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A rustic, pinup inspired Scottish castle wedding

A Scottish castle near their home in Angus was the perfect setting for Zara and Euan’s summer celebration. Inspired by vintage pin ups, board games and the rustic look, their day was full of pine cones and pheasant feathers, Pimms and sugar mice, and a whole lot of love and laughter…

Love at first sight?

We originally met on the school bus enroute to high school. Euan was four years above me, and he became more of a big brother to me during this time. Later on in life we met again on a night out. Euan and I exchanged numbers. Not knowing his surname, I saved his name as ‘Euan off the bus’, which even to this day he is still saved under.

Again time passed and once I was undergoing my driving lessons, in the standard ‘chair as close to steering wheel as possible’ position, I received a text from “Euan off the bus” asking if I could hug the steering wheel any closer! This then sparked off our interacting again and the rest is, as they say, history.

And how was the big question popped?

After three years of being together and an enjoyable evening spent at home for Hogmanay with family, Euan decided that on the 1st of January 2015 he would get down on one knee and ask me to marry him. However, things didn’t really go to plan for him, he originally planned on taking me on a lovely walk around our farm but trying to get a very hungover future wife to move from the couch was proving difficult. Eventually, after an hour of persuasion I finally got dressed to go for our walk.

In the lounge all kitted up and ready to go, Euan told me to put my hat on as it was cold out. I turned to put it on in such a huff and when I turned back around he was on one knee with both our dogs sat on either side of him. In shock I asked if it was a joke. When I realised it was for real, the word yes didn’t come out my mouth – instead I said, “Okay I need to go phone my mum”. The ring was out the box and on my finger before Euan could even stand up! A little confused, he had to reassure himself and ask, “Is this a yes?”. Which my reply to was, “Obviously – the ring’s on now and it’s never coming off”.

We were inspired by…

Pintrest. Our theme was board games, we are very old fashioned in the aspect that we feel if you have guests around you should entertain them and not spend the nights watching telly or being on your phone. The best way to do this is cracking out a good old board game. There was also a bit of a rustic feel with jute being used, as well as my look being inspired by the vintage pin up look.

We had wooden slates with guests’ names being spelled out using Scrabble letters. Me and both our mothers sat and made these ourselves. On each table, the ladies were given paper fans – with it being the height of summer inside a marquee it can get pretty toasty.

The favours were scratch cards, each supplied with its own individual penny – a little tip by the way, when buying a scratch card the assistant has to scan each individual one so you can imagine her face when we rocked up and asked her for 110 scratch cards!

The tables were named after different board games. We used Euan’s Grandad’s old wooden trunk, lined with jute to display the table plan inside. We had two big blackboards, one with Dancefloor Rules on it and the other with a rule for the bar – “No great story started with someone eating a salad”, Speaking of drink, we had Pimms in our reception instead of Champagne, which the venue had never supplied before however they have informed us that they will now offer this as there was nothing left! We had giant outdoor games, like Jenga, Connect 4 and garden bowling. 
We had a cheese board in the evening, which we decided to decorate with sugar mice, an idea the chef has emailed us and asked if he can use for future events.

And what about the flowers?

Our florist, Something Special, has supplied flowers for all our family weddings and anniversaries. They are reliable and always go above and beyond. Who knew you could be so creative with flowers! 
The flowers were intertwined with pine cones, pheasant feathers and contorted willow, all supplied from our house and farm. They had some vintage feel to them, with roses along with the nature side from our farm.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen had white roses as for our first Valentine’s together, Euan left a single white rose on my doorstep. The buttonholes for the groomsmen were also decorated with a personalised mini Lego man, made by the bride.

Tell us about your venue…

Kinnettles is a hidden little gem between Forfar and Glamis. With it being a short 10 minute journey along from our farm, it was perfect for us as we wanted to give as much business to locals as we could as well as keeping it close to home.

We hired the whole venue from the Thursday until the Saturday. We had the full run of the place including all 13 rooms they had to offer. Breakfast was served the morning of and the morning after the wedding. We had the option to be married outside on their stone balcony, however due to the typical thunderstorm weather Scotland loves to offer us we were married inside the castle’s permanent marque that is joined onto the castle. The marque is beautiful, it still has the same level of class as the castle does.

How did you choose your photographer?

Our photographer, Carole-Ann of Harper Scott Photo was incredible!

