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Want to know how to get gorgeous glossy locks for your wedding day? Or whether it’s really worth growing your hair when you’ve always been a short style kind of gal? We caught up with one of Scotland’s top bridal hair stylists, Laura Gray of Hair, Beauty Bridal to get her top tips for how to look your best on your big day.


Which trends are you seeing in bridal hair at the moment?
The trend that has been around for a couple of years now is soft and textured hair up. Loose curls pinned up and lots of plaits and braids through the hair. Flowers in the hair is still very popular and I love this to bring the colours of the bouquet into the brides hair.
On the flip side of that, I still see a lot of gorgeous hair down. Brides wanting that Hollywood Glam look which complements their choice of wedding gown. Both I adore.
Any advice when it comes to hair styling for the big day?
A trial is so important for so many reasons. To meet with your wedding stylist and discuss your hopes and desires for your hair and make up look. A professional wedding hair and make up artist will not just listen to what you hope for, but will also suggest styles and looks that may be more complementary for the dress, your hair type and overall look to your wedding. I find sometimes when brides are too set on a specific style, when they eventually see it on them, it’s not what they thought it would look like. So in this case I like to show them a few varieties of styles that I feel will complement them and make the best version of them. Which is my primary goal.
I would also advise to always look to where you are going with your wedding hair as far in advance as you can. As you may require to grow your hair, colouring techniques to achieve a certain look, extensions may need to be thought about too. Sometimes when I have a booking for two years in advance, I will have a consultation with my bride to discuss where she is looking to go with her hair. So I can advise what she will need to do in the lead up time to achieve her desired look.

Sue Slique Photography - Laura Gray Hair Sue Slique Photography - Laura Gray Hair

Which hair products can you not live without?
Ohhhh so many to pick… L’oreal is always a winning brand and for creating the perfect hair up, I now cannot live without Pli and Texturising Dust… A total must for creative, textured styles and longevity. Also, for treating your hair, I adore Sebastian Potion No 9, to treat your hair in the run up to your wedding for gorgeous glossy hair.
Any dos and don’ts for brides?
Do… have regular trims to maintain healthy split end free hair. Do… look at enhancing your natural hair with colour if your stylist feels it could enhance your hair for your wedding. Do… Have more than one trial if you are unsure of what you want to go for. RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH what hair styles you LOVE. Go to your trial prepared to discuss lots of questions. Remember, we are getting to know you in a very short period of time and want to quickly see that you love and what you are naturally drawn to. This helps me create a vision of what I know you will love for your hair.
Don’t… expect a miracle. – If you have cropped hair and want Kim Kardashian Hollywood waves, then we have a hair growing journey on our hands. Try and be realistic of your hair expectations to what your own hair is naturally like. Don’t… change your hair colour drastically prior to your wedding, as you want to look back and see you as you and not someone who drastically changed themselves for their wedding day. My goal is to enhance you and make up the very best version of yourself for your wedding day. So if you have been a brunette for most of your life, with some highlights or little colour, don’t then go blonde for your wedding day!
And finally, you ALWAYS get what you pay for. And if you think it’s expensive paying for a professional, just wait till you pay for an amateur. You’ll pay three times more, in time and stress!… Research all the best hair and make up suppliers and look at all their images. They need to be on brides and bridal parties and not of themselves. A professional hair and make up artist in the wedding industry will rarely post images of hair and make up on themselves, as we are just to darn busy!

Neil Thomas Douglas Photography - Laura Gray Hair The Gibsons and Sue Slique Photography - Laura Gray Hair

LOVE these tips! You can see one of Laura’s recent real weddings on WFIL and hear what her bride had to say here – Samantha & Peter’s Scottish elopement. And if you have any hair questions you’d like us to answer, just pop over to our Facebook page and join in the chat there. Alie x