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When I turned 30, I vowed that I would become a proper grown up and (finally!) learn how to apply makeup like a pro. Six years on and that still hasn’t happened, although a recent trip to London – where I tried out Bobbi Brown’s makeup lessons – took me a step closer in the right direction.


Remember when those no makeup selfies were doing the rounds? Well that’s pretty much me, most days of the week. It’s not that I don’t like wearing makeup – if I was rich I’d definitely have my own personal MUA on hand to make me look amazing, pretty much all the time. It’s more that I’m a bit lazy in the morning and will always choose an extra few minutes in bed (usually browsing Instagram) over the opportunity to make myself look more alluring (because… married 9 years). And before you go all JudgyMcJudgeface on me, can I just point out that I’ve had about 7 unbroken nights sleep in the last four years (ah, the joys of parenthood!).
When I do make the effort, I find myself falling into the same old routine (the brown eyeshadow section of my palette is always worn right down, the rest not so much). From time to time I do flirt with fuchsia or have a cheeky dalliance with damson, but since those scary clown stories started appearing, I’ve found it’s safer to restrain myself.
If, like me, you want to switch things up for a night out or big event, but have no clue how, then Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Lessons are well worth checking out. From skin care tutorials to wedding makeup ideas, there’s lots to inspire.


I opted for the How To: Make the Most of My Eyes session at The Studio in Spitalfields. My makeup lesson was with the very lovely Kiran Kaur, who in just 20 minutes or so taught me lots of great pro tips (she also gave me major hair envy – just look at those gorgeous locks!). It started with Kiran asking about the look I was hoping to achieve – dramatic/glam – and then discussing colours, before getting started. Kiran explained what she was doing as she went, and then surprised me by handing over her kit after she had finished one eye, and getting me to do the other.
Not going to lie, I was a little nervous as I picked up the eyeliner (I never, ever risk applying this anymore as I’m always running late, and it just ends up all over my face – queue lots of swearing and frantic cotton bud action). But, Kiran was an amazing teacher – holding a mirror up close so I could see better and encouraging me the whole way. She only had to step in and take over once, when I got a major dose of shaky hand (may have been the flat white I necked on my way there). And I can honestly say that I headed to the UK Wedding Blog Awards without looking at all like one side of my face had been drawn on by a small, possibly slightly drunk, child.
During the tutorial, pretty much every item of makeup Kiran brought out to use, I realised I already own. They just happen to be languishing in my drawer at home – eyeliner in a glass pot (tick!), special brush for said eyeliner (tick!). I love the idea of wearing immaculate makeup, although French style, so that nobody knows I am and they all just think that I happen to wake up that radiant – who else is with me on this? At least once a year I’ll head to a department store and splash out on all the pretty things the MUA at the beauty counter has showcased, before trying them out once at home and realising I have no idea what I’m doing and look a bit like a giddy toddler who has been at her mum’s makeup bag.


But the extra specially great thing about this makeup lesson is that I was given step by step cards to take away with me, and I can also watch it online when I inevitably forget how to do everything. Oh, and did I mention that it was free. Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t buy something – I’m so in love with the Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick (in Malted Pink – not brown, yay!), it’s incredibly easy and quick to apply and doesn’t drag on the eyelid at all. Even when operated by me!
I’m thinking that I should really check out Bobbi’s How To Look Less Tired tutorial next. Which would you choose? Christina x
Christina tried & tested a makeup lesson at Bobbi Brown’s The Studio Spitalfields in London. Closer to home, The Studio Edinburgh, The Studio Jenners Edinburgh and The Studio Frasers Glasgow also offer makeup lessons.