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The Scottish diamond and the golden snitch

With the countdown now on until their pre wedding travels, our destination guest blogging bride, Jillian has been ticking lots off her list. From making a decision on her hair colour (remember the purple debate?), to having her dress chopped, it’s been a big month! Here she is, with all her latest wedding chat…

“We’re around 160 days out from the big day, and just 100 until we leave for our Epic Moon! I’m definitely staying on top of getting most of my tasks done ahead of time, but sometimes I feel a bit silly for finalizing things so far in advance.

“For example, I took my dress in for my fitting! It’s actually a bit tight, (darn that pesky holiday weight!) but I am confident that all our walking overseas will help shed those extra lbs. I had a mildly terrifying moment at my fitting as the seamstress was hemming the skirt and started cutting the material without pinning or measuring or anything. There’s nothing quite like putting blind faith in a stranger as she cuts into the most expensive dress you’ve ever bought. Like I said – terrifying. The dress is in her capable hands though, and I’m anxious to see how it turns out when I pick it up in May!

“I also finally had my first hair trial, and I’ve reached a decision about color! After all that back and forth, I’ve finally decided to go back to my natural color of brown. I used the advice I always give friends when they’re thinking about getting a tattoo – if you think there’s a chance you’re gonna regret it, you probably will. Plus, the complication of trying to squeeze a hair appointment into my final days before the wedding just got too stressful, so brown it is.

“Speaking of that hair trial, I’m including a picture for your viewing pleasure! While it looks lovely, I think the styling of the back is a bit too trendy and modern for my taste, so I’m hoping that during the next one we can try something a little more classic and understated. I definitely want my beautiful laurel leaf tiara from Anna Marguerite Couture to be the star!

“The planning process continues to move forward as I finalize the music our string quartet will play, make payments on the venue, and start to piece together things like the ceremony program. Because nothing too exciting or new has happened this month, I thought it might be fun to share the story of my engagement ring with you!

“Matt and I discussed getting engaged for a couple of months before it actually became a reality, but about a month before the big day I started researching rings in earnest. Our original plan was to use the stone from the engagement ring my dad originally proposed to my mom with (she upgraded many years later). The stone was what my dad affectionately called “The Scottish Diamond”, and was a family heirloom of a beautiful smoky quartz stone from the Cairngorm Mountains.

“I took the stone to an appraiser to make sure that it was sturdy enough to use in an engagement ring, and was devastated when the jeweler advised that it was too soft to wear in a ring. Begrudgingly I started to look around at various jewelry stores for diamond rings, but I was so disappointed that mine wouldn’t be a family heirloom. I jokingly called my dad up and asked if we had any other diamonds laying around, and surprisingly we did! My great-great aunt was a jewelry fiend, and so my dad had a diamond ring from her that was just sitting in a safe.

“So we had a diamond, but we still didn’t have a ring. Enter Anthony Kamel of Forever Faithful Diamonds in Tustin, California! This jewelry store is down the street from my house, so I just happened to wander in one day when I was out shopping. I explained my vision for my engagement ring – something floral, but not a flower, and that I wanted to incorporate the color from the Scottish Diamond we originally wanted to use. Anthony immediately got on the same page, and we were able to draw up a rough sketch of what we wanted the ring to be. I excitedly brought Matt to the store to introduce him, and he decided to put in the order to have the ring made!

“I spent the next 2 weeks on pins and needles – I knew the ring was being made, but I had no idea when Matt was going to propose!

“We had our two year anniversary dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants at Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach, and when Matt suggested we head down to the sand and enjoy some whisky before our reservation, I hoped this would be the moment. We found a lovely secluded place by the rocks, and before I knew it Matt was on one knee with my beautiful custom ring in a box shaped like a golden snitch. It was truly my dream ring from my dream man.

“Almost 9 months later and I still get mesmerized by this little beauty. I love that it’s something special created just for us, but incorporates our family history as well as our future. Enjoy some ring porn with the pictures this month, and hopefully next month I’ll have some more wedding business to talk about!”

LOVE the story behind Jillian’s engagement ring! And how amazing is the golden snitch box? Christina x

Jillian and Matt are based in Orange County, California and are holding their destination wedding at Borthwick Castle, near Edinburgh this September. Jillian loves Scotland because “you can have a beautiful, romantic wedding, but it’s also a little badass!”