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Anyone feeling in need of some summer sun? Guest blogger Mette from Freja Fashion has been enjoying a mini-break in the Algarve. We think this is just what we need right now. May you be inspired to hop on a plane…

Hello Algarve

“This spring I suffered the worst case of cabin fever ever experienced. So – where could we go: warm-ish, direct from Edinburgh, which had nice food and relaxing atmosphere?

We went for Albufeira in Algarve on the South coast of Portugal. It was amazing.

We booked RyanAir flights and they were really well priced, we had only hand luggage as we were only 5 nights and we love travelling light – I feel it adds to the feeling of freedom.

Flat with a View

“We took a taxi from Faro Airport. We had looked at Hotels, and we had not found something we really liked, so we had ended up booking Airbnb. I had never used this service before, but it worked perfectly for us.

It was actually a French couple who owned the flat, so all correspondence had been happening in French. M y husband did higher French at school and has almost not used it since, so we had much anticipation in how the exchange was going to happen. But it was all totally fine. The flat was modern and had fully fitted kitchen new bathroom and washing machine, all bedding and towels and beach towels and beach mats, which was great, since we were travelling light.

The flat had actually room for 4 people so we had plenty space. If you went for a hen weekend, or similar it would be perfect and super comfortable.

The flat had a balcony with a stunning sea view. It was great we could sleep late in the morning, and make our own coffee and lovely Portuguese sourdough bread with local grown Avocado for breakfast – just bliss. There were lots of super local little shops, including delis with a stunning selection of local grown fruit and vegetables, cheeses and cold meats and fish.

“We spent a lot of time, in the flat, relaxing and reading. There was swimming pool in the complex, and only 300 meters walk to the beach. The beach was wide and beautiful, and lovely waves to surf in with lifeguards about every 400 meters.

There were lots of lovely wee bars and restaurants around where you could sneak up and get your favourite tipple. I must admit mine is a local Caparinha, ohh nice, and they made it really well. Lots of Vino Verde served every where too.

At night the old town of Albufeira really came to life, lots of restaurants and pubs and bars, many with live music and just lovely really good atmosphere. We found the restaurants in this area less “authentic” to the Portuguise cuisine than those a little further out, which were more used by the locals.

We had the lovely experience of a local dish called the Cataplana, with seafood. It’s like a flat-ish Wok style pot with a lid made both made in copper. We had a big big dish with Monkfish tails and prawns and clams all cooked in a really lovely flavoured tomato and pepper sauce. So, so delicious.

Aother local dish is Arroz Marisco, a seafood pot with the rice and vegetables cooked in the same pot – it’s almost like a broth, also lovely and really balanced flavours.

I must admit we didn’t do an awful lot, but there is lots of entertainment around (including Bull fights and MarineZooif that’s your cup of tea). Lots to do though if you just like to be active and go to restaurants and bars.”

Mette’s Travel Itinerary:

3 hour Ryan Air flights to Faro (approx £75 per person Return)

Airbnb own self-contained flat £304 for 4 nights (flat which slept 4)

Restaurant A Fragata, lovely Cataplana seafood dish (30Euro for 2 people)

Taxi from Faro Airport 50Euro

Ok I’m ready to sling some stuff in a case and hop on a plane. Anyone else? Alie x

Originally hailing from Denmark but having now made Edinburgh her home (it was love at first sight!), multi award-winning designer dressmaker Mette Baillie is the incredible talent behind Freja Designer Dressmaking.

  • Jane Quinn - July 5, 2017 - 8:17 pm

    Wonderful, I feel I am there right now.

    I am so glad travel is affordable for mini breaks – it doesn’t always need a long time away to enjoy some sun, relax and rejuvenate.

    Thank you Mette, you have inspired us to go seek the sun