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Marquee wedding styling inspiration

Planning a marquee wedding but feeling a little unsure of where to start when it comes to styling such a blank canvas? Or worried that you won’t be able to add the wow factor when faced with all that cream? Then today’s post is for you! Our expert on all things floral, Gemma has some great suggestions to get you started…

So much potential

“Marquees can be truly amazing spaces. I have been lucky enough to work in the quaintest little tents that are so romantic and intimate, perfect little rooms in back gardens for some scrumptious al fresco dining. To the awe-inspiring tiered marquee structures that make you feel like you are not in a marquee at all but in a lavish venue conveniently placed exactly where you would like it to be. No matter the size or style of your marquee, they are full of brilliant opportunities for styling.

“Every marquee has its own little quirks of how the structure was completed. Quite often there are poles, bars and odd little nooks and crannies that can do with a little softening. Awnings at the entrance of your marquee are a wonderful place to start. Simple foliage garlanding or full on floral columns create excitement for your guests before they enter the space. Giving them a hint of what to expect within the marquee.

Creating drama

“Ceiling treatments are one of my most favourite areas to create drama within the blank canvas of a marquee. I am super happy that they are ever growing in popularity just now. Bringing colour to the ceiling is a great way to break up that vast neutral space in the room. A beautiful cloud of flowers hanging above the top table is a way to focus everyone’s attention to that table for speeches. Tall table designs can sometimes frustrate guests who feel they want to see clearly across each guest table, so opting for a low design on the table and having a hanging installation above each table for interest, is a really cool way of not losing out on the wow factor for your guests when they first walk into your marquee.

“If ceiling installs aren’t your taste, but you really want to break up all the cream, then elevating your table designs is the next best thing. It will give you much more impact in such an open space and can be seen from all points in the marquee. Keeping your design above 70cm tall (whatever it may be!), and slim, means guests should be able to see under the bulk of the design and it should not irritate guests too much while chatting across the table at dinner. For me tall designs always feel that bit more luxurious and decadent. Quite often when I look back at photos that photographers kindly send, it’s so sad when you can’t see the flowers once all the guests are in the room and seated. All the colours and styling can be hidden quite quickly once 100 guests enter the room, giving the flowers a bit of lift above head height makes so much difference.

Think big

“When I think about advice I give my brides when we start talking about their floral dreams in a marquee, it tends to be the same… don’t waste money on lots of small details – it’s often such a great space that trying to create one or two really exciting feature pieces is better than lots of small details that, as pretty as they are, don’t give the room any colour or atmosphere.

“Make the most of the space, there is often plenty of scope to create little chill out corners with some comfy seating and tables for later in the evening. Some cute signage or a throw with a little floral detail give a more welcoming look for tired dancing feet! These areas are great for personal touches for your wedding day. Tables for guest books or photo books.. even beer pong!”

I love the sound of softening the nooks and crannies, and adding chill out zones. And if it doesn’t stop raining soon, I may just have to install one of those quaint little tents in my back garden! Christina x

Based in Edinburgh, Gemma has been surrounded by flowers since a very young age, and loves to push the boundaries when it comes to floral art. Along with her Planet Flowers team, she has been adding botanical magic to weddings and events (remember the Chanel Metiers d’Art show in Scotland?) for many years, and is now bringing her crazy skills to WFIL.

Photos by Blue Sky Photography, Ryan White Photography, Craig & Eva Sanders, Elemental Photography, Lakshal Perera Photography & Planet Flowers.