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Wedding makeup for the MOB

Today our beauty expert, Lynne is giving her top tips for those other wedding VIPs – the MOBs & MOGs. If your mum is a little nervous about how to look her best on your big day, then be sure to send this her way…

It’s a big day

With it being Mother’s Day this week, I really thought some attention should be paid to the second most important lady on the big day (although the most important lady in all our lives) and that is the Mother of the Bride!

It’s a big day for mum too, with all eyes on how she’s looking as she’s proudly escorted to her seat before the blushing bride makes her grand entrance! So I’ve put together lots of tips and product recommendations for our mums – it’s not too late to treat her to some new makeup!!

Bridal beauty is all about radiance and feeling like a more polished, glamorous version of your everyday self, but most importantly ‘yourself’ and not an unrecognisable person staring back at you in the mirror – that is only going to make you feel completely uncomfortable! As a make-up artist, I find that this is the single most important request from mums and a lot more are now opting to have a makeup trial, along with the bride too.

Energise the skin

Firstly, with maturer skin it’s more about energising and plumping the skin, as well as using a primer, rather than the mattifying effect to give it the lasting ability it needs. Two great products for this are Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisturising Balm, which smooths and plumps the skin, making it look instantly fresher. Also Laura Mercier Primers, either ‘Hydrating‘ or ‘Radiance‘ – both are amazing for more mature skin and keep the skin hydrated and illuminated!

Beauty Guru Bobbi Brown has said that at now nearly 60, the two main things she has found is that features fall and skin tone fades and over the age of 50 – “you really want to lift & breathe life back into your face with the right tones & textures”.

It’s really all about finding the right foundation and you definitely don’t want an over matte finish, so t’s time to ditch the heavy powders! I use a little Mac Blott powder generally, but use sparingly on maturer skin. Just focusing on a few areas where the main wear and tear of make up is – that is under the eyes and across the T-zone.

Go for a foundation that also illuminates and moisturises the skin, a slight pearlised finish is what you’re looking for. It’s still giving a good coverage but brightening too and looking natural – heavy full coverage is only going to accentuate any flaws.

For the big day, I recommend Sheer Glow Foundation by Nars. It photographs well as it doesn’t have SPF like many other foundations, but it also has a brightening formula too which is fine. I recommend this one as it moisturises as well as illuminates, plus an extra bonus is that, used regularly, it improves the skin’s overall brightness and texture!

For a concealer, go for a cream base that has a yellow tone – Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer is perfect and blends well over any blemishes, as well as the under eye too. Go for a shade that is two tones lighter than your foundation, always blend well from the inner corner of the eye and outwards under the lash line.

The key to the concealer is it has a yellow base no matter what the tone, so it really helps counteract any under eye circles. Also the yellow base is great at reducing any redness that can be very common over 50, especially across the cheeks and any little broken veins.

Creams are key

Cream Blusher is key as well to giving that youthful glow to the complexion! If you are prone to any redness, opt for more peach tones but overall the tone should be soft and warm, stay away from any bold pinks! Smash Box’s Blendable Lip & Cheek Colours are perfect as they have a slight highlight to them as well, really enhancing radiance! My favourite is their ‘Silver Lake Sunset‘ which is a warm coral tone, universally flattering!

Another cream product to consider is cream eyeshadow (I always swear by Mac Pro Long Wear Paint Pots), again the softer textures are better across the skin and it keeps in moisture. Too much matte or frost is not a good thing as we get older as it will accentuate any fine lines. The best thing to do is opt for a soft velvet to satin finish and with a cream you can achieve that easily. Softly blend across the lid and into the socket line as you would with a shadow.

With eyeliner, it’s definitely time to ditch the heavy pencils and liquid liner, go for a gel based liner instead. They’re a lot more forgiving and you can soften them out as well – pencils can drag the skin too much and liquid liners are too harsh. A great budget buy I’d recommend is Maybelline’s Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner.

Rich and radiant

Finally, lips! Another area that can go very wrong! Any frost finishes are a definite no no and anything pale and sharp in colour (think sugar pink to lilacs and avoid!).

Go for rich lipsticks that are well pigmented as they last well and plump the lips. I recommend Clinique’s Long Last Lipstick as it is moisture rich and non drying, with a velvet finish that is really flattering.

Another big plus with this type of lipstick is that it doesn’t tend to bleed, which is great! Although I definitely recommend using a lip liner too as it defines as well as gives a fuller appearance. Although opt for a lip liner in a colour that is the same colour as your lip, rather than lipstick. It’s a much more natural way to define your lips and also means you only need one colour!

So, over all the key is radiance and not the old ‘Less is More’ advice once we reach the over 50 bracket. If you’re using the correct products in the correct way, then you can go for as much glamour as you like on the big day! And why not!

Love this advice from Lynne – a makeup trial for mum is such a good idea! Christina x

Makeup artist and entrepreneur, Lynne Mills runs Scottish makeup team EyeCandy. As well as making brides look incredible, she is no stranger to the fashion scene, having worked backstage with the likes of Vivienne Westwood. And she is kept extra busy developing her own range of beauty products too.