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Balbirnie Styled Shoot

by Lifetime Photography

at Balbirnie House Hotel


Inspired to showcase three different styles of wedding look within the one venue, this creative team balanced inside and outside locations perfectly. We love the light and the energy of this shoot. Pretty a-plenty…

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Tell us about the inspiration behind the shoot?
Using both interior and exterior locations, the shoot was designed to capture three main styles: vintage, classic and bohemian, showcasing the unique style each supplier had to offer.
Keeping these three styles in mind, we had to consider how to use the venue effectively to convey these clearly.
And how did you go about styling it?
For the classic bridal look we decided that the best locations for these photographs was using the newly furnished interior spaces in the hotel. The vintage and bohemian styles, we felt, were better suited to the beautiful grounds using spots previously unvisited.
It was with the intention that the images from the shoot would be used to capture the imagination of prospective couple’s looking for their perfect wedding venue and seeing Balbirnie in a way that they had possibly not previously seen it.
Although all suppliers had worked at Balbirnie before, we were encouraged to try something a little different to capture photographs that broke the normal stereotypical ‘Country House Wedding Venue’.
From location to choice of outfit, floral arrangements to make up and hair – all of this was considered when trying to achieve beautiful images for the three different styles.

Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-015 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-016 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-017 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-018 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-019 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-020 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-021 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-022 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-023 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-024 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-025 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-026 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-027 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-028 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-029 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-030 Lifetime-Photography-Lifetime-Photography-031

Lots to love in this shoot. What’s your favourite style – vintage, classic or bohemian? Alie x
Location – Balbirnie House Hotel
Photographer – Rachel from Lifetime Photography
Shoot Co-ordination – Angela from Balbirnie House Hotel
Dresses – Kudos Bridal
Flowers – Loulou Flowers
Hair – Laura Anderson Bridal Hair Specialist
Make-up – Karen Bowen
Stationery – Emilie Rose
Cake – A Bonnie Wee Cake
Event Styler – Style A Chair
Models – Beth Gorrie, Hazel Barlow, Jo Heinemeier and David Murray.