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Meet our new guest blogging brides

After saying a fond farewell to another two fantastic members of our guest blogging team (don’t worry, they’ll be back soon to update us on how married life is going so far!), it’s time to introduce our new guest blogging brides. We loved reading all your entries and, as always, choosing was a challenge, but we are very excited to announce that Abigail and Sarah will be joining us here at WFIL. Something tells us you are going to really enjoy following their wedding planning adventures over the coming months…


Meet Abigail – our self-confessed “bad bride”. She and Gareth fell in love after meeting through an online dating site and are tying the knot in Aberdeen next spring. While Abigail lacks the bride gene, she is looking forward to a romantic and personal celebration with family and friends, and one or two surprises thrown in for good measure (our lips are sealed!). Think white flowers, twinkling lights and a rip roaring ceilidh.

Tell us more about the two of you…

Gareth and I met just under two years ago through Plenty of Fish. I had given up on meeting anyone in real life, thanks to my male friends being either a) married or b) gay. After umpteen utterly disastrous dates via PoF and Tinder, I remember turning up to our first date, and just thinking: “Yes” (and also “Thank God!”).

And what about the big day…

We tie the knot (literally; we are having a hand-fasting) on April 28th next year, at The Chester, a beautiful boutique hotel in Aberdeen.

Neither of us are originally from here, but it is most definitely home. Gareth was born in Shetland and grew up in Inverurie before spending years all over the place through his role in the Royal Marines and later, doing security work on ships. I may have Edinburgh on my birth certificate, but grew up in Aberdeen before moving to Edinburgh, then Dubai, and on to London before coming home a few years ago. We met in this city, we live here and so it only seemed natural to get married here.

Any other plans so far?

Gareth and I already refer to ourselves as a team and we wanted that incorporated into our service, so have opted for a Humanist celebrant, meaning the ceremony will be personal to us both – while no doubt raising a few laughs from the guests.

We have opted for a lot of personal touches for our day, incorporating things that mean a lot to both of us. We love the outdoors, so our Save the Dates featured Newburgh Beach with our wedding date written in sand. It looked lovely, but took us about 15 attempts to get right; mistakes included dogs running across the letters and, once, me getting the date wrong.

My wonderful friend Amy is our planner and the room will be dressed with lots of white flowers, candles, tealights and twinkles. I gave her one picture and from that she’s come up with a stunning and romantic concept. For the reception, we have lots of balloons and big, light up letters.

My favourite band is Deacon Blue. I am on a (so far unsuccessful) campaign to get them to perform at the wedding… Hopefully our guests will wake up on the Sunday with sore feet and obligatory bruises from Strip the Willow, but most of all, with big smiles and happy memories. If they do? Job done.

Why did you want to share the day with our readers?

It’s utterly thrilling to be asked to be a guest blogger for We Fell in Love. I am the first to admit that I am not your stereotypical bride; I bought a dress in the first shop I went to, I shrug my shoulders when asked about flower arrangements and I am doing the make up myself. I don’t have a pile of wedding magazines and I have one of my wedding dresses hanging up in our house already for everyone to see!

While I might not have the bride gene, I do love being inspired by other people’s stories and pictures on here. Hopefully I can do that too, and can show people that wedding planning doesn’t need to be all consuming. I am really excited to share my journey from bad bride to perfect bride, princess dress and all.


Introducing Sarah. Sarah has been dreaming of her big day since she was little and had almost given up hope on Duncan ever popping the question when he surprised her and proposed. They are getting married at Colstoun House near Haddington, and Sarah is dreaming of an outdoor ceremony – either on the lawn or in the purpose-built polytunnel in the walled garden. Their day will be rustic with hints of blush, green and rose gold.

Tell us the story so far…

It was no secret how much I wanted Duncan to propose…and for how long, we’ve been together for just over 4 years but I knew pretty soon into the relationship that he was the one. He, however, played the long game and didn’t give into my constant badgering for a ring! He just waited until I’d given up all hope and surprised me!

What style of wedding are you going for?

Like most brides, I’ve been dreaming of my wedding since I was little. Obviously my ideas have changed over the years, but we want our wedding to reflect us and the fact we love a good party! We’re hoping to have over 100 guests, and luckily many can stay on site at Colstoun.

Colstoun is such a lovely venue that we are fortunate to not need to decorate too much but we want our wedding to show off the house and grounds, so rustic with hints of blush, green and rose gold. I love spring and have always wanted a spring wedding so the flowers will show this.

We are also HUGE whisky fans so this will be a theme running through the day, from the invites, to a quaich during the ceremony, the centrepieces and a free whisky station at night.

The menu will reflect our love for food, with us suppling beef from one of our friend’s farms, to keeping down the food miles and chosing seasonal local produce.

How does it feel to be part of our guest blogging team?

As an avid reader of We Fell In Love (from long before I got engaged), I am so excited to be a guest blogger! Like many brides I love talking all things wedding, though I am starting to bore everyone (including Duncan) so it will be amazing to have a new audience! I can’t wait to share all my plans and DIY attempts before our big day!

We are so excited to hear more from Abigail and Sarah. Watch this space…

Thank you so much to all of you who took the time to tell us about your wedding plans – we loved reading all your stories and hope we’ll be seeing your photos when the time comes (here’s where to send them). Christina & Alie x

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