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As we prepare to say goodbye to January, we’re really looking forward to inching one step closer to bring. Much as we love winter (and we really do, especially when it snows!), we always love seeing the first green shoots and little pops of colour emerge at this time of year.


We’ve been spending a lot of time lately working behind the scenes on some exciting new features, which will be coming to the blog very soon. We always love when you get in touch with your ideas, suggestions and questions, and one of the things we’re really looking forward to is going live on Facebook next month. In the first of a new series, we’ll be answering your questions on all things Scottish wedding related – and just feel free to hit us up with anything else you’d like to ask too!
So if you’re struggling to find the right dress for you, looking for mini-moon ideas, having a nightmare sorting your guest numbers, or want any other advice at all – this is your chance to ask.
Just pop us an email on features@wefellinlove.co.uk or DM us with your question (and don’t worry, you can stay anonymous if you prefer). So looking forward to hearing from you! Christina & Alie xx

Eyecandy Makeup, Craig & Eva Sanders

Today we’re joined by our beauty blogger, Lynne who is sharing her thoughts on this year’s key makeup trends, plus some top tips on how to achieve the looks. From strobing to soft, relaxed red lips, it sounds as if we’re in for a fresh and subtle year. Over to Lynne…

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  • Laura Campbell - February 7, 2017 - 5:27 pm

    Oh my goodness, I am looking for a nude lipstick just like the Maybelline one above – does anyone know what it’s called?

  • Annmarie reddie - March 19, 2017 - 9:35 am

    Amazing post and so far, so very accurate, xxReplyCancel


Almost a month in and it has been a beautiful start to the year here on the blog. From industrial wedding venues to rustic barns, castles in romantic glens to uber glam winter wonderlands, Scotland has well and truly delivered. It makes us chuckle that when we first started WFIL, some folks asked us if we thought there would be enough inspirational weddings to feature if Scotland had its very own blog. Ehm, yes, we think you’ll agree!

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In what has been a big week globally (understatement of the year!), we’re feeling that a little happy news could be just the ticket to ease us into the weekend. So as we prepare to say goodbye to January (queue a collective sigh that we can all go back to relying on sugar and a wee shopping fix or two to perk us up!), here’s what we’re loving right now.

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Love cocktails? Of course you do! For starters they look and taste amazing, and then there’s the fact that they also tick at least two – maybe even three – of the food groups (in our humble, and often slightly optimistic, opinion). Seriously, what’s not to love?! If you’re thinking of serving cocktails instead, or along with, the more traditional Champagne and Prosecco at your wedding, then here are some rather delicious ideas to try.

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Purple hair, don’t care


This month our destination bride, Jillian is struggling to get to grips with the legalities of getting married abroad. And there’s also the question of whether to go back to brunette for her big day. Decisions, decisions…

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  • Janie - January 25, 2017 - 7:36 am

    Hi Jillian, I know what you mean about the thrill of being able say “this year”! We’re getting married in October and it feels so real, even in the planning lull. We’re also visiting your homeland just after you’re visiting mine – doing a California honeymoon, I can’t wait.

    For your hair, I say keep it! Firstly cos it’s fabulous and I have unicorn hair envy. But also, it’s who you are at this moment and that’s special. No wedding will ever be ‘timeless’, it will always capture who you are when you make that commitment so I don’t think you can regret that. I guess there might be some resistance from more traditionalists, so it’s just about feeling confident in your choices. My friend got married 3 years ago with fire engine red hair, total statement, but that was how she has had her hair for years, alternating with deeper reds. She’s gone back more natural now, but her wedding pics are just so *her*!

    Happy planning, and please bring the Cali sunshine with you ☀️xxReplyCancel



Maybe it’s the beautiful botanical creations that we see pop up in our Instagram feed. Or perhaps it’s the fact that doughnuts, hot chocolate and prosecco are often involved. But we have been loving the sound of the workshops taking place at Little Botanica’s Glasgow studio lately. So when the team invited us to come along to one of their Terrarium making classes, I jumped at the chance.

