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Perfect Glitter Eyes for Summer

Glitter Eyes is one of the top make-up trends for this year, but it’s something many people would feel a little fearful of. The fear for many is that after making a complete mess of your make-up bag, brushes, floor and in fact the entire house (where you’ll keep finding glitter for next 5 years!), you’re looking more like a christmas party gone wrong than a glittering goddess! Fear not, our style blogger and all round make-up expert Lynne Mills shares how it’s done…

Not Just for Christmas

Thing is glitter just isn’t for Christmas & the high street is in abundance right now of beautiful sunny sequins, so definitely get ready to sparkle through the Scottish summer!

My most important tip for this, is pick one area & stick to it! So maybe some sparkle under the eye, maybe some strong pigment sparkle in the inner corners of the eye, or just focus on the central area just under the socket line, perhaps even on the brows!

Whatever your style, start with less is more & build (my favourite tip for applying any makeup!) & another tip & definite tip is ‘DON’T’, apply glitter anywhere else, so no glitter lipgloss or body shimmer to match! Make it about that one statement area on the eyes & nothing more, so everything else minimal. Keep the foundation sheer & dewy if possible with a light natural lip.

Create Your Own

For a real on trend look, ditch the glitter liners & glitter eyeshadows as they just look too sparse & don’t give the impact we want, so just create your own using glitter glue!

For a great glue try Ben Nye Glitter Glue which comes in a handy little pot & easy to use plus (and very importantly) easy to wash off!

So for example if you’re going with silver, a nice touch would be to keep the rest of the eye natural & use a nude eyeshadow (warm pearl tone like Mac eyeshadow in Shroom), use a simple classic black winged liner on the top lash line.

To apply glitter along the bottom lash line, first always dip your brush in the glue first (use a small eye shadow shader brush, or even a good lip brush is great for this!), then apply the brush to the glitter & always wipe the brush clean before putting it back in the glue pot!

Take the glue & apply just under the lash line from the inner corner to just before the outer edge.

For the glitter itself, my recommendation is to go for a dense crystallised glitter as you get a lot more sparkle with it, try Sara Hill Glitter.

Apply the brush to the glitter (with the glue already on it) & apply by gently ‘patting’ it onto the lash line where you have the glue already applied. Allow to dry & then take a few more applications to small areas if needs be so you have an even finish.

Also it goes without saying that do this last after foundation & everything else has been applied! If you have glue on your brush as well as glue on the area you’re applying this to you shouldn’t have any ‘fall out’, so no mess to clean up after!

Another way to wear this would be to just apply it in the inner corners of the eyes too, if you feel doing the full bottom lash line is a bit too much, it just gives a hint & a pop of sparkle!

Full Glitter Eye

If you’re applying to the eye lids for a full glitter eye then again focus on one area, so apply the shadow & liners as normal first.

If you were for example going for a gold shimmer look, then apply your shadow first & shade a slightly darker brown at the outer edge for some definition, also line the eyes as well to define.

Then apply the glue again to the area you want to place the glitter, start at the centre of the eye, below the socket line & just bring it slightly into the inner corners. Trick is to not go above the socket line as the glue will stick & crease on the shadow with the glitter making a mess!

Tilt your head up & look down while you do this as it makes it easier & keep your head tilted while it dries. Again apply the brush with glue already on it into the glitter & then gently pat onto the eye.

Stars and Shapes

Another great tip to give a real 2017 glitter trend look is add in some little glitter stars or shapes as well, just pop some on in the same way as the glitter but just sparsely over the glitter itself once it’s dry, looks amazing! You can pick them up online too pretty cheaply. For example Gold Lileth, Chunky Glitter (ASOS)

We always love Lynne’s posts as they are packed with great advice. Go for Glitter girls and share your results… Alie x

Makeup artist and entrepreneur, Lynne Mills runs Scottish makeup team EyeCandy. As well as making brides look incredible, she is no stranger to the fashion scene, having worked backstage with the likes of Vivienne Westwood. And she is kept extra busy developing her own range of beauty products too.