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Carolyn + Craig

by Suzanne Li Photography

at Kirknewton stables


Can you imagine what happens when a dress designer is given free rein to go to town on their own wedding dress? That’s exactly the case for today’s bride, Carolyn, who after years of designing dream gowns for other brides, felt more than a little pressure when it came to her own big day! A divine dress, a super pretty blush and gold palette, and lots of rustic glam details makes today’s stables wedding the perfect eyecandy.

suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0001 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0002 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0003 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0004 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0005 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0006 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0007 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0008 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0009 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0010 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0011

Who saw who first?

We met on Facebook via a mutual friend. 
After Craig moved to Sweden to play football for 5 months, we got engaged in Venice during a surprise trip. Craig had made a video with lots of lovely photos of us over the years – he showed me this while on a gondola and at the end asked me to marry him. Five minutes after, we returned to the hotel and opened the window where, coincidentally, a man passed by playing an accordion and singing my Dad’s favourite song, played at his funeral. I took it as a sign of approval.

We were inspired by…
The look I wanted was rustic with a touch of glamour. I knew I wanted something a bit different, so added in some succulents and used a soft colour palette with blush and gold. We married on the green outside and partied the rest of the night in the stables.
We included elements of my Dad to make me feel her was there. A framed photo, we lit a candle and Craig carried his pocket watch throughout.

How did it feel to create your own wedding dress?

After years of designing other ladies’ dream dresses, it was finally time to design my own. It felt like a lot of pressure as people knew I could do anything I liked, so we’re waiting to see what it would look like when anything is possible. My mind went through so many ideas. It was overwhelming and hard to narrow them down.
I knew I wanted to collect the lace on my hen do trip to New York as it was nice to bring a piece of New York home with me. This was the place Craig and I went on our first holiday together. After I got the lace, the rest just happened as I went along. I knew I wanted an open back but with having a one year old to pick up I was at risk of my strap slipping and showing too much. I created a sheer panel as a safety precaution so I still had the look but made the dress practical. There was 20 metres of tulle used in the dress! It was quite heavy!

I made a last minute veil from some extra tulle I had not used up. The girls’ head pieces were made from trim I usually use for dress designing!
 Craig knew he wanted to wear a suit all along. He is quite daring with his dress sense and choose something a little brighter than the norm. His groomsmen wore the same suits in a darker shade. We struggled to match the ties to the bridesmaids so I just made them too!

suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0012 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0013 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0014 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0015 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0016 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0017 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0018 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0019 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0020 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0021 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0022 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0023

Tell us something surprising about your day…
We were joined by our Pug, Malia who arrived in her bow tie for the official portraits.

Which music did you choose to set the party atmosphere?

We had a string quartet which played all our favourite modern songs such as Oasis and Beyoncé. 

Our first dance was the Backstreet Boys- as long as you love me.

Any advice?
Let your wedding reflect as much of you as possible. Take a couple of moments throughout the day to soak it in.

Why Scotland?
Scotland has such beautiful countryside and coming from “The gateway to the Highlands” I wanted to tie it in to our day. Everything was done by Scottish designers and creatives as I appreciate the talent out there.

What’s the one truly unforgettable thing about your wedding day?

Craig’s face when we saw each other at the bottom of the aisle.

suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0024 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0025 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0026 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0027 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0028 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0029 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0030 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0031 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0032 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0033 suzanne-li-kirknewton-stables-wedding-0034

I love the way Carolyn included memories of her dad throughout the day. And that dress – so, so beautiful! Christina x
VenueKirknewton Stables
PhotographerSuzanne LI Photography

Flowers by Isla

Hair stylist – Christina Bundell- styling. Nicole Smith – colour
Make-up – By the bride
Wedding dressCarolyn Baxter
 (the bride)
Groom’s outfitZara

Bridesmaids’ dressesCarolyn Baxter
 (the bride)
Grafik Boutique

CakeCasa Angelina
CatererFood Creations

Additional suppliersCaitlyn’s Doggie Parade brought our pug to the venue for photos then walked her afterwards.