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Hannah + David

The Inside Story

We are more than a little excited to be sharing Hannah and David’s wedding. Following Hannah’s posts has been a joy; this bride has been organised and chilled in equal measure. We love how everything came together and even the little mishaps became part of the fun of the day…

Lothian Chambers Wedding

“We’re married! I can’t believe it’s been more than a month already since the big day! I always thought it was a bit of a cliché when people said your wedding day is the best day ever, but it truly was! We couldn’t stop smiling and it all just felt a bit surreal. The worst part was that it went by so quickly. Writing about it has given me a lovely, happy feeling.
“When I woke up (pretty early!) on the morning of the wedding, it definitely took a few moments to realise why I wasn’t in my own bed…and then it clicked! I felt so excited but also strangely calm, because I’d planned as much as I could in advance and would just spend the day enjoying myself and having fun.
“One of my favourite parts of the day was actually getting our hair and make-up done on the morning of the wedding. It was lovely and relaxed, filled with cups of tea, chats and cake! Rosie and Jennifer did a fantastic job with our make-up and hair; we all looked fantastic! I was so excited when our flowers arrived – they were even better than expected! I had met Kate at The Stockbridge Flower Company once and told her (vaguely!) what I wanted in terms of flowers and colours, but I didn’t really have a specific idea in mind. The bouquets and button holes were beautiful and went perfectly with our outfits.
“So, we spent the morning in our matching robes being photographed by the very talented Phil, my sister’s boyfriend. Before I knew it, it was time to get dressed. I had felt pretty relaxed all morning, but started to get a little bit more anxious as the minutes went on. Putting my dress on made the whole day feel real – I felt as though I had been in a bit of a dream up until then! We did have a last minute panic when one of the buttons of my dress came off when I was getting dressed (I think I breathed too deeply!). Luckily we were getting ready at my Mum’s house so had a needle and thread to hand, and it was quickly sorted!

2016-08-01_0006 2016-08-01_0005 Lothian Chambers Wedding

“The drive down to the registry office (in a taxi – true anti-bride style!) was so surreal! We arrived at Lothian Chambers and were met by the lovely registrar. As I’ve spoken about in my previous posts, walking down the aisle for me was probably the most nerve-wracking part of the whole day. Because I’d chosen a really emotive song (a string quartet version of one of my Dad’s favourites – Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’) I thought I was going to be an emotional wreck and sob down the aisle. But all I could do is smile!
Walking in with my Mum was such a lovely thing and I’m so glad I decided to walk down the aisle with me. I was so overwhelmed when I saw everyone watching us, knowing they were all there for David and I. Seeing David standing at the top of the aisle was a feeling I’ll never forget – I had to force myself to walk slowly as I wanted to just run up to him!
The whole ceremony went by so quickly! We had two readings: On Your Wedding Day (Anon) read by David’s sister Lesley and Yes I’ll Marry You My Dear (Pam Ayres) read by my cousin Chloe. Then it was time for the vows, exchanging of rings and then we were Husband and Wife! It was time to sign the register and then to get photographs.

Lothian Chambers Wedding 2016-08-01_0004 2016-08-01_0007 2016-08-01_0011

“The weather wasn’t great but luckily it didn’t rain so we got some great photos outside Lothian Chambers and around Parliament Square. After a lot of photographs – some taken by friends and family, lots by our photographers and quite a few by tourists on the Royal Mile, we headed up to Cannonball.
On the Friday afternoon, two of my bridesmaids had a thought that it would be hilarious to pay a piper to pipe us up from the registry office to Cannonball… and they did just that! This random act, which was totally unplanned, was probably my favourite moment, and resulted in lots of fantastic photos! Imagine walking up the Royal Mile with your very own piper, with hundreds of tourists watching you. It was so unexpected and so much fun!
Louise, the Events Executive at Contini, went out of her way to make sure everything was set up just as we’d asked. We were greeted at the door with prosecco and then made our way up to the bar for some delicious canapes. After quite a lot of prosecco, we had our speeches. David and I did a joint speech, which I loved – we got to say thanks to everyone and talk about each other. I would definitely recommend that brides take the opportunity to do a speech themselves – it was pretty empowering and definitely not as scary as I thought it might be!

Cannonball Wedding Edinburgh

After the speeches it was time for dinner – the food and service were excellent and I didn’t want it to end! After dinner we had our much-anticipated quiz, kindly organised by my Uncle Colin. The only tiny hiccup of the day was that I had forgotten to bring the cable for the microphones, which meant my Uncle had to try to shout over everyone. Luckily, my cousin Chloe came to the rescue – as a primary school teacher, she’s used to talking loudly so she took over and read out the questions.
After the quiz came the part I had been looking forward to for months – it was time for cake! My very talented sister/bridesmaid baked up the most amazing lemon and blueberry sponge and cupcakes and the whole cake table was decorated so beautifully. The cakes were so delicious; I sometimes dream about eating them again! The rest of the night went so quickly and it was suddenly time to go home.

Honeymoon pictures 2016-08-01_0010

Waking up the next morning, I seriously thought I’d dreamt the whole day. We had such an amazing time and my cheeks were so sore from smiling and laughing. Luckily we had our honeymoon to look forward to, in a few days’ time.
Our honeymoon was fantastic – we spent a few days in Bangkok, doing some sightseeing, drinking cocktails in rooftop bars, eating dinner in the best restaurant in Asia and doing a food tour on tuk tuks. We then headed for a few days of relaxation in Krabi, lying by the beach (when it wasn’t raining!), eating more Thai food and drinking cocktails. We then headed to KL for a few days, which was probably the highlight of our trip, and possibly my new favourite Asian city! We went up the Petronas Towers (the views were phenomenal!), had afternoon tea in the Menara State Tower, which has a revolving restaurant, had even more cocktails in roof top bars, saw monkeys at the Batu Caves and did another food tour (we LOVE a food tour – I’ve done one in almost every city I’ve visited over the last few years!).
So far, married life has been great. Although I don’t feel any different than I did before. I’ve got a few more diamonds on my finger, a different surname and some fancy new gadgets in our kitchen! I do still find it strange to call David my husband and sometimes get butterflies when I see him wearing his wedding ring. Strangely, I kind of miss the wedding planning! Can we do it all again next week please?
It sounds to us like Hannah and David had a ball on their wedding day. Anyone else loving the sound of walking down the Royal Mile with your very own piper? Alie x
Hannah & David had an intimate ceremony at Lothian Chambers registry office, followed by a reception in Contini Cannonball Restaurant, Edinburgh. “Simple, casual, fuss free” was the vision for their perfect wedding day.