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In a bid to save you from pre-wedding trauma, we’re sharing some top tips today from one of Scotland’s leading makeup artists, Lynne Mills of Eyecandy. Over the last ten years, she’s had to step in and save the day after a few beauty treatments have gone terribly wrong! Here are her dos and don’ts for skin and beauty regimes in the lead up to your big day.


Preparation is key
To get your skin in its best possible condition, Lynne advises getting a good cleanse/tone/moisturise routine in place (a quick once over with a wipe doesn’t cut it, we’re afraid!) and doing this every day. “If you’re concerned about your skin, start a course of facials a good six months before the big day, as a facial too close to the wedding itself can just over stimulate the skin and cause breaks outs, as can using new products that you haven’t tried before,” says Lynne. ” Deep cleansing will only bring out blemishes! Do it well in advance!”
Another fail safe beauty trick for your skin is to drink at least two litres of water a day. “It sounds boring but it really works!”
Always trial new treatments first
If you’re thinking of opting for any facial waxing and haven’t had this done before, then trial it well in advance to make sure your skin does not react. “I had a bride who had her upper lip waxed for the very first time the day before her wedding,” Lynne says. “Her skin reacted in a very sore and ‘weeping’ rash – on the morning of the big day we were covering a very sore and inflamed ‘moustache’ shaped rash!”
If you’re having your eyebrows shaped with waxing treatment, make sure it is at least 48 hours before the big day – eyeshadow doesn’t blend well over skin that has recently been waxed. It can also cause reaction and infection too. Not the look you’re after!


Think before you fake it
“I have seen so many fake tan disasters!” Lynne says. “Most of these are simply from people not trying out a spray tan beforehand and/or not following the instructions given to them on what to do after they’ve had the spray tan applied!” If you’re going for a bit of a glow on your wedding day, Lynne recommends trialling it first if you haven’t had it done before, to make sure the colour is exactly what you’re after (and, most importantly, that it is natural looking!).
“Exfoliate really well beforehand, just a good standard body scrub in the shower that morning will do,” she advises. “Once the tan is applied, be careful of washing your hands and face, as once developed these areas will be patchy or possibly bare.
“Also, do not apply other products to the skin, such as deodorants or body sprays, afterwards. I had a bridesmaid who went to the gym after her spray tan the day before the wedding, put on her sports bra then sprayed deodorant. The next day I was trying to cover large green coloured bra strap marks across her shoulders (they all had strapless bridesmaid dresses) – the deodorant had reacted with the tan in the shape of her bra!
“As a make-up artist it’s so hard to try and fix some the issues from these beauty errors, in most cases we can find a good cover up solution but not always…!”


Such sound advice from Lynne! Is anyone feeling brave enough to share their wedding beauty disasters? I’ll start… The week before my wedding I had a full scale hairmergency. I’d gone to the salon to have my roots retouched and something went horribly wrong – think stripy shades of orange accidentally splashed across brown hair, and you’re not far off. My hairdresser at the time (unsurprisingly, not anymore!) assured me she’d fix it the next day, but when I returned she hadn’t turned up for work.
Panicking, I went straight to the nearest, shiniest looking salon and threw myself at their mercy. Three hours and lots of perplexed looks later (they had no idea what could have gone so wrong!), my usual colour was restored and I was able to breathe at a normal rate again – phew! Christina x