Little Botanica Terrarium Making Workshop Glasgow3

Situated in a railway arch in Tradeston, the Little Botanica studio is a warm and welcoming space filled with fairy lights and with the many rustic, sparkly and glam looking vessels they use for weddings stacked neatly on shelves around the workbenches.
Jenni introduces herself and offers me a glass of fizz but, having brought the car, I opt for water instead (don’t feel too sorry for me, I did celebrate Burns Night with a cheeky dram or two the night before).
We pop our aprons on and are given a brief history of the terrarium – it became popular in Victorian times after it was discovered that exotic plants could be brought to, and thrive in, the UK if housed in this way. Recently they have been making a comeback – just as they did in the 70s – and they are the perfect way to add a hip, yet low maintenance, hit of greenery to your home.

Little Botanica Terrarium Making Workshop Glasgow9 Little Botanica Terrarium Making Workshop Glasgow1 Little Botanica Terrarium Making Workshop Glasgow2

Elaina sets to work on her terrarium, demonstrating how to layer stones and cacti compost, before selecting plants to work with. She expertly begins to plant succulents, before setting to work on decorating it with moss, stones, slate, sticks, an architectural figure and a gold monkey (the only limit here is your imagination!
She is making it all look very easy, but I suspect that this may be down to her serious skills (have you seen their website lately – it’s full of incredible botanical creations!). I decide I should come clean at this point and admit that I have a disturbing history with succulents – no matter how hard I try, house plants seem to die when they come within a five metre radius of me. Aside, that is, from the obligatory student cheese plant that has chalked up an impressive 17 years in my custody – yes I am that old, and no I don’t know why the Jaegermeister incident didn’t kill it either. Even cacti, the supposedly easiest of plants to nurture, has no chance if I’m around.
But Elaina is very reassuring, and soon I am convinced that if I invest a pound or two in a spray bottle, keep it out of direct sunlight and spray it every 3-4 weeks (i.e. leave it the hell alone and stop overwatering it!), then even my terrarium will prosper.

Little Botanica Terrarium Making Workshop Glasgow4 Little Botanica Terrarium Making Workshop Glasgow5 Little Botanica Terrarium Making Workshop Glasgow6

And now the really fun bit begins and we set to work, loading up our glass cases with stones and compost. There’s something very relaxing about getting your hands dirty and I don’t even mind that the three coats of nail polish I applied that morning have already taken a major hit. As a rhythmic rumble heralds the central line passing overhead, and chilled tunes play in the background, we fall into a concentrated silence as we plant and fill. Sunday afternoons were surely made for this.
I am now glad that I have only had one coffee so far today, as having a steady hand defintely helps when it comes to the precision engineering of lowering succulents into place without knocking everything over. As I suspected, it is a little trickier than it looks and there’s a wobbly moment when my stick tree almost crashes to the ground, taking everything with it, but Elaina and Jenni are on hand to gently advise and help us (instinctively, they seemed to know that I should not be trusted with the glue gun).
What’s really interesting to see as the afternoon progresses is not only how good, but how different, each person’s terrarium looks. Jenni and Elaina tell us that they love seeing the ideas and stories that people come up with, and the little worlds that they create.
I finish my terrarium with a little gold sand to make the slate path I have built inside it pop. Then I set a little stick figure onto a branch on a tree, and build a moss den for a bear beneath it. Winter is coming to an end and he is emerging from hibernation, and sniffing the spring air, I decide. It’s a calming scene and nobody is gong to get eaten (my story, my rules).

Little Botanica Terrarium Making Workshop Glasgow7 Little Botanica Terrarium Making Workshop Glasgow8

As our terrariums are sprayed with water and securely packed for us to take home, we chat about how much we have enjoyed the class. One of the girls is thinking of coming back for her hen party, and trying another of the workshops on offer – perhaps making flower crowns (this is where the doughnuts come in, sugar lovers!).
I can’t really think of a better way to spend an afternoon with your best friends – hanging out, chatting, sipping fizz and creating something incredible that is yours to keep. Already I’m checking out the workshop schedule to see what else is coming up. How amazing does Couple’s Moss Graffitti and Eden Mill Gin Tasting, on Valentine’s Weekend, sound by the way?! I think I might be a little bit hooked… Christina x
Christina was a guest of Little Botanica and tried & tested their Terrarium Making Workshop (which costs £55) in Glasgow. You can find out more on their workshops here and gift vouchers are also available, if you’d like to treat someone special.

