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Avoiding the Trend Trap

Arrow and Twine Pinterest Board

This week we turn to Toria from Arrow and Twine, for expert advice on styling your wedding. Stepping into Toria’s world is all about embracing your own style. From contemporary Scandi-influenced design, to vintage flair, Toria has it covered. First up, advice on how to avoid the trend trap when planning your wedding…

From Arrow and Twine’s Pinterest Board

“If you are on Instagram or Pinterest, you may have noticed a little flurry of activity in December of last year, when Pantone announced its colour for 2017. Designers, publications and brands filled their feeds with green colour palettes in homages to Greenery, the vibrant, fresh colour choice, and suppliers from the wedding industry were no different.
“I happen to be a fan of the colour green, and the amount of inspiration I took from social media that week was probably enough to induce palpitations. And even someone who isn’t as enamoured with this trend will still likely end up liking or pinning these images because, let’s face it, some of the styling and photography is so beautiful that it is hard not to be drawn in and think, ‘We MUST have that at our wedding,’ even when the trend is not your usual style. And Greenery is not the only colour or trend being touted for 2017, so our feeds are full of an array of styles, each striking and pin-worthy in their own way.
“Whilst it is easy to become lost in the shiny pretty vortex of Instagram and Pinterest, what often happens is that brides and grooms end up with wedding pinboards with thousands of pins, all of which are representative of different trends, fashions or styles. For the newly-engaged bride or groom, who already has a to-do list large enough to merit its own postcode, it can be rather overwhelming, and can quickly lead to couples feeling like they either cannot have everything they would like (budgets are tricksy beasties, huh?) or that they will try and include so many ideas that the overall look is disjointed.
“And this is the dilemma: how much of your Pinterest wedding board is your style and how much is just the inspiration available at the time of your wedding planning? In essence, how do you avoid the trend trap and bring your personality to the front of your styling? Particularly when the lure of Instagram-scrolling is oh-so-tempting, and especially at times when you should probably be doing something else. Like work.

modern interiors vintage bike Tandem-Photo-Dreamcatchers-025

“Trends, whilst exciting to watch unfold and develop, are fickle, flighty creations, and should be taken only as a suggestion or interpretation of one way of presenting a concept; be that interiors, products, clothing.
“Someone once said that style never goes out of fashion and they were right. So to help, may we suggest a cull? A cull of your overflowing Pinterest board and a real back-to-basics look at the venue you have chosen, the colours you are drawn to, and the feeling you would like everyone to take away from the day. Yes, the pictures from that gorgeous styled shoot with a rainforest theme is to die for, but is it really going to work with your 16th century venue when your chosen flowers are peonies and the bridesmaids are wearing demure scarlet cocktail gowns?
“And if you haven’t even started booking anything yet and are right at the start of your wedmin, then let me give you some good news: trends will actually help you to select your wedding suppliers. Crazy, huh? Let me explain.
“Before you even start pinning (and you will; Pinterest claims every newly-engaged couple), have a look around your house and wardrobe and think about what your personal styles are (stay with me, I promise this isn’t too woo-woo).
If you have a modern house, full of bright, bold colours, and lots of white space walls interspersed with Pollock-esque paintings, the chances are that you do not necessarily want to be getting married in the woods with dreamcatchers hanging from the trees and everyone being asked to remove their shoes for the ceremony.

Blue Sky Photography

The beauty of figuring out your personal style before you book anything is that you may actually find a trend that fits your personalities so well, that the suppliers you consider are the ones in the images you find in the land of social media. Photographer who takes dark and sultry shots? Found. Florist who specialises in bright blooms? She’s there pinning her best work. In effect, you can use the trend to create your little black book of wedding professionals.
And if you do not like a current trend, then the reverse logic applies. Et voila.
“The important thing is that you either use or lose a trend, but make it work for your personal style. If your wedding day style clearly says ‘this is us’ then it can never date.
“But the couple who try to incorporate the vintage bicycle with the tropical flamingo centrepieces, alongside the popcorn stall and the boho antlers a-top the table plan, are running the risk of becoming a trend megamix whereby all their wedding photos will yell ‘circa 2017’.
“Unless of course that is your personal style, in which case a flamingo riding a bike is the perfect way to get guests talking.”
Anyone else loving the idea of a cull on their Pinterst board? Sound advice from Toria, Alie x
Wedding stylist Toria Clarke-Adair runs Arrow and Twine from her home in Aberdeenshire, and loves nothing more than helping couples create an individual, personal style for their day. From sourcing off-beat props from salvage yards to helping brides who have reached peak wedmin burnout, she loves everything about planning a wedding.

  • Mark - February 10, 2017 - 1:56 pm

    Very much agree. Trends are both a help and a hindrance and finding the right balance is key.ReplyCancel