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Proposal shoot

By Suzanne Li Photography

Culzean Castle-Ayrshire

Today we’re heading to the Ayrshire coast, where Manny broke with tradition by proposing to his bride-to-be, Kiran in a Scottish castle in December (aided by friends and family who helped light more than 400 candles!). Thinking that they were there for a couple shoot and to admire the scenery, Kiran was blown away by the surprise. Needless to say, we like Manny’s style a lot! Enjoy their uber romantic proposal story…

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How did you plan the surprise, Manny?
MANNY: “Being from an Indian household and a Sikh family, proposals are a rare thing. Generally, the two families get together and arrange the wedding plans from the ring ceremony to the wedding day. When I planned my proposal to Kiran, we already had a wedding day set up by our families. I, however, thought a proposal is more than just asking someone to marry them, it’s a symbol or gesture of the love you have for someone. And this doesn’t have to be a grand gesture but needs to have meaning. So I decided to plan my proposal in a castle.
“I liaised with the castle staff and asked what I could have and how much of the castle grounds I could use. After a number of visits and numerous phone calls, I decided to book the entire castle, in order to make this the most romantic trip away. As I booked the entire castle, I had reign over the entire vicinity, from using any room to the private grounds for a photoshoot. Thinking about the photoshoot gave me the idea to use this as an excuse to bring Kiran there as every couple usually has a pre-wedding shoot. So now I had the reason to the bring Kiran there but if the proposal was going to be the same as the wedding shoot, then it wouldn’t hold as much weight or significance. By this point I was already spending a lot of money and with a wedding looming months away, I had to get creative. Having a beautiful castle backdrop, I didn’t want to ruin the ambiance but emphasise the sweet atmosphere. I decided to use over 400 candles within one of the main drawing rooms. These candles would be spread around the room and were set up by my best friend, sister and her boyfriend. I told Kiran that they came to help us with the photoshoot and they wanted some photos themselves.”
Kiran, did you have any idea what he was planning?
KIRAN: “I had no idea about the proposal and was just going on the assumption that it was a pre-wedding photo-shoot.”

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How did it go?
MANNY: “I was very nervous and at times shaking with excitement and anxiety. When she arrived in the room she was very shocked and didn’t quite understand what was going on. I walked over to her and brought her over to the window side and near the table where the engagement ring was placed, by candles oriented in a heart shape. I told her the funny things that had happened to us, the trials we had gone through and the magic that we bring when we are together. I talked about my faults and how they seemed so insignificant with her beside me. I stated that when I’m with her I can taste the next 60 years together and when I dream I can see our next life together. In all of my breath I only see her with me and us just seems perfect. And I believe then I asked her to marry me but in the heat of the moment, some of those things may have got mixed up!”
“She was shocked that I even did a proposal and she was already set to be with me forever, she was happy that I gave her the opportunity or instigated an action which allowed her to tell me how much she loved me. She said yes.”
How did you feel, Kiran?
KIRAN: “I was first shocked, happy, excited……. to be honest it was a mix of emotions as I didn’t expect a marriage proposal as everything in regards to the wedding was already decided and planning was on the way.”
Did you enjoy being photographed?
KIRAN: “The shoot was taken by Suzie Li (Suzanne Li Photography) and was a perfect shoot. From the direction that Suzie gave and the end product received, it was perfect. We have had a number of shoots across the two continents, Europe and Asia, and this was by far the most fun, least stressful and natural photoshoot.”
Tell us about your wedding…
KIRAN: “We got married on 14th February this year and we had a very traditional Indian wedding in Punjab. It was vibrant, lots of colours, food, dancing and over 800 guests from 14 countries. It was a mix of cultures and we couldn’t have asked for a better wedding with family and friends.”

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Well that was incredibly romantic! Anyone else got a great proposal story they’d like to share? Christina x