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Taking the plunge!

We are thrilled to welcome our new guest blogging bride, Morgan to WFIL this week! Her breathless excitement and (self-confessed) anxious bridezilla moments brought back memories of planning our own weddings. We’ll let her fill you in on the story so far…

“It’s finally 2017, the year we take the plunge! We decided to kick start our wedding year by doing just that, signed up to Loony Dook and ran hand in hand headfirst into the baltic Firth of Forth. It had seemed like a great way to begin what I have no doubt will be one of the best and most fun years of our lives, though once the shock of the cold and constant shivering had subsided, I felt myself start to slip back into my panicked ‘have I forgotten or missed something important out’ ways. My mind began to whir a hundred miles an hour through all of the planning checklists I had made and would have to make, and the panic began to rise again…

“I’m definitely what you would call a highly strung over-anxious worrier. Never mind that most of the scenarios going through my mind (What if no one turns up? What if I completely lose my voice? Or my wedding dress? What if the Trossachs version of Nessie decides to climb out of the loch and munch its way through my guests?), are things that are unlikely to happen!


“Thank goodness for Frazer. He is my complete opposite – chilled out, perfectly happy leaving everything to the last minute, handles my frequent bridal meltdowns with a simple raised eyebrow and knowing smile.

“By the time September rolls around he’ll be a pro, having been calming me down for ten years. Several times during our planning he’s brought me back down to earth when I’ve gone too far on my ‘Bridezilla’ high horse; turns out a simple reasoned argument is all it takes! It’s actually how we came to have our mishmashed whatever-we-want-is-what-we’ll-have mantra for our wedding.

“I had planned out most things to do with the wedding theme within a few months of being engaged – or so I thought! I even knew what colours I wanted to tie everything together in an autumnal theme and this included the lovely dark-hued hunting variation of MacLeod tartan for Frazer’s kilt. Frazer, it turned out, had a different idea. He wanted to wear the yellow ‘Loud MacLeod’ tartan for his kilt… I mean almost hi-vis yellow, and it looks even brighter in the sunlight (check the photos for proof!). I’ll admit I got snippy with him and tried to veto it straight away. He argued that it wasn’t fair and pointed out that he didn’t get to dictate what my wedding dress would look like. I huffed for the rest of the car journey and probably the full day too. Didn’t he understand that it would look silly? Uuugh, imagine the photos!

“But then I had a revelation. This is OUR wedding, not just MY wedding. Wouldn’t I rather he was happy on our wedding day than everything matched a specific theme or colour scheme? Yes, I absolutely would rather that!

“So here we are now, Frazer will be wearing his yellow kilt, my colour scheme is out the window and we couldn’t be happier. Wedding planning is hard (and ridiculously stressful if you’re anything like me) and can turn anyone into Bridezilla; I’m just glad I have Frazer keeping me grounded.

“Other than my wee meltdown moments, I am really loving the wedding planning experience – especially when it involved some DIY. I’m quite crafty and have tried, or will be trying, my hand at any wedding-related project I can; from invites to bunting, bridesmaid hangers to garlands made from book pages. I might not have the necessary skills to make it perfect (I may or may not have last used a sewing machine in 2nd year Home Economics back in High School, so making this bunting could be hilarious), but everyone loves a trier!

“That said, I’m not ashamed to go professional if it doesn’t quite work out to plan… I’m looking at you, ‘hours-of-my-life-I-won’t-get-back’ confetti! I attempted to make my own over the past few months, but honestly the stress of trying to punch out teeny love hearts from tissue paper with a cheap punch that doesn’t want to do its job for the sake of saving a few quid, just isn’t worth it. My grandma is desperate to chuck some confetti about though, so my new plan is to gather up what I’ve managed to make to give to the mums/grans and buy bubbles from the British Heart Foundation for everyone else. We got a solution in the end, but hopefully the next DIY project goes better!

“With such big things still to organise as the wedding rings, Frazer’s yellow kilt, guest transport and the all-important wedding cake debate (he wants cheesecake, I want caterpillar cakes – who will win?), next month will be a busy and no doubt exasperating one. Deep breaths Bridezilla, deep breaths…”

Stay in the water Trossachs Nessie! (Possibly the most Scottish sentence I have ever written!). Anyone else having wedding induced panic visions? Christina x

Morgan & Frazer will be tying the knot in a Humanist ceremony at Altskeith Country House on Loch Ard, in the Trossachs, this September. They are planning “a riot of colourful tartan, hearts and bookish twists”.