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Pre-Wedding Adventures

Anyone planning an overseas wedding will recognise the challenge of logistics: the paperwork, the visa, the accommodation – it’s head-hurt stuff. So to counteract this, Jillian and Matt are filling their days with many pre-wedding adventures. Well why not. Over to Jillian to fill you in…

“The Bader Epic Moon has begun! Well, sort of. While we’re still a couple weeks away from our Europe trip, we did have two mini adventures this past month.
“The first adventure was a week long Caribbean cruise, and then two days at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I am a cruise fiend. My dream job was always to sing on a cruise ship, and I was able to do that a couple years ago as a featured singer for a small luxury cruise line. Even after spending a full year at sea, I still can’t resist the call of the ocean, and I go on cruises whenever possible. So when Matt suggested that we do a cruise for my birthday this year, who was I to refuse?
“We cruised on one of the largest ships in the world, the Oasis of the Seas with Royal Caribbean. It was practically a floating city, and I frequently forgot we were even on the ocean. We went scuba diving in Saint Maarten, Explored a cave in San Juan, and relaxed on the beach in Haiti. After a supremely relaxing week, we finished off the trip with two insanely crowded and hot days at a theme park. I love Disney though, so I had a great time.
“While the trip was absolutely lovely, as soon as I got back I realized that I have a lot left to do before we take off later this month! We’re just about at the point where we can apply for our travel visa and Marriage License, so I need to make sure that we have all the necessary paperwork settled for that.
“While Americans typically don’t need a visa to travel to the UK, you do need one to get married there. It’s been a confusing process to figure out everything that is required for it, but I think we’ve got it under control! (Fingers crossed) We also gathered the measurements and tartan requests for all the gentlemen in the wedding party, so we need to place the order for kilts soon.

“The biggest thorn in my side has been day of wedding logistics. None of my family/friends plan on renting a car, and we’re all staying in different hotels in Edinburgh the night before the wedding. Since we’ll be staying at Borthwick the night of the wedding, we’re all checking out of those hotels the morning of. We don’t have guaranteed access to the castle until 2pm (90 minutes before the ceremony), and so I have been struggling to figure out where 15 people can get ready and store their bags! If you were confused just reading that, you can imagine how confused I am!

“We plan on providing shuttles to get at least the wedding party to the castle, but even figuring out how many shuttles we need and where the pick up will be is complicated. Ultimately, I decided to book an extra night in my AirBnB. Even if it’s empty for that night, at least we’ll have somewhere to do hair and makeup and store bags before we head over to the castle. I will always pay a little extra to ensure my peace of mind!

“Since logistics aren’t necessarily the most exciting part of wedding planning, I was happy to have a bit of a party to take my mind off of it! Our second adventure was spending this past weekend in Napa for my Bachelorette (hen) party. We spent the day touring three different wineries, and had far too much delicious food and drink. Since I have two men in my bridal party (my brother and a very good friend), I decided it would be more fun to include significant others. That meant my future hubby himself joined me for the weekend. I know it’s a bit of an unconventional choice, but Matt is my best friend, so things are always more fun when he’s around.

“We’re back to business this week though, with only 2 weeks left before we leave for our big trip. I’ve been bad about procrastinating on the less exciting aspect of wedding planning, but it’s officially time to get down to business! Wish me luck.”

These two keep us captivated by all their travels. Can’t wait to hear all about the epic moon… Alie x

Jillian and Matt are based in Orange County, California and are holding their destination wedding at Borthwick Castle, near Edinburgh this September. Jillian loves Scotland because “you can have a beautiful, romantic wedding, but it’s also a little badass!”