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Is wedding planning

stressing you out?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by wedmin lately? Or perhaps you’d just like a month off from having to make all the decisions. Don’t worry, you are most definitely not alone.

Keep calm for brides

My wedding planning went a little like this – got engaged in the most casual proposal ever (to this day we bicker over who actually asked who),  set a date eight months later (as a Scots-Canadian couple we had extra hoops to jump through courtesy of the Home Office, and were therefore on a bit of a deadline!), bought a copy of a wedding magazine and felt utterly overwhelmed when I saw all the decisions I was supposed to have already made according to the suggested deadlines. Stuffed wedding magazine into the bottom of a drawer. Toyed with the idea of having the wedding on our family farm (we didn’t have time to save much and were going to be on a tight budget). Added up the cost of portaloos, a marquee, etc. and got quite a shock. Ended up booking the stately home next door (thank you Bank of Mum & Dad). Chose local suppliers who had been recommended by friends and family. And that was pretty much it!
Not only were themed weddings pretty unheard of here back then (it makes me feel a bit ancient when I tell you I’ve been married for 9 years), but I remember being totally thrown when my caterer asked if we had a colour scheme she’d like us to use. It simply wasn’t something that had occurred to us. Given a choice of burgandy or gold, we picked the latter – thinking (hoping!) it would be elegant and timeless. We’d gone for black dresses for the bridesmaids (their choice after I’d steered them away from their favourite cream numbers, that’s how not trend-setting I am!) and our wonderful florist, a friend since high school, had suggested decorating the marquee with small trees, lavender in pots and using the same flowers as in the venue’s garden in my bouquet. That was pretty much all the thought we gave to styling the day! Oh, aside from the chair cover debate, but that’s a story for another time…

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The wedding scene in Scotland today is so very different. Inspired in part by trends in North America (although, thankfully with a whole lot less crazy – we haven’t spotted any gold toilets or elephant rides along the beach on our wedding travels, at least!), we’re seeing a much greater emphasis on stamping your personality on the day. There are so many more suppliers and wedding services now being offered, and the choices really are endless. Scotland even has its very own wedding blog now (sorry, not sorry!).
Having been to 250+ weddings since we got married  – four as guests (being unavailable most Saturdays will do that!), the others as photographers – we’re really glad that when we got engaged we’d only been to a handful. We could never decide on anything now! For starters, we’d have to hire in a photographer from afar, as our friends in the industry would be given the day off to party with us. And we’ve seen so many incredible things at weddings – from starlit marquees to food festivals to awesome nine piece bands – that we’d have a wish-list that our budget would never stretch to. Although, now that I think of it, I did wonder aloud at the time if Guns N Roses would consider reforming for our wedding reception (I’ve always been an optimist). Now that they finally have, maybe a vow renewal could be on the cards…
In hindsight, it was all pretty easy back then. And it was still stressful as. So you have my full sympathy when in comes to chartering these wedding planning waters. If you’re finding yourself becoming a little bit too addicted to wedding magazines, TV shows and blogs, the pressure to plan a day that will be unforgettable/incredible/unique/alternative/the best party ever may be beginning to mount.
Here at WFIL HQ, we firmly believe that the best wedding is the one that reflects you as a couple – whether that’s just the two of you on the beach, without any frills, or a huge party with the finest food and drink. If you’ve got a big budget for your day and want to treat your family and friends to nothing but the very best, that’s brilliant. Go for it! Equally, if you’d rather spend your money elsewhere – a deposit for your new home perhaps, or on travelling – then small/DIY can also be beautiful. There are no rules. All that matters is that you’re marrying the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. The rest really is just icing.


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If you’ve got a wedding dilemma that’s driving you up the wall or a burning question you’d love a industry expert to answer, then email us on features@wefellinlove.co.uk and we’ll do our very best to help. We’ve got your back! Christina x