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Bridal Showers and Vegas Adventures

With the final few weeks to go before Epic Moon, it’s all about picking the gifts, planning the packing and a little bit of indulging (Las Vegas no less) for Jillian and Matt. Oh and did we mention the lightsabers?

“Oh my goodness – where is the time going?? It’s almost moving month, which means we’re getting even closer to our departure for Epic Moon! I’m definitely starting to feel the pressure to get things taken care of.

“Coming up I have 2 separate bridal showers to attend – something that happens when your families live 6 hours apart! My fiance’s mother, a bridesmaid, and a really close friend are throwing my Southern California shower next weekend, and I am so excited! I’ve only been to one bridal shower before, and it was my sister’s in 2010. My bridesmaid, Ashley, was asking what games I was hoping to play and I had to google some options because I had no clue! I think we came up with some fun ideas, so I’m definitely looking forward to it. I also wanted to give the ladies a small thank you token for coming to celebrate this big day, and I got a fantastic idea via pinterest!

“I’ve been particularly loving knitting and crocheting lately, and I found a lovely pattern for little heart sachets filled with lavender. They’re a pretty quick knit, and so I was able to whip up enough for the first bridal shower. As a random fun fact, I have no sense of smell and neither does Matt – so it makes me giggle that I can’t even appreciate the gift I’m giving. My friends who have working olfactory senses assured me that they’re a lovely gesture! For anyone who is curious, I used the pattern from Studio Knit on YouTube.

“I’ve also been on a gift buying frenzy since I want to get everything ordered and wrapped before we move. Matt’s parents will be bringing us a suitcase when they come to Scotland for the wedding, so I plan on packing up all the favors, bridal party/parent gifts, and some other extras before we move in May.

“I’m having trouble deciding on things like a guestbook, programs, and menus. They’re all things that I need to take care of before leaving in June, but I also know that things can change between now and September, so I’m hesitant to spend too much time and money on something that might change.

“I found an excellent deal on escort cards on zazzle.com, and was able to buy some extras for people that haven’t confirmed if they will make it or not. Matt and I had originally agreed to forgo programs, but as I sat in church on Easter Sunday I realized that we’d need to include the words and music for all the hymns! So add programs to the list of things to design and print. We still need to find a way to print up a seating chart and menu, but since we won’t be picking our menu until August, that’s something I can’t take care of yet! I’m hoping that I can whip up a document while I’m overseas and either find a printer there, or have my parents print it out and bring it with them.

“I’m having my hair turned back to its natural brown this week, so I’ve been enjoying my final days of purple hair to the fullest. Honestly, my ends are a bit fried so I have a feeling it’ll be a nice break! I’ll also have another trial at the appointment, and of course I’ll post the photos here when I’m done!

“It’s been a lovely month full of activities other than wedding planning as well. Matt and I took a quick trip to Las Vegas for the weekend, where we ate and drank far too much and our wallets left considerably lighter.

“We also attended a comic book convention called Wonder-Con where we saw (and bought) quite a bit of lovely art, and I got to run around dressed as Rey from Star Wars, while Matt was Ash from Pokemon. We also bought lightsabers and took a properly nerdy picture when we got home. It was definitely a weekend of embracing our inner child, and just a taste of the adventures that are still to come.

Comic book convention? Lightsabers? Anyone else even more excited to see what this pair get up to on their wedding adventures? Alie x

Jillian has fallen in love with the idea of marrying fiance, Matt in a Scottish castle. They are based in Orange County, California and are planning their destination wedding for September this year. Jillian loves Scotland because “you can have a beautiful, romantic wedding, but it’s also a little badass!”