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Photographed by Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography

at The Signet Library


High school sweethearts Katie and Ross wed in the heart of their home city, in a Georgian library. Their Harry Potter themed wedding has every detail covered, from a ‘Mauraders Map’ seating plan to an ‘Owl Post’ cage. And it’s good to know that even muggles were tolerated…

Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-001 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-002 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-003 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-004 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-005 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-006 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-007 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-008 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-009 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-010

How did you first meet?
We first met 16 years ago as new 1st year students of the Royal High School in Edinburgh. Years were passing by and we were still in the same class together and still just friends…. until Ross started to see Katie in a different light. He didn’t realize it at the time, but he fancied Katie and went about showing it like any teenage boy would do – breaking her stuff and annoying her!
Katie must have like it too as we started dating after a friend’s party at the end of 6th year of school.
It wasn’t easy at the beginning as Ross moved to Dundee for University and Katie started Uni in Edinburgh, but due to our commitment and dedication to make the relationship work, we made it through University. Katie moved to Dundee to finish her last two years of her degree and we had a great time together as students.
We decided to move in together when we moved back to Edinburgh after graduation and currently live as a family of 3 with our crazy Springer Spaniel Luna.
One day in October 2014 Katie came through the front door to find Ross missing, but a card in front of her with ‘Read Me’ written on it. The card told Katie that Ross had a surprise in store and that she was to do a treasure hunt round the house, and gave her directions to the first location.
The last clue told Katie that a taxi would pick her up in an hour and she was to put something pretty on. It took her to Chambers Street where she was instructed to open the final clue, which told her to head to the Tower Restaurant at the National Museum of Scotland. When she got there she was directed to the private roof terrace on top of the museum, overlooking the castle all lit up at night, where Ross was waiting, looking smart, and asked her to marry him.
Katie said yes!

Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-011 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-012 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-013 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-014 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-015 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-016 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-017 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-018 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-019 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-020 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-021 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-022 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-023 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-024 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-025

Our Wedding Day was Inspired by…
Harry Potter! Katie is a massive Harry Potter fan and it has been a big part of her life since a teenager. Ross was happy to go along with the theme as it would mean Katie would do all the work!
We had Mauraders Map invitations, Harry Potter book rose bouquet and flower arrangements , a Mauraders Map table seating plan (made by Melissa from the Signet Library), an owl cage with ‘owl post’ (for wedding cards), potion favours, Honeydukes sweet shop…the list goes on!
Tell us something surprising about your wedding day
The Signet Library organised for their waiters to wear Harry Potter style glasses as a surprise – they were a great touch!
We love all the personal touches. How did you go about styling?
One special touch was that we obtained book roses made out of pages from Harry Potter (the theme!) to use in the bridal bouquet and table decorations – Kathrin (our florist) did a fantastic job combining these with gypsophila, which was the main flowers used throughout all of the arrangements.
Any advice?
Make the most of your day as it absolutely flies by – cherish every moment.
What’s the one truly unforgettable thing about your wedding day?
The whole day was incredible but the evening was so much fun dancing the night away!.

Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-026 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-027 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-028 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-029 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-030 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-031 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-032 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-033 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-034 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-035 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-036 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-037 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-038 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-039 Harry-Potter-Themed-Wedding-Signet-Library-040

I must admit to have fallen a little bit in love with the Harry Potter styling. Anyone feeling inspired to have their own unique wedding theme? Alie x
Venue – The Signet Library
Photographer – Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography
Hair & Make-up – Made Over Ladies
Wedding Dress – Maggie Sottero from Emma Roy, Edinburgh
Wedding Shoes – Jimmy Choo
Bridesmaids’ Dresses – Debenhams
Groom’s outfit – Slanj
Wedding Cake – dediCAKEd
Caterer – Heritage Portfolio
Wedding Band – Sneaky Treacle