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Scrapbook Filling

October is almost over and guest blogger Adele is cracking on with wedding planning and filling that scrapbook. From becoming fully-fledged members of the Humanist Society, to getting wedding insurance in place these two are on a roll. Here’s how the wedding plans are shaping up…

“Wedding insurance – If like us it was something you and your partner discussed, fully intended getting but slightly got side tracked – get it ticked off the list! There are loads of really good policies but it’s worth making sure it covers the cost of all your suppliers, venue etc. and we went for a John Lewis one in the end. You obviously never wish it to happen in the run up to your big day but at least this covers you financially should the unforeseen arise!

“Mark and I are officially part of the Humanist Society Scotland. (Well as much as we can be after forgetting to pay the yearly membership fee until now!) We both agreed on a having a humanist ceremony pretty much at the beginning of our plans.

“We had been lucky enough to attend a few of our friends big days and the ceremony had that lovely personal twist and laid back feel to it and every ceremony was so different. Long; short; your own vows; hand ties; drinking from a Quaich – completely tailored to each individual couple.

“We were also lucky to find a humanist who instantly had us in hysterics during our first, what I thought would be slightly awkward but was absolutely not, skype date and we knew then – he’d fit right in! He kindly sent us some examples of ceremonies with all the extras and some short and sweet, so now we just need to sit down with it all and decide what’s best for us. (and maybe approach the whole writing our own vows quandary again!)

“One part of the service we have decided on is we want to include a couple of readings within our ceremony. Cards were posted to the lucky 2 family members, (well 1 card, 1 cake as I couldn’t find a manly card and who doesn’t like a chocolate banana bread right!) who were over the moon to be part of the day and know us both very well – maybe a little too well!

I have every faith they will both do amazingly and I think it adds another little personal touch to the ceremony and is a great way to include family members and friends who you couldn’t include in the wedding party!

“October has also been a month for prop gathering or more compiling into one heap what we’ve bought along the way! We seem to have accumulated a small number of watering cans, jugs, bottles, baskets, garlands, even a suitcase. With Inchyra being such a blank canvas this is like the best part – deciding where everything should go! But it’s also an ideal venue where less is definitely more!

“We’re on the hunt for an impressive back drop for the wall which we get married in front of in the beautiful Stable Room. Pinterest has me thinking that you can buy a giant copper hoop anywhere without difficulty –I am yet to find one so I may have to have a rethink! I am flower garland obsessed and Inchrya has the perfect number of beams and trestles to make this into reality. My parents’ house is ideal to test these out and their spare bedroom has now (unknowingly to them) become our perfect wedding storage area.

“We also managed to tackle the milk churn makeover and they scrubbed up sparkling new! Can’t wait to get some flowers together and see how they look on the day!

“The table plan is our next weekend project. We had an idea in our head and wanted to use something like shutters to hold each name card. Mark managed to source something pretty spot on through the wedding gem of eBay – now to get our creative hats on see what we can do with it!

“I love this time of year as it almost becomes acceptable to stay in at weekends, make soup and fill my scrapbook! Plenty of time to tackle some more DIY projects, I don’t really want this to ever end!

I am loving the sound of the wedding styling. Can anyone help with Adele’s search for a ceremony backdrop? Alie x

Adele and Mark are planning a rustic, laid-back celebration that will be a true reflection of the two of them – think flowers, foliage, fairy lights, plus a BBQ and plenty of beer. They are getting married at Inchyra Byre in Perthshire next May.