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Beautifully you

Our style blogger, Mette knows a thing or two about looking your best on your big day – she’s helped many brides overcome body confidence issues. This month she’s sharing her top tips for how to feel confident on your wedding day.

Ditch the diet

This is an issue very close to my heart, and I really want to share my thoughts with you about it. Daily I deal with brides who are not happy with how they look and who put themselves under crazy pressure to slim for their big day.

Almost automatically they say,… “But i will be losing weight before the wedding”, as if that is expected of them and that it happens automatically. Many brides have this idea that they day they post the invitations, they magically drop a stone. I also get it a lot from the mothers, saying ‘Ahhh, every bride loses weight before their wedding…. Can I just say: “THAT IS NOT TRUE!” I think in our mother’s generation, that might have been more the case. Today, we are all surrounded by so much food, and refined high in fat and sugar food, every day, and we have wine (thank the lord!!) Many brides spend the last couple of months before their wedding with a busy schedule – meeting his parents, choosing food and wine and cake for the big day, one or two hen nights, a work night out to celebrate and so on – it can be really challenging to follow a strict diet and exercise regime. Added stress, contrary to common belief, causes many people to gain instead of lose weight.

So my point is really….. Don’t lose weight for your wedding! Your husband-to-be loves you as you are, and you are under enough pressure as it is, organising your wedding along with work, studying, friends and life in general.

I am all for a healthy lifestyle, so by all means tone up, drink more water, eat more fresh and raw stuff, and get outside – all things which improve so much how you look and feel in your dress and in life in general. But I have seen far too many times brides who do a crazy fruit fast or similar two weeks before their wedding, and do lose weight but far too quickly. They end up looking tired and drawn on the day, and their beautiful dress ends up looking like it’s one they borrowed.

Get healthy for life – stay active, eat well, start healthy habits with your husband-to-be and enjoy what you do, and accept that you are who you are and no matter what size your dress is on the day, you are going to look the absolute very best you are going to ever look, and everybody will see you as beautiful.

Be Yourself

The most important thing it to be yourself! I hate when people say ‘Ahh, you are getting married, are you growing your hair? Buying contact lenses? There’s nothing wrong with that, either. But be yourself… don’t get pressured into anything which is not who you are.

You don’t need to become a “wedding – clone”. Be the best version of yourself, but be you! You don’t want to look back and think ‘Why did that sales assistant, or makeup artist, or hairdresser, ever talk me into that… Be brave to challenge yourself, but be happy with whom you are and the choices you make for your big day.

We couldn’t agree more! Be healthy, be happy, be you. Christina x

Originally hailing from Denmark but having now made Edinburgh her home (it was love at first sight!), multi award-winning designer dressmaker Mette Baillie is the incredible talent behind Freja Designer Dressmaking.