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Three Months and Counting

A month free of wedding planning has guest blogger Morgan in a bit of a panic. We love her humour, honesty and the fact that she has managed to expertly delegate the seating plan to fiancé Frazer. Oh and in the middle of non-wedding planning, this pair managed to squeeze in a Ben Nevis Climb. Love their style…

“June has been a mostly wedding-planning free month for us which was a nice, relaxing change! I guess that’s what happens when a bridezilla plans a wedding… I wanted to get everything booked and organised as early as possible to give myself less reason to freak out or panic in the run up to our wedding.

“I’ve found though that the lull in planning has sometimes been just as frustrating for me as still having lots to organise would have been. I’m trying to pace out the last bits of planning fun now to balance the boredom and panic out a bit better – or that’s my excuse anyway for still not having started the bunting yet!

“Now that we’ve hit the three months to go mark (eeeeek!) we can start to look at things like submitting our marriage notice forms (double eeek!!), planning our ceremony and, now that the RSVP date has passed (so many eeeeeks!), organising our seating plan.

“The seating plan is firmly Frazer’s job as apparently I am too much of a panicker to be able to deal with the stress of negotiating who can sit where, who’ll talk most at what table, who to make sure isn’t sitting next to that other person and so on. He’s got a point there – I’ve already passed an eye over his first attempt at the seating plan and stressed myself a bit by pointing out at least four flaws in it… I really need to learn to let go and just let him get on with it, eh!

“Planning our ceremony has been an unexpectedly fun part of wedding planning for us. I honestly thought you just turned up on the day and said the ‘I do’ bit and everything was very cookie cutter, turns out that’s not the case at all.

“We’re having a Humanist ceremony and our celebrant has been very helpful sending over example ceremonies, readings and vow wordings which we finally got around to looking at this weekend over a glass of prosecco and a take away. Who knew there were so many different parts of the ceremony to consider! Did we want to incorporate readings? Our own personal vows? A symbolic gesture like candle lighting or drinking from the Quaich? So many options! I could imagine it being a struggle to agree on things, but was pleasantly surprised to find that we actually liked a lot of the same readings and wordings. ”

We’ve now decided on two readings (we each picked a favourite) which will be read by my Mum and Chief Bridesmaid, as well as the standard vows we like best and incorporating drinking from the Quaich as a nice way to ‘unite’ our families at the end (my Dad and Stepdad will bring the whisky miniatures and Frazer’s Dad will bring the Quaich).

“We probably need a little longer to look at wording for our personal vows; we’re not overly soppy (at least not in front of all our guests anyway!) so need to try to find the right mix of romantic and meaningful for us without being too lovey-dovey that my little brother starts making the fake vomiting noises from his seat. That can be next month’s task!

“June also saw us scaling Ben Nevis to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support with my Chief Bridesmaid. Frazer abandoned us slow-coaches early on to power up the mountain in an impressive 2 hours – very proud.

“We met up with him again at the top to take in the impressive views of white mist… it was a pity the day we did our climb it was very wet and foggy, but the experience was still well worth it. This wedding planning lark seems a lot easier now in comparison to climbing a mountain – bring on July and the hen and stag parties!”

Anyone else struggling with a lull in wedding planning? Alie x

Morgan & Frazer will be tying the knot in a Humanist ceremony at Altskeith Country House on Loch Ard, in the Trossachs, this September. They are planning “a riot of colourful tartan, hearts and bookish twists”.
Photos by Elemental Weddings and by Morgan and friends