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Bridesmaid dresses and a Baileys-fest

Our self-confessed “bad bride” Abigail has been making great progress this month. Not only has she been busy sourcing dress options for her bridesmaids but she even owns two wedding magazines now! However, after a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and Baileys-fest over the holidays, she is slightly regretting ordering a dress in a size smaller. Over to Abigail…

“Happy New Year brides, grooms and everyone else reading! After being able to tell myself “Don’t worry, the wedding is next year”, January 1st brought with it not just a Champagne-fuelled hangover, but also lots of “You get married this year” texts. While it’s exciting to think that in only four months we will get married, the realisation that lots of little things are still outstanding is starting to give me cold sweats!

“With a long list of things to work through, our first job was to sit down and figure out our guest list (who else hated this part?!). Although the day guests had been agreed a while back, we needed to come up with who we wanted there for the evening and this is what we both found hardest. We would love to have everybody we know there, but short of getting married in an aircraft hangar, that just isn’t going to happen. Moreover, we agreed that we don’t want to have too many people there, making it impossible for us to speak to everyone. After a long (and I mean loooooong) evening, we got there. Next on the list? Invites.

“I toyed with making my own but figured that it would likely be something I would rapidly lose patience with. The result would be a few beautiful ones and then a hundred dreadful ones so the decision was made to leave it to the experts. I love seeing how creative brides on We Fell In Love have been, but I am also painfully aware of my own limitations. Being good at Art in school doesn’t necessarily translate to being good at anything artistic almost two decades later! We get our samples this week and here’s hoping they’re right otherwise it may well be an email invite – that’s environmentally friendly though! I can’t wait to share them with you in the next update.

“With my first dress fitting booked in for next month, the race is on to fit into it. I don’t support the idea of having to slim down for a wedding at all. Your partner proposed because they love you, not what you look like. In saying that, I perhaps shouldn’t have ordered the dress a size smaller than the one I tried on. There’s a lesson for you ladies! After hating exercise my whole life, and avoiding PE whenever I could, I joined gym a few years ago and now love it, even qualifying as an instructor last year. A couple of weeks off for Christmas – and during that time surviving on Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, Bailey’s and Champagne – has not been kind to either my waistline or my fitness levels, so it’s back to the gym with a vengeance! While I ache all over, I love the feeling of getting stronger and having that time just for me – no work worries, no wedding panics, no life dramas…just me. If wedding planning gets too much, I highly recommend getting a pair of gloves and hitting the punch bag!

“This weekend is my home hen ‘do and I can’t wait to share it with some wonderful friends. I have no idea what we are doing, but it will be great to celebrate with some close friends who won’t be able to come to my away ‘do in March. I’m also looking forward to my Mum and my future Mother-in-Law coming along after my bridesmaids agreed that the away one would definitely not be suitable for them; I can’t wait to find out why! I had suggested a trip to see Magic Mike Live in Vegas but tragically I think that falls slightly outwith the budget…

“Having the girls together is also giving me a chance to have them try on their dresses. My Mum has been fantastic at finding gowns that look beautiful without breaking the bank and I don’t think I have ever spent so much money at ASOS without any of it being for me! It has definitely proved challenging; I have spent more time looking for the perfect bridesmaid dress than I spent looking for a wedding dress but I think having exhausted every website possible we have some great options for them to try. Hopefully I can give you a sneak peek in the next post.

“Our final job this month is to get our cake samples. We are building our own using the service offered by Marks & Spencer which lets us choose the flavours we like, as well as decorating it ourselves. We ordered little pigeon toppers from Etsy and they flew all the way from Hawaii. I am sure they’ll draw some confused looks, but if you can’t have what you like on your wedding day, then when can you?!

“Oh and for those keeping track, I now own two bridal magazines. I’m slowly becoming a better bride!”

Anyone else looking forward to ticking ‘sample the cake’ off their to-do list? Christina x

Self-confessed “bad bride” Abigail met the love of her life, Gareth through an online dating site. They are tying the knot at The Chester in Aberdeen in April. While Abigail lacks the bride gene, she is looking forward to a romantic and personal celebration with family and friends. Think white flowers, twinkling lights and a rip roaring ceilidh.

Main image via Pexels. All other photos by Abigail and friends.