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The Natural Brow

When it comes to make-up we all know that brows are important. But where to start? What treatment is best? We turn to beauty expert and style expert Lynne who’s going to guide us through how to perfect the natural brow…

The Classic Brow

“This month I really wanted to focus in on what is actually an incredibly important area of bridal beauty – ‘Brows’. Good old ‘Brows’, it’s a rather sensitive subject sometimes too! It can be years of over plucking has left sparse to no brows or the issue of the ‘overdrawn’ eyebrow too..! Whatever the style preference or issue, Brows are a very important finishing touch to make-up, they are the frame to the eye & give balance as well structure.

“In my first blog post this year I focused on beauty trends for 2017 & one of them was a ‘Natural Brow’, cue a sigh of relief for many (and make-up artists – believe me!).

“I like to think that the natural fuller brow is and has always been the ‘Little Black Dress’ of brows, it never goes out of style & will stay classic for ever! When thinking of your wedding pictures & your bridal beauty, you don’t want to look back & say ‘what on earth was I thinking’! The little thin pencilled in brows of the 90’s to 00’s still give us all a giggle & not to mention the large ‘slug-like’ creations we’ve seen filling our Instagram feed over the last couple of years! They should be soft but defined & like I say – classic.


“I love 2017’s style so far as everything is going back to basics with a style that can really stand the test of time. Of course it comes with it’s fads, good old tweezing & waxing are things of the past.

“It’s all about threading (possibly one of the most painful experiences ever – no pain no gain though!) & now the ultimate in Brow Styling is ‘Microblading’

“This is apparently the go to treatment for A-listers such as Madonna & is leading the way in the Brow Industry right now, which is believe it or not worth a staggering £42Million in the UK alone!

“So Microblading is a step on from EyeBrow Tattooing, which to be honest always scared me a little especially after seeing many a disaster! But what Microblading does is create a well formed natural brow. The difference is where tattooing implants ink deep into the skin, microblading uses a small blade to just scratch the surface of the skin & with very fine stroke places the ink at the surface giving the appearance of a natural hair.

“Basically it makes the brows look fuller (particularly with over plucked bows), but also gives them structure & definition.

“The process only takes 15mins itself, beforehand the therapist will measure up the brows (more on this later in my post), a colour of dye is chosen to match the natural colour, then a disposable blade with 12 tiny needles is dipped in the ink/pigment & then applied over the brow creating a small scratch to create the hair like finish.

“It is apparently almost painless with a numbing cream applied beforehand, although there can be stinging and redness for a day, as well as a few little scabs afterwards. But after 10 days it will all fade and settle into the correct colour & last for up to 18months. Just think of all that time saved every day penciling brows!

“If you’re going to look at doing this for the big day though, do you research beforehand & make sure you get a good practitioner. One that comes highly recommended in Scotland is Clinica Medica in Glasgow. Prices are around £260.

Plucking Tips

“Of course if you already have a fuller more natural brow & are just looking for a basic tidy, this can be done by your local beautician, or even yourself with the correct guidance.

“One thing though is DON”T opt to have them waxed the day before the wedding! Rashes to spots & skin irritation are very common just after treatment, as well as a sheen on the skin that won’t allow make-up or eyeshadow to be blended over.

“If tweezing, follow these simple rules for shapely natural on trend brows:

– EyeBrows are Sisters NOT Twins! Identical Brows just look weird!

– Measure your Brows before you start.

– Take a pencil/makeup brush & find the beginning of your brow by holding it vertically from the side if your nose.

– For the arch of the brow move the pencil from the same position at the side of your nose & past the middle of your eye.

– To find the end point of where your brow should be, swing the pencil from the same position on your nose right to the outer corner of your eye.

– Never pluck out with these guidelines, if you’re defining, penciling or shading follow these as well.

“Whatever your choice don’t leave it to the last minute and if you’re opting for a makeup artist on the day they can help with advice on options, so make sure you ask at your makeup trial.”

So eyebrows, what do we reckon? Anyone else trying to perfect the natural brow? Alie x

Makeup artist and entrepreneur, Lynne Mills runs Scottish makeup team EyeCandy. As well as making brides look incredible, she is no stranger to the fashion scene, having worked backstage with the likes of Vivienne Westwood. And she is kept extra busy developing her own range of beauty products too.