go wrong with a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers from your local florist.


Year five, and while you might think you deserve a medal (just kidding!), you’re actually entitled to a bit of wood. But don’t be too disheartened, just look at what we found! You can’t get more romantic than your initials carved in a tree. To avoid environmental damage and a subsequent embarrassing arrest, the team at When I was a Kid will undertake this project on your behalf, delivering the result to your door. Or how about a wooden sign? We love this one by Coulson Macleod. Here’s to the next five years!
Feeling inspired? If you are celebrating your wedding anniversary soon, we’d love to hear what you have planned. Christina x