Photographed by Anna Urban Photography

at St Mary’s Kirk

+ Colstoun House


Inspired by art from interiors magazines, fashion media, photography books as well as wedding blogs, Frances and Alexander made their wedding day their own. Oozing elegance the 12th century country house and grounds were the perfect setting.

Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-001 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-002 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-003 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-004 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-005 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-006 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-007 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-008 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-009 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-010 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-011 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-012

How did you meet and become engaged?
Alex and I met in London nearly eight years ago – we were introduced by a mutual friend I was living with at the time. He proposed on my 27th birthday when he took me to the Royal Opera House in London to see the ballet. Alex persuaded the maître-de to keep one of the doors of the Opera House balcony bar unlocked so after the performance he suggested we go have a drink – when I stepped through the door to my surprise the bar (which is in a huge glass atrium) was empty! When I turned around there he was down on one knee, ring in hand.
How did you pick your wedding venue?
Colstoun House is a truly magical place – one of the oldest family houses in Scotland with an amazing history and they have turned their coach house into a beautiful reception venue amongst really lovely grounds. The team were really accommodating and communicative with lots of great ideas.
Our wedding day was inspired by…
Tim Walker imagery and vintage Vogue photo-shoots of country gardens – a dreamy mood mixed with classic country surroundings. Lots of natural colour tones but no obvious theme. My hair was inspired by Bridget Bardot – half up with a velvet ribbon.
Tell us about your wedding dress. How did you find it?
The dress was a dream come true. I work in fashion and knew it was going to be difficult to find the “perfect” dress as I had so many ideas I didn’t know how I was going to choose one.
I came across Hermione De Paula early on in the process and was lucky enough to have my dress made bespoke by her. The embroidery and design of the dress was completely bespoke, made with hand embroidered and beaded tulle.
The process of designing the dress was very organic and fun, Hermione and her team are amazing and encouraged me to go for it and make my dress dreams come true! The craftsmanship and artistry of the embroidery is breath taking – I had a song lyric from our first dance embroidered into the train, our initials and the date of the wedding embroidered at each sleeve hem – the dream dress to be treasured forever.

Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-013 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-014 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-015 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-016 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-017 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-018 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-019 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-020 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-021 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-022 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-023 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-024 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-025

Anything surprising about your wedding day?
Everyone’s reaction to my wedding shoes! Who knew that fuchsia shoes would cause so much commotion! Thankfully the feedback was very positive and complimentary – it hadn’t occurred to me to go for white shoes and I’m glad I didn’t!
Any advice?
Look for inspiration everywhere not just wedding sources. It could be interiors magazines, fashion blogs, photography books – I loved looking at wedding blogs and other peoples weddings but it was easier to keep things more “us” if we looked at other sources too.

Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-026 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-027 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-028 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-029 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-030 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-031 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-032 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-033 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-034 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-035 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-036 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-037 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-038 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-039 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-040 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-041 Anna-Urban-Coulson-House-042

What entertainment did you have on your wedding day?
The L’Inviti Singers performed during the ceremony and were wonderful. I walked down the aisle to “Ave Verum Corpus” for which they made the musical arrangement and performed it beautifully – it made everyone quite emotional!
We had a local piper perform during the drinks reception and following the reception dinner Soul Inferno did a brilliant set with all of our favourite songs.
Our first dance was L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole – we asked Soul Inferno if they could do a jazzed-up version and they did a perfect job, Marissa’s voice is absolutely amazing. By the end of the night everyone was dancing and our guests loved the ceilidh dance interludes.
Why Scotland?
Fran is from Scotland and it’s our favourite place on earth.
What’s the one truly unforgettable thing about your wedding day?
The ceremony was amazing, it was more special and memorable than either of us could have anticipated. While before and after was a bit of a whirlwind during the ceremony we felt completely calm, in love and supported by everyone there.
We love the reaction to Frances’ wedding shoes. Anyone else opting for a non-ivory colour? Alie x
Ceremony VenueSt Mary’s Kirk, Haddington
Reception VenueColstoun House, Haddington
PhotographerAnna Urban Photography
FilmmakerBrian Scott
FloristMonica Wylie
Hair stylist and Make-up Artist – Helen from Circles Bridal
Wedding dressHermione De Paula
Shoes – Fucshia grosgrain court shoes
Groom’s outfit – His own morning suit with waistcoat from Sirplus
Bridesmaids’ dressesChristy Dawn
StationeryMount Street Printers
CaterersGary Moore Catering
BandSoul Inferno
Additional suppliersThe Wedding Music Company Ltd

