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Kilts, Caterpillars and Craft

Although some things have slipped by Morgan’s wedding spreadsheet timescales, this pair have conquered lots. Not only have they resolved the great cake debate (yeah for Colin and Connie), they’ve also got their invitation creation well underway.

“Another month closer, another set of seemingly simple things for me to fret over! Did we organise the rings or sort out the guest transport or Frazer’s kilt as I’d meticulously planned on my “wedding things we must sort by this date” spreadsheet? Nope.

“Bless him, Frazer’s idea of sorting his kilt out in March was going into two shops and asking how long it would take to make. Seriously. This is the man who is supposed to be helping me to keep my Bridezilla tendencies at bay! Even my wee brother, who isn’t even ten years old, has managed to organise his kilt hire already. Frazer has now been given a strict warning that this is an easy one to cross off the Mega Wedding To Do List so he better pull his socks up in April and get it organised. Of course, I got a rolled eye “Okay, okay” response, so I’m not convinced that Frazer’s kilt won’t still be on the list next month…

“We did, however, resolve the great wedding cake debate – I won! More by default than anything else to be fair. We attended a couples “planning your day” event at our venue last month which was very helpful and informative, plus it gave us a chance to nosey about the venue again to get our bearings around what we want to go where decoration-wise and how we want our day to run.

“We also had a taster of their wedding BBQ menu – yum! Don’t get me wrong, I still worried my way through the whole of the “typical wedding day timeline” presentation at the start (oh no! I hadn’t thought about that! Have I left enough time between this and that? Waaaah!) which Frazer was less than impressed with me for. I then made it worse with my total reluctance to talk to the venue owners about any concerns or worries I had; I just didn’t want to bother them with my silly questions (another unnecessary worry as they were really helpful and put my mind at ease!).

“Frazer had to physically drag me up to talk to them, and I’m glad he did as we got a couple of our big questions answered. This included whether or not we could have a cheesecake wedding cake as Frazer wanted, to which the answer turned out to be probably not. Logistically it would be a bit of a nightmare compared to a normal wedding cake as it would need to be kept refrigerated the whole time and just think of how much space in the fridge that would take up anyway.

“No arguments here – success for me! Frazer was gracious in his defeat and even gave the green light to my suggestion of Bride and Groom caterpillar cakes from Marks & Spencer. Yes, really, I cannot wait! We’ll also get a one tier sponge cake with white icing from one of the supermarkets for us to cut and pop our wee badger cake toppers on. I guess all in all, I can’t say March has been a complete washout in terms of getting things organised!

“I re-attempted my book garlands too, with far greater success this time. I’ve learned that keeping things simple tends to be the best way to go about craft projects! Speaking of which, we have now started to send out our homemade wedding invitations. There’s nothing quite like the thrill you get from sealing that first envelope with an invite to YOUR wedding in it – it all feels so real now!

“We had umm’d and ahh’d for months on what to do for our invitations at first. Originally I wanted to make some little maps, and I became a total boss at Paint on my computer. I thought the finished picture was adorable; Frazer thought it looked a bit cheap and tacky so that idea was vetoed – I sure showed him though, we’ve ended up using those maps as a cute insert in our final invitations.

“We then thought about professional invites, but I couldn’t find any that I loved enough to justify spending that much money on. Back to the drawing board it was, and we finally settled on making our own with scrabble tiles (we’re big board game fans) and polka dot ribbon. Unfortunately, I’m only just over 50% through making our invitations and I’ve ran out of ribbon, cue mild panic for the next week till I make it back to Hobbycraft… I knew I should have waited till they were all ready before handing the first ones out!

“Regardless of the stress I could definitely have saved myself if we’d just got professional invites made, I am honestly so proud of them and hope our guests will love them too.

Love the look of the scrabble inspired invites. Any top tips for completing the invite craftathon? Alie x

Morgan & Frazer will be tying the knot in a Humanist ceremony at Altskeith Country House on Loch Ard, in the Trossachs, this September. They are planning “a riot of colourful tartan, hearts and bookish twists”.
Photos by Morgan and Colin and Connie by M&S