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Honeymoons and handmade wooden signs

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have threatened to steal her wedding date thunder, but Adele is happy to welcome them to the May 19th club. This month has been all about the invites and dealing with the ever controversial children at weddings issue. Over to Adele…

“I thought saying you were engaged was the best feeling ever but I think “I get married this year!” might just top it! Actually makes me smile whenever I get the chance to say it, and that’s even more now that Prince Harry has decided to join the 19th May wedding group! The Royal wedding jokes are flooding in!

“If I had a pound for every time someone said to me – ‘this year will just fly by’. But I have fully embraced this warning and I’ve got the mind set now that January is going to be a busy month! Starting with my simplistic but very valuable New Year’s Resolution to drink more water! I hear it does wonders for your body and skin, and is something that definitely slips my mind at work – so even my water bottle has a timeline to make sure I drink every hour of every day!

“Then onto the hugely anticipated invites! We got these just before Christmas and I really can’t stop looking at them, they are perfect. If it’s still a ‘To Do’, check out PaperSkeleton! Also, if like me, an address book is just something you never thought you would need in your life – it will soon become your new Best Friend!

“It took us a good couple of days to finalise the guest list. I wouldn’t say it was one of the easiest or nicest parts of the wedding plans. With us both having so many friends and family we had to make some big decisions up front, such as the ever controversial babies/kids situation. Luckily when I spoke to some friends there was no question – they couldn’t wait to have a day off together – so we decided just some immediate family which really helped the numbers.

“Embarrassingly to admit, Mark came out on top on the neatest hand-writing so I was delegated to stamp duty and writing our address on the RSVPs (in the hope this might aid in the response time for our guests and in an attempt to save some pennies we decided against pre-made address labels). I have heard this time is particularly stressful and I guess I should be prepared for the few stragglers that you have to chase.

“We are sending day and night invites out at the same time so we know final numbers in plenty of time. We are putting on buses for day and evening guests which can be quite an expense but I think worthwhile knowing everyone gets home together and safe as we are over an hour away from our hometown. I can’t wait to have final numbers sorted – I think things will start to become very real after this! And it just makes life easier for you and your suppliers!

“During the Chrimbo Limbo we had some free time so we finally decided to book our honeymoon! Plus I needed some bikini inspiration to get me away from those chocolates! As we couldn’t pick one place, we picked a few instead; we start in Amsterdam (to see another man in my life – Mr. Ed Sheeran) then onto Dubai and finally Bali – I think it covers quite a broad variety!

“My poor parents’ spare bedroom has become my ever extending wedding prop residence – I love going in there every so often, I forget what I’ve bought sometimes! My tea-lights are now in the 100s, endless supplies of glass jars in all forms of shapes and sizes, and one wooden plaque with loving message inscribed after another! I should maybe re-visit my first thought – less is more, oooops! Our backdrops have also upped their game – I didn’t think I was a creative person; I was horrendous at art in school. But I think this wedding has taught me to just have a try and see, it might just be the one thing that everyone talks about and you can say proudly, ‘we did that!’.”

So impressed by Adele’s productivity! Anyone else feeling the invite/RSVP burn? Christina x

Adele and Mark are planning a rustic, laid-back celebration that will be a true reflection of the two of them – think flowers, foliage, fairy lights, plus a BBQ and plenty of beer. They are getting married at Inchyra Byre in Perthshire next May.