The Perfect Neutral

This is the stuff wedding planning dreams are made of. To have the wonderful Gemma from Planet Flowers share her thoughts on trends for the year. Working with her lovely team of #PlanetBees (who are renowned for their jaw-dropping floral creations) they are a top team of creative designers. Over to Gemma on how to make the most of this year’s Pantone colour of the year and all things green…

Planet Flowers 2017-01-21_0011 2017-01-21_0007

“It is an incredibly exciting time for florists and all botanical lovers at the moment, with floral trends being heavily influenced by foliage. What better year for leading colour choosers Pantone to crown “Greenery” as colour of the year for 2017! Although Pantone have gone for quite a spring green, a really refreshing burst of colour, I think all green tones are a wonderful choice right now.
“Green is the perfect neutral background – the Switzerland of colour shall we say! Whether it’s a subtle pink you have decided upon or a zesty yellow, there is always a green shade that will play well with your colourings, making it a very easy colour to incorporate into your wedding day.

Planet Flowers 2017-01-21_0010

“Floristry has been rejuvenated since greenery and foliage have been accepted back into wedding fashion. Florists have been yearning to satisfy our growing desire to bring nature back into design. The sky is now the limit, we can look at nature – the big outdoors as our inspiration to create settings that dreams are made of… too much? I don’t think so!
“Let your guests dine under canopies of foliage or walk through aisles lined with wild flower borders. Fill your bouquet with the sweetest foliage of your favourite scent to keep your nerves at bay as you walk into your ceremony.
“A little greenery can go a long way and with the rustic movement holding fast, it’s a thrifty way to keep costs down without compromising on the look.

2017-01-21_0004 2017-01-21_0008 2017-01-21_0009

“Dark rich greens, such a as garden cut ivy, placed alongside logs and candles, with the odd fern plant or a flowering plant in keeping with your wedding palette is the perfect way to soften a corner but still keep things natural.
“Moss is also brilliant at giving a new green texture to your tablescape or using in a feature area. It is incredibly pliable and versatile; it can be tucked into objects, draped over tables or you can create shapes out of it. If you are a crafter and you want some unique botanical pieces at your wedding, then moss is your friend! It dries out in the shape you would like and keeps its colour so you can make designs with it well in advance, leaving you with the only job of positioning it on the day.

Planet Flowers 2017-01-21_0001 2017-01-21_0002

“Actual greenery aside, there is a huge variety of green shades in flowers, so if you are looking for the light in the shade of all your natural overgrown foliage, there are many vibrant green flowers you can use that will give you added texture as well as a splash of a more vibrant green.
“Using texture within greenery gives added interest and helps highlight the flowers themselves. I often meet brides totally lost in the world of flower names and the staggering choice that is now available. It really doesn’t matter that you may not know the names of flowers or foliage, all that matters is that you know what you like and don’t like.
“I often take my brides into our chillers so that they can be inspired by what might be in there on that day. Even if the flower shop you visit doesn’t have the right colour of flowers you are looking for, they will have things that come in other colours so you can let them know if you like a shape, size or texture of a specific one to help them suggest alternative varieties to you.
“Green is symbolic of new beginnings, what better colour to feature in your wedding day flowers…”
So, who’s up for embracing the greenery for 2017? We’d love to hear your thoughts, or questions for Gemma. Alie x