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5 ways to show your guests some loving

Whether you’re planning an intimate affair, or a large party, keeping your guests happy will be top of your priority list. After all happy guests makes for happy memories. Here’s our top 5 tips on how to show your guests you love them…

1. Personal Favours

Traditionally wedding favours tended to fall into the camp of sugared almonds (odd sugary things in nets) or something rather twee that your guests simply shoved in a drawer and forgot about.

The good news is that nowadays wedding favours can be whatever you want. There’s lots you can do, but we always think the personal touch speaks volumes.

Homemade treats and thoughtful, useful gifts always go down well and remember you can be as creative as you like…

2. Soundtrack your Day

Music plays such a central part in most weddings; from the ceremony right through to the evening entrainment, so why not help our guests remember by giving them a soundtrack of the day.

From creating your invitation in the form of a CD (most people will keep it in the car to play!) to giving away your favourite songs as favours, we love how you could make your wedding music live on in your guests memories.

3. Clothe them Well

Give them the right clothes to wear. We love the idea of giving out flip flops as dancing shoes. Who doesn’t want to swap the stilettos for something more practical for the ceilidh?

And if you’re planning some outdoor sparklers or fireworks then the idea of cosy blanket and hot chocolate will tick a lot of boxes and help your guests leaving your wedding feeling warm on the outside as well as the inside.

4. Food and Drink

It really is the way to your guests hearts…

Whether you’re planning a top notch beef dinner, or a homestyle buffet, you should always make sure there is a plentiful supply of food and drink available.


5. Entertainment

Chances are if you plan your entertainment with your guests in mind then you’re in for a top party. Remember you know your guests – you know what will make Granny smile and get your pals in the mood for a party.

You can go as crazy with the entertainment as you like- bouncy castle or bucking bronco anyone?

And when it comes to the dance floor choose a band or DJ with your guests in mind. That way it will never be empty.

Happy guests make a perfect party. Part of the fun is also in the planning… Alie x

  • Francesca - June 6, 2017 - 9:02 pm

    These ideas for treating your wedding guests are really touching and quirky. The idea of choosing a band or DJ with your guests in mind is something that many people think about before booking their entertainment. The amazing work professional DJs do to please a variety of guests simultaneously is truly inspiring. But it’s worth asking your prospective DJ agency lots of questions before taking the plunge and booking to make sure they’re right for your event.ReplyCancel