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Friday Loves

If you’re feeling more than a little scunnered with the rain – we hear you. More is due to fall next week (how is it possible?) so here are some of our Friday loves to cheer you up and plan for more wet summer days…

Wedding Planning

If you’re on the wedding venue hunt, then on Saturday 12th August The Balmoral Hotel are holding an open day. Find out more here.

For fans of Sassi Halford dresses, you may be interested to know that Rachel Scott are holding a designer weekend at the start of September where you can book in to see the new collection and even book an appointment with Sassi herself.

Hello Brogues

A little rain never stopped our shopping fun. Whether it’s online on the sofa, or on a well-planned high street adventure, a little bit of retail is always good.

Now I am trying to embrace some of our lovely Style Blogger Mette’s ‘One in One Out’ principle (it’s hard when you’re more collector than curator!).

With that in mind I know that I am planning my next pair of brogues. Favourites on the short list so far are London Rebel Nude; Carvela Leslie Platform and John Lewis’ Fenton Block Heels.

This is to replace an old pair, so I’m sticking with Mette’s rules for simple living right?

Embrace the Rain

Why not go for a walk or run in the rain? Maybe it’s just me, but if I plan for the rain I do love running in it. You get to a stage when you’re wet anyway so it doesn’t matter.

There are lots of reasons why running in the rain is good for you: you’ll feel smug as you’re out braving it when others aren’t; apparently it’s also good as it keeps your core body temperature down a bit so easier to not overheat (maybe it’s just me but I always end up slightly red in the face after running!) and lastly you’ll feel amazing afterwards so the warm shower really will be worth it.

Rain, what rain? Get out and embrace it we say…

Get Kilted

There has been lots of loving on Facebook this week for what not to do in a kilt (thanks to Gerard Butler and Graham Norton for sharing)

For those of you who missed it, pop on over to Guest Blogger Mette’s Get Kilted post to discover a bit more of the history behind this iconic Scottish item and how to wear it with “bit more pizzazz”

Weekend plans? Wedding plans? Whatever you’re up to have a blast. Alie x

Photos by Blue Sky Photography, Karolina Kotkiewicz