We had originally booked a photographer at a wedding fair in Dundee, but two months before the wedding we discovered he had moved overseas. He claimed he was still going to be photographing our wedding but we were not happy with this as anything could happen and we weren’t going to wake up on our wedding day with no photographer. The panic emails were sent out.

Within 30 minutes of sending the panic “help me” email, Carole-Ann was on the phone. She agreed to help and photograph our wedding. She showed interest in all the small details from the first phone call onwards. Her level of contact was brilliant and you could even tell over the phone she was so friendly and showed a high level of passion.

She was accompanied by a second photographer, Sean Bell on the day. Their work relationship was perfect and it was so enjoyable to watch two people get so passionate about their work and bounce off each other’s energy and ideas. The photographs we received were beyond our expectations and were received so quickly after the wedding. They really captured our day and we were able to see so many meaningful moments that we missed during the day due to the levels of excitement.

The photos did not take over our day, the group photos were quick and enjoyable while still creative. We have both agreed we would love to have the opportunity to work with Harper Scott Photo again.

Your dress is gorgeous! Tell us more…

Up until two weeks before my wedding, I was getting my dress made. However, the seamstress could not create what I was envisioning, and with there only being two weeks left before I was to get married I decided to not take the risk and go and buy another dress.

This was my third visit to Eleganza Sposa and the staff there are incredible. They make the experience so personal and make you feel amazing in everything you try on. The dress I tried on was the second one I had tried but just wasn’t ticking all the boxes yet. I tried other dresses on and the one I really wanted had unfortunately been previously bought and altered so it no longer was a standard dress size. With that dress in mind, the assistant suggested I tried the second dress back on as it was my next choice. I didn’t know what was going to be achieved by doing this but I trusted the assistant. She started pinning the dress and making alterations. By turning a strapless, corseted back dress into a low back with straps she had created the perfect dress there and then.

Ensuring everything could be done in time, with my mum being there with me, I bought my wedding dress along with alterations just under two weeks before my wedding. I returned twice again after this appointment for the alterations and my dress went from an off-the-shelf dress to a personalised dress with the low back, this was one feature I knew I wanted my dress to have. In the end the dress I wore fitted the style of the wedding and my look with my hair and make up so much better than the one I had designed. I can not praise all of the staff at Eleganza enough – their customer service was incredible. And words can’t give them the praise that they deserve.

And what about Euan?

The groom wore a grey kilt with a grey tweed waistcoat and jacket with wooden buttons. He had a red tie to match in with the bridesmaids.
 They each wore a string of pearls, to keep with the vintage/pin-up look.

Slow shuffle or big number?

Our band, Groove Culture were so entertaining – from rocking out to the 80s to raving about to old skool 90s dance music, they brought a little something for everyone to the dancefloor.

Our first dance was Caledonia, the only song we have ever slow danced to together, so it means something to us. We also had a conga line at one point being lead around our venue by a saxophone player with a portable mic attached to the saxophone. This is something people still love bringing up during conversations.

Tell us something surprising about your day?

Something surprising for us was how the day didn’t disappear as quickly as we thought it would. We actually felt like we were living each moment and didn’t feel as though we missed anything.

Any advice?

Take 15 minutes out of your day to sit and chat to your partner, remember the day is about you two making a commitment to one another, the guests and party afterwards is just a bonus.

Why Scotland?

Why go look for somewhere beautiful when you’ve got a beautiful countryside right on your doorstep? We wanted everyone to be there as well, it was more important having people we loved there than the location. 
Also, there are some incredibly talented suppliers locally, so give them a chance to help create your perfect day.

What’s the one truly unforgettable thing about your wedding day?

Zara – 
My husband’s reaction when I walked down the aisle.

Euan – 
The moment of silence before the aisle music started.

Those Vivienne Westwood shoes! Anyone feeling inspired to add Pinup Red pops of colour to their day? Christina x


VenueKinnettles Castle

Photographer – 
Harper Scott Photo, second shooter – Sean Bell Photography
FloristSomething Special
Hair stylist – 
Lucy Young
Make-up artistCarol Patterson, Make Me Up Artistry
Wedding dress – 

Martina Liana, Nadia from Eleganza Sposa

Shoes – Red Vivienne Westwood shoes.
Groom’s outfit – 
Keith Scott Kilts, Dundee
Bridesmaids’ dressesASOS Maxi tulle Skirt and Coast black off-the-shoulder tops.
CatererTayberry Restaurant, Chef Adam Newth
Cake – 
Bride’s Auntie Flora
StationeryStationery by Suzanne

Groove Culture