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How to create an amazing dessert table

We hope the weekend is treating you well and that you’re still chilling in your PJs with a never-ending mug of coffee! This month our queen of all things floral, Gemma has cake on her mind. If you’re thinking of creating a feature table full of sugar delights, then read on…

“Let’s face it, most of us love cake, so what better feature to create at your wedding than a fully styled dessert table. Pinterest is full of the dreamiest tables, so it can be a little daunting knowing where to start. Heather, of Heather’s Cakes, and I have popped together some top tips to creating the perfect sweetie or dessert table for your wedding.

Gemma: Whether it is a full table of cakes and puddings, or just filled with your favourite sweeties, the most important thing to think about is a little staging. No matter the shape of the table, creating some height in the centre will automatically give you more drama. We tend to use a tall floral design on simpler sweetie tables in keeping with the wedding styling on the table for height – high enough to let Heather fill the table with all of her goodies! Small finishing touches like a table runner, signage, candles or some vintage photographs are the perfect way to add a little personal touch.

Heather: Some people like to use their wedding cake as the centrepiece for the table. This can look great but can be a little tricky for the cake cutting. If you are planning on having your cake as the centrepiece it is usually best to make sure you have space behind the table to get into to cut it.

Gemma: It is important to think about the positioning of your table, where it will catch the most attention from your guests! If there is no plain wall or blank space for your table, then it is worth thinking about installing a back drop to create a more eye-catching design. Fabric, festoons, streamers, balloons, flowers walls… The list is endless. I can get quite carried away when designing styling ideas for tables, but always try to keep the overall aesthetic of your wedding in mind.

Heather: Choosing the treats for you table is the fun bit!! When planning the sweets and treats you are going to have, first you have to decide on your colour scheme. Some colours are more difficult to get sweets in than others. Pinks, whites, creams and nuetrals give you the most variety of sweets. The most popular sweets on the tables we do tend be the childhood favourites such as white mice, milk bottles, foam shrimps, flumps, bon bons, fizzy cola bottles and candy sticks.

Other popular baked treats include traybakes like Rocky Road, cupcakes, cake pops and macarons. These are a great way of adding colour to your table as they can normally be made in any colour you like. Often couples like to add in their own favourite treats. We have had requests for various things from Irn Bru cupcakes to jars of candy floss. This is a great way of adding a personal touch to your table. It is important to remember the volumes of sweets and treats you will require to fill your table and your guests (you will be amazed at how many sweets one guest can scoff in an evening!).

Gemma: Be imaginative with the containers you use to display your sweets and treats. Just because it’s a sweetie table, doesn’t mean it always has to be glass or Apothecary Jars. Easy alternatives such as lining crates with baking paper and stacking them up with big oversized scoops looks super inviting for more rustic weddings. Log slices are really versatile too, used as plates, staging or even hollowing them out and filling them with flowers to add a little botanical detail to the table.

Heather: It can also be fun to individually wrap some treats or box up popcorn, for example. Serving your treats in different ways can add to the experience for your guests and can also make a little of something go a long way. We love to use muffin cups for popcorn as they come in all different colours and look great.

Gemma: Looking back at photos of all the collaborations we have created with Heather, a few stood out for me more than others and generally it was because they involved some exciting props! The dog and bike dessert table. I mean, seriously, using a tricycle as a prop to display your wedding cake on? When will we ever get to do that again?! It was so much fun. The positioning of that installation was key. There was nowhere obvious in the room that we could place the tricycle and how to work in a table of treats… a table beside the bike would look odd. So we decided to install a cascade of stacked crates from a windowsill, which gave us enough height and spaces to balance out the size and shape of the bike.

Heather: Whilst it is great to get creative with your cake displays, it is also important to make sure the cake is secure. Wedding cakes are heavier than people realise, so make sure you discuss your plans for displaying the cake with your supplier. Also on the dessert table, make sure all the vessels are secure, as the table will get pretty busy with guests in the evening.

One last thing to remember….you will probably be so busy with your guests, swept up in the excitement of it all, so you may not get a chance to sample the treats from the table. Make sure your wedding planner/coordinator keeps a wee box of goodies for you to refuel after the wedding!!”

Anyone else feeling the need to make a bakery run now? Mmm, cake! Christina x

Based in Edinburgh, Gemma has been surrounded by flowers since a very young age, and loves to push the boundaries when it comes to floral art. Along with her Planet Flowers team, she has been adding botanical magic to weddings and events (remember the Chanel Metiers d’Art show in Scotland?) for many years, and is now bringing her crazy skills to WFIL.

Heather turned her hobby into a successful business – Heather’s Cakes – after baking her own wedding cake. Since then she has been nominated for industry awards, created cakes for celebrities and had the pleasure of working with some of the top wedding suppliers in Scotland.

Photos by Blue Sky Photography, Ryan White Photography, Craig & Eva Sanders, Elemental Photography, Marianne Chua Photography.